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October 28, 2010


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thanks for the blog links, like them!

Your blog is my fave number one, but today morning I happened to read one of my faves from Finland and thought it might interest you too (she writes in Swedish):

In the latest posting the blogger shows how to do a nice finishing on a concrete table (which they hade made themselves!).

Purple Area

Good choice! These three are all really great, specially if you like the black and white style.


Thanks darling, u soo sweet too <3

procrastination mama

Thank you SOOO much! Only read one so far House of Philia ...back to the beginning!!! And its already a favourite!


They are all so utterly beautiful it's rather depressing..
Almost makes me feel like giving up


You swedish people have such a style!!! I have a difficulty with the language but I keep visiting swedish blogs just for the images and the layouts quite a long time now!


I am using google chrome browser. When the page detect it is a foreign language...it will automatically pops up something like "This page is in Swedish...Would you like to translate it?" You can choose translate or nope. I think this is a good feature better than copy and paste to google translate.

Just to let you guys know in case you don't use chrome and didn't know about this feature.

take care



Also to Mozilla/Firefox the google translator will jump on top of the page.
It's easy to pick the translation from there.

I'm trying to avoid the translator though on Swedish pages, I'm trying to maintain atleast some level in Swedish language.

Kara E.

Wow. So I knew white was Scandinavian decorating thing...but wow! Benita you always have a gorgeous house, but so do they! And Google translator?? I no idea that it could translate entire blogs! Awesome!
(And as evidence by all of these blogs, including yours, my belief is restored that someday when I have children, I can totally teach them to be tidy.)


Benita, thanks so much for the simple explanation of google translate! Sometimes those airy references to google something or other are so complicated I just sigh and go away! Thanks to you, I've go it! Maybe you should work for google teaching them how to really talk to us 'normal' folks!

Frau Mayer

Wow, I got to know Anna-Malin's blog coz Holly introduced her a while ago - and I've kept visiting ever since but thanks for the suggestions, Benita, it#s time to update my reader!


That concrete top is beautiful!


Thanks, that's a great tip!


Haha! Google, here I come to your rescue! :)


lovely blogs!!

I read many Swedish blogs but do not speak Swedish.
I read blogs via Google Reader (www.google.com/reader) and after I've subscribed to a Swedish (or French or Danish) blog, there are options in Google Reader to "translate blog into my language". Every entry is translated for me so it's a seamless transition from the author's language to mine.

Can't wait to hear about more blogs you like to read!
I'd love any "favorites" list you'd like to share..... favorite products, favorite clothes, morning routine, evening routine, favorite TV shows or movies...etc. :)


That's great!


tusen tack för fint inlägg
och fina ord!

Punctuation Mark

i love Swedish blogs because they have such a different look and content and the language barrier has not been a problem to me because (just like you said) i use the translator... thanks for introducing me to these ones!


I think Mitt vita hus and House of Philia give a good style about Swedish furniture. Thanks for links from you.

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