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October 26, 2010


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I have to admit our weather's been a bit grim this week.. so although I don't actually have to get up in the dark yet I am feeling the 'darker day blues'.
I love that white pumpkin.. surely you could spray paint the real ones couldn't you ??.. If you rough up the surface with a bit of sand paper.. they would accept the paint don't you think. I'm amazed Martha's never done it.
That's a great story about the origin of the chair's name, and I really like the look of the grey sheepskin.
Jo xx
p.s. How are you liking working on a Friday ?


I've just seen a bunch of spray painted pumpkins this week online. Here was the first one I saw http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/10/puffy-paint-pumpkins-not-as-cheesy-as-it-sounds/

Don't know how that would look with orange pumpkin inside, though, if you were carving...

Oh, and Martha HAS done it! http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/pumpkins?#slide_75


I did consider spray paint but I'm not sure how it will look carving it and with placing the candle inside...

Working Fridays is pretty ok actually. I like the feeling of it really being Friday and am more excited about the weekend now that I only have two days of it. The office is pretty quiet on Fridays which is nice and also my new job and it's challenges makes it far better than if I'd just added another day to the old job. Also the office closes an hour earlier on Fridays during the winter months and two during the summer so Friday's are shorter. Short is good :)


I saw that YHL post and it's really cute but Wille's really into carving :) Also we do need the pumpkins to be lit because otherwise they'll just get lost in the dark...


The Lumina pumpkin has white skin. Not sure how easy they are to buy though!


Cute birdhouse with key ring! It’s the same over here - dark and cold! What makes me go “oooh”? Well I love "ludde" sheepskin at IKEA. Have a bunch of them and love how warm and comfy they are now in wintertime. I also LOVE my Georg Jensen seasonal candleholder. I think it is called "harmony". I won it in a contest in an interior magazine here in Norway! (Yay!). I’m also in love with a white Alvar Alto vase that would look perfect for christmas! What I also love these days are Chai tea - I finally found one that didn’t contain pepper! (I’m allergic to pepper)
Link to picture of the candleholder:


Og sorry about that Benita. Failed link. Are you able to edit it for me and remove the link?




Oh wow.... just been browsing through Barnvänligt. Never heard of them before. What an awesome site. Love it.

Tack för tipset. :D


Oh I agree! Lots of cool stuff there!I especially liked the advent string for small gifts!


These days it's mostly books, and the t-shirts over at http://www.thinkgeek.com
but I'm just about to start my examensarbete at KTH so that might be why. Not much time for interior decorating, although this house: http://365project.org/aelvan/365/2010-10-22 made me go ooohhhh! when we were in Brussels this weekend (and it contained the museum of music instruments, which made both me and hubby go Oooohhhh! for about two hours).


Åååh... Fågelhusnyckelring/hållaren! Jag blev KÄR!!


Not quite the same as a naturally white pumpkin, but super cute idea to make your own white pumpkins: http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/10/puffy-paint-pumpkins-not-as-cheesy-as-it-sounds/


From young house love http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/10/puffy-paint-pumpkins-not-as-cheesy-as-it-sounds/
http://makingitlovely.com/2010/10/21/modern-pumpkin-lanterns-for-bhg/ blog are some fun ideas how to decorate/paint your pumpkin.

A Skoglund-smit

Tja, jag blev ju inte direkt förvånad idag heller... *fniss*
Jag gjorde ett inlägg om de där supersöta fågelnyckelringarna på Facebook för ett par månader sedan. Dom är på min julklappslista, dock i vitt.
Härmapa! ;)


Härmapa kan du va' själv :)


Benita. Can't you take pictures at night? I'd love to see how your house looks with the glow of a pretty lamp. You don't even need to use the flash, if that's what worries you. Just set the camera on a flat surface and snap away. Of course, make sure to change the white balance first.



To be honest I suck at taking photos at night. I'm too lazy to take the tripod out and I just can't seem to get colors right depite adjusting theh white balance and half of what I want to shoot moves (Mini, Bonus and Wille) and goes blurry.


I am loving the white pumpkins! We got some Lumina this weekend and did some carving. I really wanted to do this: http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/pumpkins#slide_38

or this:

but I had a bit of trouble locating the proper tools and just went with a standard carving instead.

Also, totally loving the black paintings on these white pumpkins:

Tovelove ❤

The birdhouse is lovely. I don't know if it is a necessary thing in a home but still, it's adorable.

Nice blog!

Siv Aksdal

Since were on the subject of cold feet. Theses make me go ooohhh every time I stick my cold toes in them!! http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/23777?feat=503422-GN2 They really are wicked good. I also have a sheepskin on my wish list this winter but I want a long haired black wild sheep skin.. So cozy!!!

Stay warm!!


When referring to a work day ! Short is very good ;o)
Jo xx


They do look super cozy!


I do like when things have a purpose but sometimes it's nice with something that's fun and not totally necessary too :)


I love those painted ones too!


Btw Benita.. I've just worked out why I was so confused by your paint post.
You said you like 'gloss UNIT 7' on the walls. But I thought you were saying you like 'gloss LEVEL 7'. I couldn't understand why you then said that was 'velvet like'. But of course you were talking about 'gloss LEVEL 2'... which has 5 to 10 UNITS of glossiness. DOH !! Colour me dim.
Jo xx


Hi, benita
if you want to sew a white pumpkin ,give a look here: http://verde-salvia.blogspot.com/, there's a lovely and super easy tutorial.
Marigio Lol.

Rebecca Melander

This cheery print hangs in my front hallway - the perfect greeting for friends who come a-knockin'!


Rebecca Melander

Oh, and Martha Stewart's glittered pumpkins are beautiful!! A friend of mine did these in various colors and had them on display on her white brick mantel and they were stunning. They were favors for her daughter's birthday party - we got a pewtery blue one - gorgeous!!


I have two fleeces from when we lived in Iceland...one a soft white that was in my daughter's baby pram and now resides on the back of my spinning chair (as in wool, not bikes!). The other fleece is a wild brown sheep, I bet he was gorgeous in life...it lives on the back of my rocker. Must admit they are both so warm and comforting and I love them. Worth every penny we paid!

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