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December 03, 2010


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I love your new advent light! Do you plan to add your white paper star to this year's decoration or not at all? The fairy lights are lovely too! Do you have small hooks around the windows to hold them or do you use tape or something?
We don't have as much snow here as you do, but we're not far behind ;) And the temperatures keep dropping, we're at -8°C today and it should get colder next week, up to -12°C. Brrrrr!


Beautiful photos as ever Benita.. the white theme is coming together beautifully.
Is the quilt going to be for the bed, or as a throw or haven't you decided yet ?
Also, the red number in the 28th photo, is it on the lamp post outside? or is it on the glass? I can't make out what it is.
Jo xx
Could I also just say a huge thank you to you and everyone who was kind enough to commiserate yesterday.
Thank you all so much... you bought tears to my eyes. xxxxxxxxx


Oh I forgot the fabrics, they look great too! And I love polka dots :) Can't wait to see what you'll whip up with them :)
I hope you manage to make the gingerbread house!
Get well soon Wille, and have both a happy weekend! :)


I have paper stars up in four other windows, just not the kitchen this year :).

The fairy ligthts are simply hung over the curtain wire but the excess wire is clipped to the under side of the window sill with cable clips.


I'm making it wide enough so it'll go over the foot of the bed but I haven't decided if that's where I'll use it.

That red thing is on a lamp post outside. It says its 10.3 meters to the nearest sewage well in the street in the direction the sign is pointing. Handy if they need to get to it now with all the snow we're having.


Well I sincerely hope you never need that particular piece of information. ;o)


Love love love the cozy and clean vibration of your kitchen!
Have a happy and productive week end, you all!

elin har ordet

I love the idea of some disco in the kitchen!


I'd love to make a quilt with those fabrics. I'd have to throw in some red, though. ;)

You know we can't get enough pics of Mini and Bo-Bonus (hee!).

Hope Willie feels better soon. Most people have the plague in one form or another this time of year. :(


Is the disco ball in the window the one that you recommended on your Martha suggestions? It's so cute!

David White

Hi Benita,

I love your Friday photos :). Thank you for your wonderful work with this blog. It is always an inspiration. Best wishes from Canada.

David W.


Mine isn't solar powered, it just hangs there, but I wish it were :)


I absolutely love your fabrics! Where did you find them? I think my next skill to learn is definitely quilting, so I can't wait to see yours!

Happy Weekend!


I really like the first picture!

Quick question... what font is that you're using for the month (on the overlay of the pictures)

Thank you!


Even if I'm a real colourgirl :) (suppose I should have written woman:) I think your kitchen looks so calming, with the lights and the white's.
And your beautiful cats...how they can pose!


I use Ali Edwards' overlays. http://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/supplies/product_info.php/products_id/8895
Ps. You need Photoshop to layer them onto your photos.


I buy them on Etsy.com by doing a search in "all items" for "fabric, yard, grey, white" or something similar.


Design Josefin Hagberg for Design House Sthlm - I LOVE it and am saving for same thing!


benita, i hope you show us your quilting process! i'd love to learn.


I will, but I'm really a beginner so if you want pro advice you'll need to get it elsewhere. This will be my first attempt at something bigger than a pillowcase... :)

amy from ara133photography

CUTE kitties!! :) I love the new advent light, definitely worth the splurge! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, the fabric is fabulous; what type/pattern of quilt will it be? Hope you're having a nice weekend! :) -amy


I'm a total beginner at quilting so I'll do what seems easiest to me, simple squares :).


Those fabrics are so lovely - I cannot wait to see your completed quilt.

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