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November 24, 2010


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Less is more.. that should be law. ;o)
Jo xx


Simple yet stylish! I like it!


So nice. That would be a very relaxing dinner to sit down to!

Purple Area

Simple and beautiful!!


It was a very nice evening, my first glögg and all. And the food was great too! And August is a huge fan of Wille's. W has to be the sweetest teenager there is.

Petit Filoux

I agree, I think simple is best sometimes!


Simple totally has my vote. Love your polka dot napkins and your flatware.


This is a great table setting. I hate when centerpieces, candles, etc. so clutter a table that it's barely functional - nowhere to put the food and too many things going on to allow for conversation. This is much more conducive to a good meal with good people. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely. We're about to buy new dishes and were thinking basic white (have had vintage yellow for years). But now have a white table and we were thinking it might be too.... blah. But one look at your table and I realize how simple and lovely it is. Thanks.


THANK YOU! so refreshing to see something simple and do-able! i'm starting to get a little overwhelmed by the HOURS put in on some of the crazy tablescapes out there today.

as always, you're tasteful and simple.

Dreaming of Palm Trees

I'm throwing a big holiday dinner in December. These are great inspiration photos!

Have a lovely holiday!

Dreaming of Palm Trees


Love it!
That's my kind of table setting!

Only two more days till the weekend! Hang in there!

Jennifer S.

Love it.


Fresh and cure :-)

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