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September 14, 2010


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Well of course you love it...
.."it's a good thing" ! :o)
One question though.. why piles rather than standing up ??


Oh hang on, don't worry... I think I just figured it out.
Shelves not tall enough ???


No,actually I prefer piles when I do have the space. I'm inspired by the covers :)


HI Benita, I was wondering how do you get those magazines in Europe, I live in Spain and have tried several times to order them online but i always got the same response: "no overseas shipments"...
Thanks for your inspiring blog!


I wish I could curl up on sofa with those magazines!


what do you plan to do with the reclaimed space in the dining area cabinets?


And its so nice having them close at hand.


I would spend the whole day curled up browsing through the collection! It looks fantastic!


I live in the UK, & order my Martha mags through my local paper shop - I would expect you'd be able to do the same in Spain, retailers generally have access to importers that you & I don't.


I like more standing up version, it looks to me more "ordentlich" and tidy.


That's quite a collection!

I've only been reading Martha Stewart Living regularly for four or five years so I've nowhere near as many, but I recently discovered that there will be a UK edition of MSL - as of this week! - so any storage & display tips are very much welcome.

By the way, you were asking the other day for ideas for future posts: I'd love to see more of your garden, how it's laid out & so on.


White, white, white. Fresh, fresh, fresh.
Benita, you are off and running.
And it looks fabulous too! Lauren

Petit Filoux

Wow that's a whole lot of magazines!! Think I prefer them standing too, but it still looks very impressive!


Who knew magazines could look so fabulous?!


Hey! I dont want to be too nosy, but I just wonder about the "old" workplace in the backround. I think maybe the latest "events" like building a new desk, moving out of your husband and magazine reorganziation ect are not reflected in a chronological order in your blog??? Ruth


They are though! The "old workplace in the backround is till there. That's my office I use every day and where I write most of my blog posts. The new work space is a second place to work but I use it mostly for crafts and at weekends if I spend hours on the lap top. Martin moved out a couple of weeks ago and the magazines were moved on Saturday :)


What heppend? Why Martin moved out?


Thanks melanie, i'll definetly try that or at least try to get those Uk new mags.


Lovely! I love the green wallpaper (?) in the other room, too. Have you posted about that?

down comforter

Wow, I wish my magazines are organized like that....


I did at one point, can't remember exactly when though... The wallpaper is Wildflower by Ferm Living http://www.ferm-living.com/wallpaper/wild-green.


Please read this post: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/09/the-end.html


i love how you've covered your books with white paper to make them blend seamlessly into the shelf. a brilliant, room-brightening idea!


Thanks! I posted about that and there were very different opinions on that matter. Check out the comments :) http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/09/covering-books.html



I always envied your ability to being tidy and your simple uncluttered style.
I have tried to find a place to subscribe this magazine at a reasonable price, but can´t find any. And no one who ships overseas. Do you have any tip?


Hei Hilde,

Har ikke Narvesen Martha Stewart? Hvis ikke så kan du jo kontakte bladkongen og høre om de ikke kan få til import? De har uansett et DIY blad som heter "Gjør det selv" som kanskje kunne være av interesse?


Ellers så har interpress bladet!:


Benita: It looks "fresht" as we say it in Norway! I love the white corner against that lovely blue wall!!!


Oh.. Ok I get that !
Jo x


I admired that to so I'm off to read your post right now... I'm curious to read the.. 'very different opinions'.
I wanted to do something along those lines with some of our books and my mild mannered husband [who's a book fanatic] put his foot down. I've backed off for now... but we'll see. ;o)
Jo x


of course I meant 'I admired that too' !!


Wow.. you sure took a beating that day didn't you..!
I think 'to each his own'.. It's not like you broke into the Bodleian and covered eveything in white sticky-back plastic is it. ;o)


Really, really pretty. I love their wallpapers. Cheers.


A bit off topic, but I haven't been keeping up so it took me quite a bit of reading (enjoyable reading) to learn that "Martin's moving out" wasn't supposed to be "Martha's moving out." I wish all three of you the very best. And thanks for opening up to your online community...I think that really is the best emotional-health wise. If I'm ever in town, I'll stop by to help you with the heavy lifting, yard work, etc.


We have international magazine shops here in Sweden and they carry them. I do get some (like DIY magazine) by international subscription though, check inside the magazine itself in the fine print and it might be available.


Ser att du fått hjälp av Siri :)


I'll show you when I figured it out :)


Hi Benita!
I am doing now the same in my home! But yours look much nicer....
I love the clean look of it, and the piles makes it easier to clean dust also.
This is so much work!! Wonderwoman Benita!





Nei egentlig ikke. Det viser bare en oversikt over utsalg i min by som har bladet, og det er kun to - langt unna. Jeg vil helst få det posten da vet du. Så jeg har ikke funnet et nettsted for bestilling av ab.


Har ikke funnet noe sted jeg kan bestille fra nett tidligere. Tror ikke det er mulig i Europa. Derfor jeg foreslo bladkongen. Om du tar kontakt med de kan det jo hende at de har mulighet til å få tak i det siden privatpersoner ikke kan? Verdt et forsøk hvis du bor for langt vekke fra en forhandler. Holder deg oppdatert om jeg hører om andre muligheter. Vet om flere som er Martha fans som kanskje har funnet ut hvordan en kan gjøre det.


Här i Sverige finns Presstop http://www.press-stop.se/kiosken/ Genom dem kan vi prenumerera på Martha Stewart Living och en massa andra utlänska tidningar. De kanske kan hjälpa dig borta i Norge också!?


Have ever seen the satirique imitation of the Martha Stewart magazine?


I did see one back in the early 90's but I'm sure there have been some around since then too.


My Martha Stewart collection is overflowing on my bookshelf as well . . . and in a movement to simplify many aspects of my life, I've been considering passing on my collection. I'm still not sure. I have been a subscriber for 4 or 5 years and have been collecting them for nearly as many. Every time I'm in a thrift shop or at a garage sale I look for them and only have 58 more to find! I love to collect and especially when there is a finite set - I like the challenge! I do refer to them every now and then - how often to you refer to your issues?


At least a couple of times a month and more before the holidays!


So nice to find someone else with an entire set of Martha Stewart Living!


Funny thing..... I have a handful of years of MSL from the early 2000's or maybe even '99 and was thinking perhaps I should toss them.... dust collectors ugh. anyway you have quite a nice collection. Comforting.

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