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December 31, 2010


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Bravo !!!!!!!
and I hope I am the first to say Happy New Year Benita..
To put my twopence in about what to replace friday's 365 with.. I'd like to see a weekly 'woman about town' feature..
Stuff about where you shop, and what you go out looking for, what projects you have in mind for the weekend.. that sort of thing.
Whatever you choose though, I'm sure I shall thoroughly enjoy it.
With love and best wishes for a great 2011.
Jo xx


And Happy New Year to you!!

And I'd love to see photos of the local flavor. Especially the shopping flavor!

BTW - have you tried Lady Grey tea? Sooo good. Like Earl Grey, only a little more subtle, and a tiny bit of citrus thrown in.

Sandra Yeong

Happy New Year.


Happy New Year to you too!
I'm starting a 365 photo project tomorrow. I just hope I'll be as successful as you were with yours! Your photos are so beautiful, I think you should publish a blurb (www.blurb.com) book with them!


You know, I'm totally impressed. I'm about a hundred days into my 365 project and I have cheated quite much...


May you and Willie have a happy and wonderful 2011 - I have loved following your ups and downs this year - thank you for sharing so much. The 365 was fantastic. I cannot wait to see your finished quilt.


May you and Willie have a happy and wonderful 2011 - I have loved following your ups and downs this year - thank you for sharing so much. The 365 was fantastic. I cannot wait to see your finished quilt.


Hurray for a year of pictures! Such a wonderful document for you to treasure in the years to come. All the best for whatever you have planned for 2011!


Well done on finishing the 365 challenge! I'm so impressed!

Happy new year Benita and Willie! Hope you have a fabulous new year!

Ana Bruyns

Happy New Year Benita! And bravo for your 365 project! I enjoyed every bit of it and refer it often to my other Portuguese friends. My sole concern was: 'Oh! Does that mean that the project is finished?'I hope not. Grew so fond of reading your blog and admire your pictures.

All the best!


Happy New Year! I will miss the Friday feature, but I really look forward to what ever else you have in mind!

Petra from NL

Benita, thank you for another year of inspiration, sharing your life and projects with us. LOVE your December 31 picture, my favourite kind of fireworks ;-).
I wish all of you a nice evening tonight and a lovely 2011!


Happy New Year Benita and Willie!

I love your blog and in 2011 I am really going to work hard to get my apartment and myself in shape.

You are a big inspiration for me to make my life better.

Thankyou! :D

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Happy New Year, Benita !

My suggestions:
* Tutorials & how-tos
* Reader´s questions
* Spotlight on your favourite objects in your home (I covet a lot of your stuff, here is the proof: http://venusianglow.blogspot.com/2010/12/now-is-great-time-to-shop-for-christmas.html )


Hi Benita

I just notice Wille's name is spelled without a i before the e ...I can see a few of your readers also mis-spelt his name....just curious...do u pronounce his name as "Will" or "Willie".

Happy new year to both of you...and the cats.



Hi Benita

You have alot of nice pictures...just wondering can i use any of your pictures as profile pic in facebook or any other website....not your house photos but like eg dec 23 pic...pictures that are so nice but will not show any part of your house etc.

Thank you.


It's Wille without the i. It's pronounced vill-eh; vill as in villain and eh like in eh! :)


That's the plan :).


Happy New Year, Benita!

I just love the close up of Mini's face (and I'm not even a cat person). :)



A job well done! I really loved it!
Happy New Year!


Hi Benita,
I wish you and Wille a 2011 full of adventures! X


Happy New Year and Congratulations on your 365 project. I've got a new camera and maybe you've inspired me! Thanks for your blog!!


Happy New Year from Tokyo!!!
Here it is already 2:23am and we went to the shrine.
Wish you all the best for 2011. Your photo project was great joy and I am looking forward to what you will do next!!


one of the first things I do every morning is read your blog. It is my morning tonic, an inspiration and a feast for the eyes. Thank you from this fan in California!


Thanks for your blog. I am amazed that you posted each and every day this year and I'm inspired that you did. Happy 2011 to you and Wille and thanks for an interesting year of photos and commentary from your life.


Happy New Year. As I scrolled down through the pictures I thought the Dec. 30th was a giant card and large baskets up against the door. I think it would be very cool to crop off the bottom and let that illusion be the focus. :) I have really enjoyed the year of photos and of course the blog writing.


I've very much enjoyed your 365 challenge! Since tomorrow is Jan 1st, I'm thinking of doing my own. Thanks for the inspiration. I love that last image with the sparkler.


Happy New Year Benita!!
I justed wanted to say Thanks for the dedication that you have to your blog. The effort you put into each and every post is much appreciated and I always look forward to visiting 'Chez Larsson'. All the best for 2011, may all your design dreams come true.


Happy New Year! I just found your blog and I have to say I love it! I can't believe how many great ideas you have for organizing! I have been looking and reading your blog all day! I can't wait to see what you have to share in 2011!

I am working on doing a lot of cleaning out and re-organizing in our house in the new year. We live in a good size house, but we don't have a lot of storage, so I am always re-organizing what we have/use and bring in. On top of my list is my computer desk/sewing area...I want to make one big desk for both, but nothing seems to be working out right now, so I have do some re-thinking.

Just wanted to say hi and love what you share!


Happy new year, Benita Wille Bonus and Mini!
So meny successfull projects this year! You can allow yourself to rest a little and let all the others envy you..
I wish you a new year full with joy, and even greater success in everything!

Twisted Cinderella

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!


Happy New Year Benita, Wille, Mini and Bonus! :)
I can't wait to see what you come up with instead of Fridays' 365 :)


Gott nytt - Vi kommer få ett fantastiskt år! Puss och kram en masse!!


Fantastic job!! You have motivated me to also do the 365 photo challenge! Thank you! :)

Be sure to enter my CSN stores giveaway:


Happy New Year!! :)


åå vilken blogg du har! hit kommer jag igen snart :-)
Gott nytt år önskar Susanne


Frohes Neues Jahr :-))

I would like to see mor of this photo project this year :-)


Happy New Year! I wish you a lot of white color, organized spaces, new adventures and many new posts in 2011! :)

Kathleen S.

What a great photo to end the year with! Love it, love it!

Patricia Haddad

It´s been a long, very long time that I don't visit your Flickr. I used to admire your photos and leave some coments every now and then. Don't know what happened, but I almost forgot my "online life": haven't uploaded pictures to my own Flickr anymore, haven't visited blogs I like, haven't written on my blogs.

This year, I MUST do all those things. I must write, I must take pics, I must read interesting posts, I must be happier. Yes, these things make me happier. I started to put these resolutions into practice here, "chez ton blog". I read lots os old posts and got really inspired.

I am gonna get married this year, in June, so many of your posts will be very useful. Besides, I've decided to start my own 365 days project. The first picture can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/photos/bitsebeijos/5313518778/

Have a wonderful 2011. Keep on inspiring us from all over the world with your how-to's, your pics, your tricks and your views. Sweet kisses from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Congratulations for this wonderful project, full of poesy and peace. A very happy New Year, with health, peace, harmony, love and success to you, Wille, Mini and Bonus.
Kisses from Brazil


Happy New Year!
I was surprised to see you already removing Xmas decorations. Don't you celebrate "The Three Kings Day" on January 6th? In Portugal we usually keep the Xmas tree and the decorations until that day. Keep up the good work!

Oak Dining Set

Great job. They are really amazing. Love it so much.

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