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December 30, 2010


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Weronica-En mammas dag

Congrats! I failed. Maybe 2011 for me :)?!

Petra from NL

I really enjoyed your friday posts, little peeks into your daily life. Well done for finishing the project! Then again, I feel you always finish the projects you set your mind to.
So... other ideas.. mm... weekend challenges for blogreaders? To give us that little kick in the b***....

Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve already!


Benita, I do love to see your pictures on Fridays so maybe you could just show your every day life from time to time and no pressure to have to do it every day? I think that the ones that follow you every day are happy with just about anything you post!

Happy New Year to you, Wille, Bonus and Mini.


I love your 365 project! Maybe you can try somthing like Books or Recipes for week, Magazines or Blogs to read at the weekend.


I've loved your project, just to see little bits and pieces of your live. Most of them were around your house (which isgreat, I wish mine would look a bit more like it). But I would love to see some more of the beautiful country you live in (not just nature, but also buildings, shops, city's and so on)


I've also enjoyed your friday posts. I don't know if you have the time to read a lot of blogs and surf the web generally, but perhaps a few links to what's inspired you that week, or, like someone said earlier, a weekend challenge to your readers? Where they could send you pictures of their projects for you to post the next friday, along with the next challenge? Could be fun...


Oh, I like Petra's idea. How about a "What's for Dinner" segment? You have been cooking for awhile now and it seems to be working out. No starvation, right? ;)

Miss M: Marije

I loved the project you did this year! I check your blog every day and love all the entries, but my favorite are the ones about your house/decorating and organizing. But I would be interested in meals as well. As a busy mom I am always on the lookout for something tasty and simple. A challenge sounds good as well, it like a more active way of meeting with your blog readers. Whatever you choose: I will be visiting often!

Have a good NYE! Hope 2011 will bring lots of good stuff.


Jag tänkte, eftersom du ju har börjat laga mat, att du kunde presentera nästa veckas eller veckans meny. Du är ju ett organiseringsfreak och alla som lagar mat och har familjer eller ett hektiskt liv, vet ju att om man organiserar detta med matlagning och planerar det, så går det lättare. Kanske skulle det vara någon hjälp för dig men även för andra. Kanske skulle du kunna ha en dag i veckan som "prova nytt" där dina bloggvänner fick hjälpa dig med ett recept utifrån dina/era kostkriterier så klart.

Alltså det är säkert en fånig idé men det bara slog mig.

Mary Ann

I enjoy the little slices of your domestic life. How about views of your town during daily life? Being from the US, I find the similarities and differences bewtween here and there very interesting.

Love your blog, Benita! Hope you have a very happy and properous New Year.


haha well.. inte bara jag har tänkt på det där med middagar, man kanske ska läsa andras kommentarer innan man själv kommenterar. :)

Jag kunde också tänka mig att du skulle skriva mer om musik. Det är något du aldrig skriver om, kanske är det inte något som är viktigt för dig , men jag har inte ens sett att du har en stereo. Det är för mig konstigt. inte ens en liten mujispelare liksom.. Ja det betyder kanske inte att du inte har en men jag har inte sett en. :)


Jag tycker det blir personligt varje gång du visar foton, så ur min synvinkel så blir det bra hur det än blir. :-)

Gott nytt år på dig, du är en av mina inspirationskällor! :-)

Jennifer S.

I enjoyed the "365 Days" posts mostly because the photos provided glimpses of Swedish daily life. Maybe you could expand that and post a photo on Fridays of something from around the neighborhood or town. Happy New Year!


I so agree with Mary Ann. I love the projects and organization tips.Thanks for sharing your life and inspiration with us. Have a great new year.
Love from snowy New England.


I liked the "kick in the butt" challenge idea and also the "scenes around town" idea.

Happy New Year to everyone there (skritch the kitties behind the ears for me)


I too love the simple daily slice of life. I also like the idea of a weekend project, and miss the old Weekend Creative Ali Edwards used to have back in my first days in blogland.

But seriously, pick what works for you! It's all good.


I have loved the photos. I really hope you keep doing them oat least on an occasional basis. Beyond that, I love the organization and cleaning (and now that you are doing more of it, the cooking)--the focus on the dailyness of life.

I guess that's not very helpful, is it?

Emma L

Jag håller med om menyförslaget! Min familj består också av två personer och jag tycker det är klurigt att laga mat till "bara" två och samtidigt förnya mig - och hålla koll på matkassan.


I really enjoyed these posts. Maybe a new Friday post could be: Shameless Cat Picture Friday? Your cats are too cute!


I love your pictures and adore the way you frame them. I'd love to buy a book of them - they are so lovely.


I like the 365 project. Maybe you could do what some of the suggestions above have said, and post a picture every Friday of something from around town. My only concern about this idea is that it will take too much time because you will think that you have to search for something. So, I guess what I'm saying is do whatever fits in your busy schedule and I'm sure we'll like it. :)



Benita I am sad to realize that there will be no 365 day project pictures anymore that gave a glimpse into your life. But, I do have a suggestion:

It will be a delight to see 'You' more often in the pictures. May be a picture of yourself every Friday, doing a project, working in kitchen, in the market, at work or around town? It is great to see your work and organized home and it would be a pleasure to see you more often.

Love from tradstreet!


Oh - I love the idea of seeing photos of your town/city! Maybe just one picture a week, so it is not too hard to accomplish . . .


Happy New Year!

I'd love a post on your flooring (did you install? what materials? how do you clean them? keep up with feline fur, etc.) If you already covered, sorry!

mama ring

i would love a weekly self-portrait! i've really enjoyed the few posts you've done on your personal style. maybe this doesn't exactly fit the focus of the blog, though.

a cooking/menu post could be good, especially since cooking is an area where you are learning and trying new things.


No starvation but also still no particular interest in cooking I'm afraid. A year of bored cooking would kill this blog :).


Ouch! Fler som vill läsa om mat... Sorry, det är typ det tråkigaste jag vet. Ett måste och inte ett nöje. Nåt inlägg här och där om någon maträtt lyckats bli så där lite extra snygg kanske det blir men inte nåt regelbundet är jag rädd :).


Läser din blog i stort sett varje dag, tycker den är toppen!
Får så mycket inspiration av dig!

Måste bara fråga vilket typsnitt du använt till månaderna i inlägget ovan?
Har du skapat det själv eller går det att ladda ner någonstans ifrån?
Det är sååå fint!

Gott nytt år!


Haha, ja! Jag lyssnar typ aldrig på musik. Wille gör det i sitt rum och jag har spotify på datorn men lyssnar bara lite före jul för att komma i stämning med julmusik... Tänker alltid att jag ska börja lyssna mer men det blir aldrig av. Tv eller tyst är min melodi :).


Don't worry! There will be photos of Mini amd Bonus on this blog in the future too!


I've considered that but since I'm always behind the camera it's difficult to be infront of it too... I've tried the tripod/remote technique, it just feels a bit awkward...


Det är Ali Edwards' "digital overlays". Du behöver Photoshop eller Photoshop elements för att lägga dem över dina bilder. http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/supplies/product_info.php/products_id/8895



You still owe me a picture/post of the recycling area at your office where you pick up a lot of nice things....haha

I enjoy all your blog post...

Have a great year ahead!



I have loved the 365 project! Especially photos of Mini and Bonus! Maybe now that you are cooking more, you could feature your favorite or worst meal of the week, whether you made it yourself or it was take away! Just one each week! You talk about not being a cook, but everything you have shown so far looks yummy! But, the disasters are also funny and entertaining and allow the rest of us to not feel so bad about our cooking skills!


I know! I do!!! I went there camera in hand just after I said I would only to realize the battery was dead. Than I semi forgot about it but everytime I've been there I was like "heck, I didn't bring the camera!". I PROMISE I will post a picture. It's my New Year's resolution!



A weekly picture seems like it would be a nice transition from the daily one your readers, myself included, have all come to enjoy so much. Kind of a 52 project.
A lot of people seem to want to see more about your cooking, which you say you don't enjoy that much. So how about just a picture of something you've cooked or eaten that week? You know, "Food Photo Fridays".


B- I just want to thank you. For your 365, for your humor, for sharing. I love your home.

While I will never go all white (1. family protest 2. paranoia), and I will never be the neat freak (and I mean in the THE nicest possible way!) that you are (but I would dearly LOVE to be!), you have inspired me to start getting rid of stuff. Things. Clutter. Junk. Junque. Crap.

And if feels good. It feels reeeeal good. But I sure gotta looong way to go. (I'm ADD, really, and what should take 30 minutes might take several hours and it all gets waay worse before it gets better, and sometimes I work all day and get very little accomplished.)

Please keep sharing, especially about organization and minimizing and how to deal realistically with things like photographs. Especially on a shoe string.

And please - Have a beautiful and blessed New Year!

Lilian Garcia

Dear Benita
I recently discovered your blog and read it all, I mean, really all of it in a week or so! You are my goddess! Don't stop, please! How about 365 More Days, or 365 Part II, The Mission?! Let it flow, everything you do is perfect and lovelly. Starting with Wille! If ever you need anything from Brazil, please feel free to ask, I'll be very pleased to do it for you! kisses and thanks for what you share. Lilian


I, too, have loved your 365 Days, Fridays. Great job! Whatever works for you for the new year will be fine with me. I learn a lot from your creating and organizing, thank you for all the time an effort you put into your blog.

Best wishes for the New Year (to ALL of you!)


Benita - the 365 Day project was really enjoyable to read/watch. I hope you keep showing us lots of pics, even if you don't take them every day. I can see how that would get old.

There are so many cooking blogs out there. Why focus on food prep if you're not really into it?

Where your blog really stands out is with your home projects. Home organizing and home maintenance are really your thing and you explain things beautifully. Coupled with your great photos, weekly tutorials for different home projects would be AWESOME and unique.


Oh, gonna miss the daily posts! One of the first things I check before I go to bed at night (morning for you).

Tutorials would be good; how to organize stuff, where to put it, etc. I'm always lost on where to put things so if I can't figure out a home for the items, they get chucked in the sun room and I close the door! I love what you have been doing too, always a surprise!

We are leaving Sweden on Saturday :( Tomorrow is a trip to the candy store for Peter so I'm going to see if they have any "godis-burken". The one I went to earlier had tossed theirs already. So sad to go but I'll be back!


Do a weekly photo! Or maybe, but I'm sure you don't have time for that, the readers problems were always lots of fun. Maybe it can be done in such a way that it's not so much work?
Anyway, I'm stealing the idea of the daily photo for my own blog...


I really enjoyed your 365 too. Mini and Bonus are the cutest! Willie is great.
I love seeing your home. I love Swedish style, and your home has loads of it.
Maybe you can have" Swedish style Fridays" including your home and other
things or places you find interesting. Whatever you do, include Mini, Bonus and
Willie from time to time.
Happy New Year!

Kathleen S.

I loved your 365 posts. How hard was it for you to keep up production? Maybe you need something more restful, although I could easily go for another year of your photos.


I also love the idea of a picture of the week featuring life in Sweden. I'm also a US reader, and had one quick trip to Stockholm. It was so fast it just convinced me that I would love to see more of what life is really like there from the viewpoint of a native. I'm interested in all aspects--indoors and out, city and country, people and buildings, seasonal changes, the light at the winter and summer solstice, etc.


I would love some more feline photos :)


Hi Benita,
I've really enjoyed your 365 Days posts. But to be honest, I enjoy every single one of your posts! I think whatever you choose to replace it will be great. Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog...it's so well written and you take such beautiful pictures. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us! Happy New Year to you and your family!


In the beginning I tried to do the photo editing for the daily photo every day but after a while I bunched them up and did them all Thursday night as I prepared the post. Some weeks were easier and some harder. The winter months in the beginning and the end have been the hardest due to the lack of day light and not much variety in the shots. There have been many a day (and night) that I've wandered around the house searching for something to take a photo of and ended up with something grainy and not very exciting.


I agree with Kelly, above. Whatever you post about is interesting to me! I wonder if you'd post your to-do list for the weekend on Fridays? I'm always inspired (and awed) - especially when you manage to do everything on the list!

Mamman i huset

Först av allt: Tack för att du delar med dig så mycket av allt!

Inför helgerna 2011 hade jag uppskattat inlägg med "Ta tag i"-tips. Enkla saker som kan förenkla och förbättra livet i hemmen.



Hi Benita!

I would also like to include myself in your loyal crowd of daily followers and admit that everything you post is pure inspiration! So, in attempting to put an idea on the table, I would like to see things you showed us before but seen through another perspective so they seem fresh just like they do in magazines! I hope that makes sense... Happy New Year to you and your family!!!


I enjoyed your 365 photos. You take beautiful pictures. I think whatever you post we will love. :)


I have really enjoyed the photo posts! Like others have suggested, I would love to see photos of what you life is like outside of your home.


I LOVE your blog! It has made me long to visit Sweden (a big ask as I'm writing this from New Zealand). I too would love to see more of your beautiful country and home town. It seems (watching Wallander and the 'Men Who Hate Women' series that you Swedes are amazingly stylish even when you don't try. Heck even the Police Station in Wallander is beautiful! I would love to see some of the interiors and exteriors that you visit!

Vicki K

Favorite photo of the week? I really enjoyed the Friday photos!


Oh, I'll miss your Fridays! How about you just trim it down a little but still do them?
But I know that you'll think of something fabulous, no matter what! No pressure or anything!!


I loved the pix every Friday, so I'd vote to have that project 'return' for 2011, but if that isn't an option, how about Foody Fridays? You admit to being new to all this cooking stuff, so just have the post related in some way to food.

godt nytt år
Happy New Year


I wasn't sure how I liked the photos the first few times I saw them. But then they grew on me and by the end of the year I was looking forward to them. I'm really going to miss them.


Id love to see more of your neighbourhood, towns, and country too, especially buildings, countryside and people. Also, id like 52 links, each friday you cud link to something / someone who inspires you, a product or shop you like to use, a book / film you would recommend etc.
Cant wait for your new friday posts, whatever you decide!
Aqeela xx


I only found you about a month ago, but have truly enjoyed going backwards to read your blog and look at the pics. I attempted 365, but I believe it only lasted for a week. I shall try again on Sat. Several of your long time followers have given some great ideas for future posts. Anything you share about Sweden I would love. My ancestry is Swedish and Danish (grandparents). My father lived in Smaland for a few years when he was a boy. He lived near a large lake, but I would have to go back through papers to find out the name.
Happy New Year and thank you for sharing a slice of your life with us.


Hi Benita!
My name is Angela, or simply, Zazá. I am from Brazil and I've been visiting you for a long time. Now I am here to congratulate you for you 365 project! And For being able to do that! You DONE and it was great! Whatever you decide for the coming year, I will be here visiting you because you ALWAYS have an Inspirational word or picture to show us !!! Hoping "to see" you soon... Zazá

Robyn @ Out of Ours

Firstly Congratulations! You've done it. I bet it became quite easy to do once you got into it. It'll be a shame to see them go, they have been enjoyable.

If you aren't going to continue doing them on a weekly basis, perhaps on a monthly basis of the more important/memorable things that have happened during the month?


Hi there! I absolutely loved your project. It has actually inspired to do my own in 2011.

And -totally offtopic here- I love the dates you've chosen (randomly, I guess) because I remember what I did on most of those days in 2010!!
Jan 17 - packed for Paris.
Feb 5 - Had my first wedding dress trial.
March 20 - Announced engagement to family friends.
April 3 - celebrated a big family reunion in honour of my great-grandma (it should have been her birthday).
June 27 - Left on vacation to the beach for a week.
August 21st - GOT MARRIED!

I absolutely love your posts about organization and cleaning, so I'd love to see a bit more of that. Like, focusing on different areas of the house - pantry, bathroom, closets...


I enjoy reading about your projects, especially the inexpensive yet tasteful/creative ones, like the adorable little knobs and the maps around the lampshade. I'm a college student, so I'm always looking for creative ways to decorate my apartment that won't break the budget.

If you don't want to do the same thing every week, perhaps you could rotate your themes. For example: projects for week 1, photos of your home or you for week 2, photos around town for week 3, recipes for week 4.


ohhhh... I am going to miss your 365 posts... I too would appreciate pictures of life in your town... pics of your stores, community, customs, gardening (during the appropriate season, of course) & also news of your son & cats. Hopefully, you will be able to continue posting your organization, declutter, decorating ideas as they emerge in 2011... Would love to see the outcome of your quilt squares!
Happy New Year!!!


Don't underestimate the idea of sharing your meals with us. I personally think the fact that you DON'T enjoy cooking would make your posts interesting to the rest of us. I, for one, would find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one who finds the drudgery of everyday meal planning a chore. For example, one of my primary summer meals is burgers on the grill. Vegetable? Pickles for the burger. Others find fault with this...


Ditto everyone above, and clearly I'm seeing this much later then everyone else. One good thing about a great new find, lots of going BACKWARDS!! Anywho, just thought I'd agree with all the great suggestions, except the food thing that everyone's clearly eager for :( I think a new undertaking should make you excited and happy, because that's definately part of the charm of your blogg, it comes thru in a big way, so why focus on something that you can't really get behind?! I'd love a project-a-week (how about from inspiration you've found out & about town?! get the best of both in there!) ...hey you asked ...lastly, I have THREE more bags of misc going into the garage sale pile. Thats a total of 7 since finding you!!!!!TY

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