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December 27, 2010


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Petra from NL

Good to hear you had a nice Christmas. But why oh why are you keeping us in suspense about Wille's gift to you? I hope I can get through the day ;-).


Happy belated Boxing Day Benita. Do you even have Boxing Day in Sweden ??
The tree looks lovely with all the gifts and the cat round it. I really love those dangly bead strings.
Oh and I thought you'd like to know.. if you don't already; I'm just reading the 'Trends' issues of House & Home and Style @ Home, and Navy Blue is THE new Neutral apparently. White hot trend-wise... how like you to be ahead of the curve. ;o)
Jo xx


Ser riktigt mysigt ut - och Bonus är en ypperlig dekoration under granen! :-)


We spent our Christmas in Åre so our cats got to see a Christmas tree at the cat-sitter. The young one played with the round ornaments but they both left the tree unharmed.

Eunice from PEI

Hi Benita - Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. Dec 26th is Boxing Day in Canada (does Sweden celebrate it too?). It's great to have two holidays together.
I love the fotos of Bonus - he looks like he's one of the presents too :)


Your tree and the dining setting look lovely Benita! Belated Merry Christmas from Tradstreet! I love your 'white pig candle holders'. Looks like Bonus is expecting some gifts and is guarding them intently:)


God fortsättning Benita!

Wow, I just love your table setting! Those red tulips are striking and really make the table come alive! Gorgeous!


Happy Christmas, Benita. I just wish I could step into through the computer screen and into those beautiful photos. We had a lovely, quiet Christmas without any extended family. My son got DVDs for Christmas as well: Dr Who and Star Trek (original series).


what a lovely tree! amazing photogrpahy as well...i know it's hard to get that perfect glow within'

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