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September 29, 2010


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It looks gorgeous.. and I'm definitely going to try it this weekend.. if I can find "almond paste".
Bakewell tart is one of my favourite desserts [which is very similar but with raspberry jam instead of plums]
But I'm thinking the tartness [pardon the pun], of the plums will be a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the almond flavour. Yummy !!


Yum! I`ll have to try this one without the almonds! I`m allergic! Maybe I`ll buy some plums at the marked today!


Oh, I am SO going to try this. We have an insane number of plums on our tree right now, and my stopping every time I walk by to eat one or two doesn't seem to be putting a dent in them :)

A question: Do you use baking *soda* (bikarbonat) or baking *powder* (bakpulver)? I was surprised when I saw soda in the ingredients because it doesn't seem to be used much in Swedish cooking, but then in your instructions you say powder - maybe it's the powder after all?


Uhoh! It's supposed to be baking powder! I was thinking powder and wrote soda... I've edited the recipe! Thanks Judith!


Sounds so delicious and looks the same! I want some!


I was just writting grocery list, what is cream? Is it german Sahne? Thanks!


Yes it is!


I going to try it next Sunday. Thanks Benita.

Petra from NL

You know your way around many languages... ;-)


I'll make it today!! By the way, I am a great fan of the website joyofbaking.com. Does anyone else know it? I've been using it for years, and everything always turns out just right.


Great tart :) have you got a good recipe for Glögg? thanks :)


Brown castor sugar is light brown sugar? Perhaps organic sugar? This looks yummy.

Lisa Flaherty

I bet the almond paste and the cardamom play together to make this tart insanely good! Just made a simple plum pie last night--cinnamon was the only spice. I will have to try your tart next!


I'm afraid I ran out the other day so I can't look at the box but it looks like regular castor sugar but is brown...


I don't, we always buy ours but I googled and found this link http://goscandinavia.about.com/od/restaurantsdining/r/gloggrecipe.htm. Sounds allright to me :) And now you made me want some! :)


I agree -- ice cream is the far superior choice. :)


I have many plums, but few ideas of what to do with them. Until now.


I'm a pie kinda gal, so once my kitchen is back together, I shall definitely be giving this a go with plums from the mum in laws tree. It looks plummy, scrummy! ;-)


Now you made me hungry :P


I think Norma's in the USA.. and there and here in Canada they don't have castor sugar... they call it superfine sugar I think.
I think light brown suger would work Norma.. or use Demerara but put it through the blender first to make it finer.
Jo xx


THANK YOU! I just bought a ton of plums from Costco and need to make a plum tart pronto before the plums go bad. This has been on my mind the past few days - and voila here's the recipe. Love your blog.


Jag ar ingen frukt-tart alskare men den dar sag ju onekligen delikat ut! Vackert bild! towe.


Okay, thank you. I'll look around the internet and see what it might be here. Thanks.


Oh thanks Jo. I appreciate the help.


Benita, I looked around the shops here in Holland this morning but was unable to find any almond paste, just regular whole almonds or almond slivers or almond flavouring. What do you think I could use to substitute the almond paste with? I too have a ton of plums that need to be 'dealt with ' ;)
Love your blog btw! x


You could probably skip it altogether. It's quite sweet so maybe add a little bit more sugar?



You should enter the homebaking competition @ ikea.se/livethemma


/ Johanna

Jean S

Karina, almond paste is a pulverized and fully blended mixture of ground almonds and sugar. I made it once from scratch--not difficult if you have a food processor. I used a recipe from Deborah Madison (US cookbook author), but I'm sure you could find a recipe on the internet. Possibly even from Ms. Madison, as she has a blog.

Good luck!


Yum yum, yes... the secret of this recipe is in the acid of the fruits combined with the smoothness of the mix cream+egg... you can replace the plum by thin pieces of apples (try to found old apples from garden, not the to shiny ones from supermarket). As im french, we have nice variety called Reine des reinette, who are a bit acid and not to sweet, and you can also use the canelle instead of cardamom, this is also gorgious... this recipe work also really well with rhubarb (no spice needed) or other less wathery fruits.

for the bottom dike, you can use also a quick recipe like this : 2 table spoon of water in a pan + 150 gr of butter, 50 gr.of sugar,and a bit of salt, let it melt on law fire and mix gently with a wooden spoon... LET IT COOL DOWN out of fire, and then put 250 gr. of floor IN ONE TIME in the pan ; turn the mix gently still with the wooden spoon... normally, its turn alone as a bowl you will just have to use after while as first recipe.

bon appetit !

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