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October 29, 2010


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Petra from NL

OOohh... I'm sure the colour will be revealed sooner or later, right? The cookies next to the Glögg, are they the same kind one can get at Ikea?


Have a great weekend Benita! :) I can't wait to see your paint project, is it the wall in the living room? ;)


Probably, they are "pepparkakor"!


Maybe.... :)


You're such a tease.. ;o)
Good luck with the painting.. have a great weekend.
Jo xx


You know, even though Bonus is a handsome guy, I'm totally in love with miss Mini! And this: http://365project.org/aelvan/365/2010-10-25 might be the reason why :) Have a lovely weekend, and good luck with the paint job!


Awww! Cutie!


I'm so surprised to see that you take ( took) so many paperbags from the grocery shop...and no reusable one like these nice foldable ones from Envirosax.

Love your cats btw, so cute.

And good luck for your painting project, i'm looking forward to see the result !
Have a nice weekend :-)


I didn't "take" any bags. This is how that webstore delivers the food by truck. When I do my own grocery shopping I always use a shopping bag that I have with me. Besides, the paper bags are made from recycled materials and will be reused and recycled again.


Oh, isn't little Miss Mini ever so helpful? I have a couple of those helpers too :)


Wow, you have snow. My son would love some of that, but I think that I can wait a little longer. Your cats are really too cute.
Whatever you paint, with whatever paint color will be great I am sure!
Happy Halloween Weekend!
PS I made my own rendition of your hanging mummy. My son loves it. Thanks for the inspiration.


Yellow gløgg? I`ve never seen that before. Only have one type of gløgg in Norway.. Well that I know of. Those cats love sitting on laptops! It warms their tush! Looking at the photos of your cats makes me miss having a cat in the house! – But I guess it`s enough with a baby boy climbing on furniture and pulling the curtains down. Can`t wait to see the paint job revealed!!!


The snow's all gone now though... it lasted for two days only.


It's called white glögg and isn't as sweet as the red which I prefer.


Hi Benita!
Here in Finland it's possible to buy milk specially made for cats, it has added taurine but not fat or lactose. It's manufactured by Whiskas (a large pet food company), anything similar available in Sweden? My cats love it.

I love the photos of Mini participating :D


I would love to try that white gløgg. Maybe someone sells the one you tried here in Norway.


Nice cat-pictures. ;-)


We do have it here but it's really expensive so I've only occasionally bought it.

Eunice in PEI Canada

I love your shoes/boots in the first snow picture. Where did you find them?

My cat is like Bonus - loves milk but can't have it. Will have to try the lactose-free milk.

Have fun painting. Happy weekend! :D


Två själar en tanke! Jag har också precis börjat med att veckohandla maten på nätet. Tidigare har jag använt netxtra vid jul och påsk. Denna gång valde jag mathem.se istället. Mer varor och lite lägre priser. Jag har bara haft dem en gång ännu, men var klart nöjd. De har dessutom den enda kattmat mina kräsna kryp äter. Har också börjat med att beställa everclean med hemkörning - så värt att slippa släpa de där tiokilos-kartongerna!


Då testar jag dem nästa månad även om jag var nöjd över att Netextra hade just vår favoritkattmat :). Köper numera 15 kg säck torr kattmat också hemkörd av foderbilen.se. Hur bra som helst. De ställer lådan med säcken utanför dörren om man inte är hemma och man betalar på faktura. Allt man slipper släpa själv är bra. Nu behöver vi bara bearbeta Systembolaget också!


These are my boots: http://bit.ly/9Sq2Ca


I LOVE this idea with supstitute milk, my cats adore milk but since it is really not good for them I don't give them any, but thanks to you we will my some lactose free!

I would also like t order food online, without a car it would be so convinient, but how eveying? I still need to buy every week fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish... but I could order claning products, sugar, flour, pasta...what does it means this text on your bags? Do tehy carry until 15 kg?

"Miss Mini likes to sit behind the laptop screen and push it towards me while I’m blogging. Or sit on it when I’m not."

My cat loves this too -)) Even if I am just working with my notebook.

Have a nice weekend :-)


I just visited your grocery shop online being curious to compare prices, 65 kr would be like 6-7 Euro? If so, wow Schweden is expensive. I comapred products I usually buy in Germany.


Så klart! Jag tar en kartong shiraz, thank you very much. :)


You order your groceries online?! I have got to check that out. I hate the groceries so unbelievely much, I even wrote a blogpost about it earlier this week LoL


These are all awesome photos, Benita.

I ADORE Willie's hair in that pic. He's become such a handsome young man.

The photo of Mini glaring at the camera made me laugh out loud. Too funny!

Those grocery bags are such a pretty color.


strange question, but did I just see Willy in a apoteket commercial?


Yes. We pay around 9 kr for 1€ right now.

I hope you (or Benita) don't mind me taking the liberty of answering this.

kristen k.

gasp! i can't get over miss mini's adorable little countenance...


I buy all the things I need for the month that can go into the freezer or fridge or pantry. I also buy what can be used up in the next week, like milk etc. The rest I'll get day by day but I'm cutting at least 85% of the carrying home.

The 15 kg on the bag refer to that it's the weight of an average grocery bag and the fact that they bring it to me instead of me having to carry it home :).


Like Älvan says 1 euro is about 9 kr. I could maybe get cheaper food but then I'd have to shop around more which I don't have time for and again carry it home myself...


Yes, it's great. You can keep your grocery list online and reuse it with any changes you want the next time.


He'd just got his hair cut and I had to take a photo of it because he'd been on an audition with longer hair and the casting company needed to see the new cut.


Yes :)


I know, too cute for words :)


he, he, he - my husband and I were cracking up at it too. Congrats proud mamma AND HE should be proud too!

Tove Kungsholmen

Var NetXtra bra? Har tänkt testa dem.

Vad tycker ni om väggord? Jag hatar dem! http://snovas.blogspot.com/2010/10/hat.html

Vicki K

Can we see Wille's commercial? I think those grocery bags are great - I'd reuse them as gift bags because they have all that cool Swedish on them!


Miss Mini and Bonus are just too cute!!! Lucky Bonus to have you trying to please him with a treat and Mini with her pats while you work. What would we do without our pets? Life would be very dull indeed. Happy Weekend! Karen from CT
PS-Cool haircut Willie!


Hi from Israel!
Such a strange and wonderful world! Here we are still wearing short sleeves...
Have a lovely weekend!


Lovely Mini and Bonus, lovely post! My cats love milk and I'll try that kind of milk for them. In Brazil it's springtime and the weather is very pleasant: sunny days and fresh nights. Your son is really a beautiful boy.
Nice weekend and good luck with your paint project. I hope you post soon.
Kathia - from Brazil


Netextra är helt ok! De har inte allt alltid men huvudsaken för mig är de tunga sakerna som går åt mycket av t ex kattmat, läsk, jordnötssmör, nutella. Allt det viktiga liksom :)


I'll ask him :)


I THOUGHT they looked like RMs, but couldn't imagine that they'd be available in Sweden. They're a staple down here in Oz wardrobes.


Jag såg Wille köra bil i vår tv här om dagen....kan det stämma?? :) Förresten...det kanske var det som var apoteksreklamen som någon nämnde här ovanför?


Hehe, ja :)

Siv Aksdal

Totally of the subject, but I wanted to ask you something. I have been made responsible for all the window displays at work, and I know little or nothing about how to be a stylist, ( I'm really an interior designer) So I was hoping you would have some book recommendations for me. English or Swedish and it doesn't have to be a instructional book, One with good examples would help a lot.


Sorry for the late reply, I've been trying to think of a book and took a look at the books I have here at work but honestly they're not very good. I checked Amazon.com and there are some books available but I don't know if any of them are any good either. I never studied this profession using a book so I can't even tell you what I learned by. Sorry! I have this guy applying for a job here though and when I talk to him next time I'll ask what book he used at VM school!

Siv Aksdal

Oh thank you so much!!! That's fantastic. Even if the books aren't that great I'd be happy for any suggestions. Thanks again for going threw all that trouble for me..

Ingen vanlig dag

Det är otroligt duktigt att ta ett foto varje dag! Så fantastiskt att ha sedan - vardagsfoton är ju i det långa loppet mer intressant än andra uppställda...

Jag kanske ska ge mig på det till nästa år! :)



I spoke to my new colleague who started today and unfortunately he didn't have any good book suggestions either. The teacher at his school didn't use a book but loose leaf copied information and most of the studies were practical assignments. So sorry I can't be of more help.

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