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November 02, 2010


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Totally awesome!! :)


Wille did more than "great." His timing is absolutely perfect...let alone his expression. He managed, in just a few (nano) seconds, to communicate the entire concept - "und ich sprecht nicht Sweedish." :([or German] He is much more than just a beautiful adolescent boy - he has talent!!!. Would that I could get my young high-school actors to be as aware of all the tiny necessities. I look forward to his future endeavors - would love to say "I knew about him before..." My VERY best wishes for his future - whatevery he wants to do - any kid who has that kind of control - can do whatever he wants to do! You GO Wille!!!
Cordially Jane


Äntligen! Jag missar alltid Wille för August skriker "nu Wille!!" och så kommer jag först när det bara är bilskolläraren i bild. Jag håller med August: Wille är bäst!


Great job Wille!!


Great, well done Wille! :)


Well it worked on me - if I lived in Sweden I would visit that pharmacy cause my back is hurting like h..Great job Wille! BTW Benita have you seen the new string lights at IKEA? Snowflakes string lights? I bought them yesterday. I thought they had a much cooler (white) light than the ones I had which have more yellow-toned lightning bulbs. Has to go on a white wall...


I haven't seen them. In fact I haven't seen any of IKEA's decorations this year. They wew supposed to be in the store when Wille and I went last time but they weren't. The whole store was in a sorry state actually, there was a lot of remodeling going on so I guess they wanted to wait bringing the holiday stuff out until they were better prepared... Would love to go now but it's so far and I've heard on other Swedish blogs that a lot is already sold out!

Mary B.

Wille did a fantastic job. What a handsome young man!


Well done! I love funny commercials, and Wille did a great job!


What a great job he did.. you must be very proud !
Really clever, inventive, FUNNY commercials are very very scarce over here.
Actually the IKEA ones are an exception.. but that's because they use the English ones [I recognise the actors] with a just new voice over by David Hyde Peirce.
Anyway haven't I heard you mention before that Wille's done press ads or something?? How did he get into this sort of thing ?
Jo xx


Oh how cool! What a proud Mom you must be - GREAT job, Wille!


We have a star :-))
How many girls aclled at your home after this commercial :-))


He has done some ads before and can still be found smiling on a bread package shot when he was twelve :). Wille was kind of shy when he was younger and wasn't really into doing organized stuff after school and I figured it was a good way for him to get over his shyness (which he did!), meet some interesting people (and he has!) and also to do some fun random stuff which wasn't on a regular "every Tuesday at 4 pm" kind of schedule´(did that to!). I registered him in a couple of "extras" agencies and a "real people" modeling agency when he was nine. These day's we aren't pursuing any jobs for him actively (we kind of already reached our goal with why we did this in the first place) but he's still on a lot of the casting agent's books and they call once in a while and ask if he wants to audition or a casting. At the moment he's kind of keen because he's saving up for an iMac, so bring on the work :)

Siv Aksdal

LOL that's so cool, Good way to start the week of. He did great!!!


That is sooo cool! What fun for him and a really nice job.


That's awesome! Congrats Willie!


His expressions are priceless! Great job, Willie! You are a natural!


Willie is so natural. Great job!


I don't speak a word of Swedish, but his expression communicated perfectly what he was saying and thinking. Not an easy thing for an actor, but Wille nailed it. Great job!


This is too funny! Thanks for sharing, Benita. Nice job, Wille!


How much fun for Willie.
I live on Lidingö now and just within the last few weeks, we have had some film shooting thingy twice in our street. I wonder if Lidingö municipality is actively promoting the creative industries to come here.. :)


Jag visste väl att det var Wille i reklamen! Såg den första gången för några dagar sen och tänkte att det liknade din son, och så hade jag rätt! =) Älskar när jag har rätt ;-)


The funny thing is that the first time he was in a commercial when he was about ten (he played Hugh Hefner's buddy back in the 30's)it was also shot at Lidingö! :) I guess it's convenient because it's close to the city center but still rural in parts.


Hee, that is very cute. Well done, Willie!


Hehe, that's hilarious! I don't think a driving teacher will want to teach him when he turns 18 later :)


this is too funny and fun!! love it. good job Willie!


Very funny! Great job.
cupcake (Canada)

stina ~maräng~

Bra jobbat!! Han är jättebra i filmen - har sett den flera gånger på tv. :)

Alex in DC

Hee hee - what a great job! and what I great idea to help get him over his shyness.

Vicki K

That is really great! Wille has the right amount of tentativeness in his voice for the dialogue and perfect facial expression. Thanks for letting us see it!! Actually, that driving teacher looks much like the one I had.


Great Job Wille! Fun to see a Swedish Commercial too!


I LOL-ed in the end!

By the way, can I ask you two questions?

1) How do you store your toothbrushes?
2) I got the Muji pump bottles you have, and yesterday I was switching to a new product so I washed away the remaining shampoo in the bottle but I could never get it really cleaned. There is always residue and tons of bubbles. Because my new product is a moisturizer which is completely different from shampoo I do want to get the inside completely cleaned. Have you encountered this problem before?



Great job Wille! I agree with the others, he has perfect timing. Plus he's adorable. :)


Aw he's very handsome and did a wonderful job!!


Excellent job Willie!


Just caught the commercial on TV tonight! :)


1) I keep them in a muji container that has six little compartments http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?V=1&Sec=18&Sub=80&PID=2309.
2) I wash them with dish washing soap and then rinse a lot. To get the bubbles out hold it under the tap and fill it with a very narrow jet of water and let the bubbles raise to the top and out. If the bottle still feels cloudy I rinse with white vinegar and rinse again with water.


Thank you all! Yes, I'm one proud mama! :)

Nancy in Canada

You have good reason to be proud! Well done Wille!


What a great commercial! You have so much to be proud of!


Thanks for sharing and for the translation.

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