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November 26, 2010


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Petra from NL

Thanks for another sneak peek in your week.


Good Lord is it Friday again already.!!
Love the danish, love Mini, love the Star, love the hyacinth and the amaryllis, love How I met your Mother, [Big Bang Theory next Benita], love snow.. and we've had plenty.
Have a fabulous weekend..
Peace out.
Jo xx


i love the photo of Mini! My fav LOLcat tag: "if it's not for sitz, why'z it made of warm?!" :) we get a lot of that in our house, and with my bf being a at-home web designer, we have coined the term "Cat Code" :P


Check out Modern Family too; so so good :)


Your photos are lovely!


Only trouble for Benita with Modern family is so far there's only one season on DVD.. she'll be through it in a weekend. ;o)
Better to do BBT first and by the time she's finished they'll have at least 2 seasons of Modern family out.


Söt liten datorhjälpreda du har =)

la canadiense

i love seeing the signs of christmas appearing! i am re-watching himym with my husband and we are on season 2— I think it might be the best season! great show.


Oh, I've seen a very nice replica of the Sydney opera house, covered in white non-stops! I'm really looking fprward to see what you come up with.

Have you decided what to do when your 365 days are up? I'm still in the beginning and trying not to cheat too much...


I haven't decided yet but I'll try to something along these lines but not taking a photo each and every day...


Fond your bog today...I will follow!!!!





Mini, hehe, my cat's like that too. It's a tough life being a cat:)


The picture of Mini totally made my day :D She's so precious!


That picture of Mini is adorable. I love Vikki's quote, it's really true. We are the biggest suckers when it comes to cats, and lure all the neighbours' ones in. One comes nearly every day, and marches promptly to the fridge. Our friends were shocked to see we had the cupboard well stocked with nice kitty food- even though we don't own a cat...
But how could you resist- they are so darn cute.


Well, it's already been said a hundred times but I just have to say it too: Mini - what a sweetie! That's so incredibly cute. And cats have the right idea, it IS nice to sitz on things made of warm.

Your star and flowers look so nice and Christmasy! We have everything up in the windows but I've only dared to light the stuff facing away from the street before Sunday. We're new to the neighborhood, ya know - wouldn't want to be labeled troublemakers from the get-go :)

Michelle of Montreal

I've never seen a Sydney Opera House in gingerbread before. I'd be very intrigued to see Wille's version!


"Some days Mini is particularly helpful. She writes blog posts, reads e-mail and warms up the keyboard."


We also have snow!

Have a nice weekedn


Hey but did you change the home office furniture again? In the pictures it looks like it was before!
Nice cozy feeling in every picture,by the way.


I think you might be confusing the home office with the former craft corner. The home office in the hallway is still intact but the craft corner was rebuilt into a sitting desk.


I'm getting caught up with your posts again because we had no power for a few days due to the weather. The pipes froze and then one burst. You can guess what we are doing this weekend. Do you lose power often? I really look forward to your posts and thank you for posting so often. It looks so cozy in your house! Did anyone suggest a series called The New Adventures of Old Christine? Not sure if it would be your cup of tea but I think it is a funny show so it is my recommendation in addition to Big Bang Theory.


How Nations Die!


Love your blog.....two questions....1) what type of planter is the hyacinth in and where can I get one? 2) can you post a recipe for that yummy danish? I love the shape of it too.

erin lang norris

so happy to have found a few spare minutes to read your blog today...finally!

love the flowers. do the cats bother with them? one of my cats has been so cranky and into everything lately, i don't even want a christmas tree because of it!


ohhh Lisa, we were the victims of neighborhood cute cats too before we got two of our own; we didn't flinch when we'd be woken from a nap on the sofa by a favorite neighborhood kitty nosing our hands :P


I've seen "Christine" and it's pretty funny :)

We don't loose power often at all and then usually just for a few minutes luckily.


1) There are some on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_13?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=hyacinth+vase&sprefix=hyacinth+vase

2) There's a link to a recipe in the post. It's nothing like a Danish though, more like a bun.


Our cats don't get into the plants at all. I guess it's because they can play around with plants outside whenever they want. During the snowy season I do sow cat grass so they have something to chew if they want.

Mini and Bonus quickly got used to the Christmas tree but the first few days their first Christmas was a bit worrying because Mini started chewing on the string light bulbs. We had to undress the tree and only use cat safe plastic ornaments. Now at five they coudn't care less about that stuff.

Elle Sees

What is in the green dish on November 23rd? Is that salt?

Vicki K

Pretty photos once again! Do you like Paper Whites? Maybe the scent is too strong?


So I think the Sydney Opera House took about 25 years to construct so I would be steering Wille in a different direction if I were you! Enjoy!


Yes, totally confusing them.
Thank you!
By the way: snow storm in action here in Bologna!


Sweet Mini, lucky you to have such a sweet helper! Must march myself down to the basement and haul the ol' brass star upstairs. Love your white paper ones, so pretty with the white hyacinths.


Guess my dog is as helpful as your cat....


Yes it is!


I love paper whites, just haven't found any yet. Will try look for them again next week!




Love the pictures! Happy first advent! towe.


Mini is so sweet! She should be your secretary. Beautiful star and all the photos are great.


The coffee looks delish, and I'm not even a big coffee girl. Is it just milk in it?

Pretty pretty sweetie pie Mini!


Yes, it's just decaf with lactose free milk.


The also have mouthblown Hyacinth planters in IKEA. They are called "Snövita", but I think they only come in red and white.


That picture of Mini is so adorable!!

I am also in love with your coffee cup. IKEA?

Also in love with your white stars. This is leaving me somewhat yearning for holiday decoration although I don't see much point as we will be heading your direction mid-December and won't be home to enjoy it!!


The cup is from Bruka Design. I bet IKEA make something similar though :)


Mini is sooo cute! Happy that you like "How I met your Mother" :-)

Yvonne  Stehle

Great Photos again! And happy to hear you are watching "HOw I met your mother". It has been recommended to me but I never tried it out. So I now will. I am now hurrying my way through "Brothers and Sisters" and love it. I am in Season three right now. So I will give your (their) recommendation a try as well!
Have a great day!

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