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December 23, 2010


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Väldigt vackra foton!

Trevlig jul/ Ann


God Jul!
Your tree ornaments are so shiny, love them.


Good God you gave me a fright Benita.. I thought I'd lost a day somewhere along the way. ;o)
The tree is just as beautiful bare as it is decorated.. what a gorgeous shape, did you go and cut it yourselves ? or get it from a store ?
I remember a British comedian from years ago called Larry Grayson who in his act used to refer to an imaginary friend he called 'Slack Alice' who was shall we say.. a 'loose woman' So your last photo made me smile... sounds like a Nan with loose morals. ;o)
Have a great day..
Jo xx


"I swear I have to double check my luggage before leaving the house on a trip or I will one day find myself with a feline friend at the airport."

:-))) I sually find my female cat in my Rucksack almost every morning and once I was already on my underground station when I noticed I am carring something alive with me, sge is very small and very curious.
For my tree lights I use timer, it will turn on the lights one hour before I come home or whenever I set the time.
Marry Christimas to you!


We have the same birthday! No wonder I love your blog and your minimalist style! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


That's so funny, I thought we had a bizarre cat (the thing with the bags) but not so :)

happy birthday and happy holidays!
Sophie / Antwerp


Benita -
Thanks for a year of lovely posts and photos. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


Thank for the cleaning advise yesterday, I think the microwave is ok...

The tree really is a good one, unusually bushy and even, at least when I comapare with the trees of my childhood.

You should give the Sex and the city series a chance. The film has lost all essence of the series: independent, strong, smart women. I think the series go downhill too, in the end where it's mostly about relationships, it goes stereotypical. All through the series though, there are some true gems.

Fröken Prickig

God Jul:)

Eunice in PEI

Merry Christmas Benita. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

I love the foto of Mini "inspecting" the Christmas tree - her body language is saying "Yes - this one is OK with me" haha.

Are Mini and bonus interested in the tree? Our 2 caats, Hershey & Henry, love Christmas trees - Henry is always curled up on the tree skirt while Hershey is usually found IN the tree (no kidding!).


Merry Christmas Benita and Willie - if your celebrations are half as good as your home looks, they will be awesome!


Thank you for all your lovely posts and photos... Happy birthday, Merry christmas and pleeease keep writing and posting in the new year!!
Feliz Natal :)

Jennifer S.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Christmas, too.


Merry Christmas Eve, Miracle Girl, and thank you for the gift of your blog all year long! xo


I love to come home to a lighted tree as well. I found these plugs at Home Depot (I'm sure they have them at other hardware or super stores) that you plug the lights from the tree in. The plug comes with a remote control with a key chain. So you can have it on your keys and turn it on before you get in the door. Love it!


Happy Birthday! I hope the rest of your week ins calm and delightful.


We got it from sellers in our local square :).


Funny, I'm not much into Sex and The City either, for the same reason. I much prefer your style, as shown through your house. Simple, clean, elegant and a little sparkly. Must be something to do with being December babies.


They were interested as little kittens but now they're not bothered :).

Hershey and Henry, awwww! :)


I love that! Haven't seen anything like that over here though...


Hej Benita - Merry (almost) Christmas, and Happy (already) Birthday! Your tree and decorations are gorgeous, sort of "icy" looking, and your house is so clean it puts mine to shame. And I'm completely with you about Sex and the City :)


Next time you come over to the states, just stop at a hardware store and get a light timer - a little gizmo (digital or mechanical), that you set to turn the lights on and off at a certain time. I have my tree lights plugged into one so that they turn on just a few minutes before I get home. I just love seeing the warm lights from the street as I walk home! Then I also don't have to turn them off at night either ;)


It's not just you, Benita. Most people I know think Sex and The City is idiotic. It was just heavily promoted, that's all. The best TV shows don't need all that media-hype.

Mini's face is SO CUTE in that photo. She just doesn't take a bad picture, does she?

That tree looks so fresh in that pic I can almost smell it!


Kikar in och önskar dig en riktigt fin jul:)

Kram Mia


A belated birthday wish and Merry Christmas! S + the City is too girly for me, too. ;-)

Nancy in Canada

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful time with your celebrations on Christmas Eve. Can't wait to hear the details. All the best for the holidays!


happy birthday and many happy returns of a good day!



that's a link to some of the original sex and the city new york observer columns by candace bushnell. waaaaaaaaaaaaay less girly and a whole lot more interesting.

Eunice in PEI

Yes, our 2 babies.... and Hershey gives kisses (rubbing her head and face against your face) when you ask her for one. :) :)


Another not Sex in the City fan here. I have actually watched most of the series; I teach media analysis (among other things) and had several students who chose to analyze the series when it was first on. I never got it--but then I am not a big tv watcher in the first place (how ironic is that!).

Love the year end photos--I hope you will continue in the new year.

Have a wondeful Christmas--we too celebrate on Christmas Eve.


Mini...lite som Kosmoskatten, vill gärna ut på vift. Granen ser härlig ut, lagom bling-blingig :) God Jul, till er alla fyra!

Machen und Tun

merry christmas to you, Benita!
i saw you got yourself a curly sheepskin... very pretty! i still have the page bookmarked and think about it since you mentioned them some weeks ago :-)


I did, there was a Christmas market in the local square and I got if there. Bonus loves it :).


I forgot your birthday this year! I'm a bad, bad, bad friend... late birthday wishes!


Happy Birthday for the 21st! Mine is on the 27th!
Love the photographs from the 20th and 21st - so green and sparkly!
Thank you for your blog - I love reading it.

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