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October 27, 2010


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Well Benita.. I'm at a loss for words. They are quite possibly the ugliest things I have ever seen, so er.. congratulations Martin and Willie.
I think ! ;o)
Were they supposed to be edible ??
Jo xx


They're excellent! I have to do this with August!!!


wow haven´t seen that before -thanks -- maybe something to do for halloween - I sure know what to do this halloween... pack and pack again... we get our keys to the factory-appartment tomorrow!!!!


du, nej "min" benita bodde i täby kyrkby! så nu är ni 3 åtminstone i sverige :)


Pretty they're not :)
no, they were not meant to be edible, jus a Halloween decoration. The skewers were so I could stick them in a pot. Forgot to mention that in the post...


So Halloween has got a hold on you Swedes as well? I’m so impressed how artistic the three of you are. The potato heads looked really yummy actually! What a great idea – you could have a “Halloween tapas party” with stuff like that!


BTW oh my god I’m shocked by that shooting drama over in Malmø! A news reporter interviewed a man that sat in a car talking about how they would kill that shooter if they found him and everyone that had the same last name as him and bla bla bla... How crazy is that?


I love these! Honestly the potatoes look so much better (or should I say worse) than the apples. Boo!


Woa, the shrunken heads look really scary... If I were a kid, I'll be absolutely thrilled with them!


Love the cat! Would like to see the shrunken version of Mini and/or Bonus


Brilliant! I've made potato beads that way for a necklace-of-rocks-look to be worn with a cave-woman costume, but the heads are fantastic! Must try!

elin har ordet

What a fun way to decorate! I really like it. :)


Haha...I like it!:-)

green accordion

have been very creative, looks delicious

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