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December 17, 2010


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Yay you back.. Welcome home.
So.. was it wonderful.. where did you go , what did you buy.. have you got lots of photos ?????
Liberty's is one of God's divine creations it's true... although I'm surprised the flower stall wasn't surrounded in snow. Has it all gone over there now.?
Love the retro style aluminium fan in Wile's room.
Jo xx
Ooh, and I wanted to ask.. how do you power the fairy lights in the lantern [which looks fabbie] by the front door ? Have you got an outside socket ?


London was fine, nothing new but it was nice :). I didn't take lots of photos, only some for work.

We were lucky and didn't have any snow while we were there but heard it was due yesterday so we just missed it.

I use a socket in the garage which is just below next to the steps and the cable runs in through a notch in the window frame.


I really like the idea and want to use some old English christmas lights that I have to make one for by the back door. As a result of the 110 voltage they have here instead of the 220 used in the UK they are a bit dim for use with other lights... but on their own in a lantern that wouldn't notice. Just wondered how you powered them.. so thanks.
Jo xx


Lovely pics as always!
I clicked on the candle link - wow, that is one expensive candle!!!
Hope you have a great weekend. I imagine tree decorating will take place! Ours (a pretend one) is up but I'm not sure if it will make it till xmas. The cats have taken a liking to climb it!! Poor me!

Petit Filoux

What lovely photos, it all looks so christmassd peaceful!


Oh, Mini does not look happy! Lovely photos.
Have a great weekend!


Just watched Love Actually last night (for the 67455478th time!). Absolutely love that movie! Enjoy it!

Eunice in Prince Edward Island, Canada

It's a holiday tradition now at my house too!
My daughter arrived home Wed night from college and the first movie she asked for when we were talking about movies we watch at Christmas was ... Love Actually.
I think I could watch it every week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. :)


enjoyed your la moment...you inspired me to rewatch it again last weekend! LA, glass of wine and final christmas crafty preps - perfecto!


I love the way your son's room keeps working for him as he grows up!


Just wanted to say that I love this week's photos. It looks like Christmas! Sometimes the holidays feel overwhelming, but when it's about beauty, family, coziness, and good food & drink, it's the best!


I had no idea that cats wagging their tales meant cat fight!


The Tiffany's window is charming, especially like the story book houses.


Love the red wrapping paper...was looking for it here, but apparently that sort of simplicity is hard to find!


Lovely photos, all of them.

I think I'm the only one (well, DH too) who found Love,Actually tedious and corny.

Mini is so cute and funny in that picture. Bonus isn't going to put up with much nonsense, apparently.


I would love to go to Liberty (or anywhere in London, actually). Glad you got to go. My copy of Love Actually through netflix is delayed : (
But, there will be plenty of present wrapping since everything has to be in the mail tomorrow!!!

Also, I'm digging the navy blue walls in your living room!


I know, the price of that candle is crazy but I've been wanting one for years so in the end I succumbed... I did only get the small size though :).


My cats hates each other for the first tweo weeks coming from different countires and different animal shelters. Now they sleep together, clean each other 10 times a day and miss each other even if they are just in different rooms. But first days wre hell.
Great choice for candle, I LOVE them!
I also love Do Son und tuberose and Oyédo for summer.


I love all these photos! and wille's room looks great!

in the photo with the red flyer...what do you keep in the box near the flyer? is that one of your catch-alls to corral clutter until you have time to put the items away?


Härlig blomprakt i London! Åh, vilka godingar de är, Mini & Bonus... även om de föredrar att avbildas på skilda foton..:)
Hoppas att du har en skön helg!


The glass container is the hallway catch-all. But most of the stuff there is what we use every day like, keys and lip balm but there are a few things that are meant to go elsewhere like the serial-murderer glasses that I got at Halloween for Wille, a tape measure, a watch and a mouse shaped laser pointer :).

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Gorgeous - loving the snow images. It's raining here in Las Vegas but I am deeply wishing for at least a little blanket of white precipitation for Christmas : ).

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