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December 28, 2010


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Heh, I first thought that Wille actually gave you plastic cups and thought "that's quite cheap" :D, but in the last picture I can see it's porcelain, pretty cool!


What a lucky mummy!


I have one of these cups at the office. I love it!


I love those cups!! Do you have any idea from where did he bought them?


Those cups are adorable! Did you take any pictures while opening your gifts? I would love to see your lovely excited expressions at the moment:)
Love from Tradstreet.


Det var fint av honom att tänka ut något som passade så bra. :-)


He got them in a store in Stockholm called Stockhome.


It would have been worth taking a picture of but I didn't unfortunately :).


De muggarna måste jag införskaffa! Nu har vi installerat oss i vår fabrik! Välkommen in om du har vägarna förbi! :)


Wow! You are lucky. Very lucky. I have a sixteen year old son, so I really know how lucky you are,!

Anna @ D16

Very sweet, Wille! It's so nice to see a young man be such a good gift-giver...especially when the recipient is his mother. :)

p.s. I'm sure you knew someone would ask this, Benita, but does Wille call you "Benita"?


Let's see what you gave Wille.

erin lang norris

So sweet! My brother did his own shopping this year (he's 19) for the first time ever...usually he suckers my mom into doing it. Of course it was fairly obvious that his girlfriend helped him a bit, but he was so proud to see the smiles on our faces as we opened the gifts!

Those trays are perfect! I love little catch-alls that are simple and sweet.

mama ring

those are very cool gifts! good job, wille. and good job, benita - around here, we would say "his mama raised him right."


Benita, Wille is a sweet young man!


Willie has a good eye for design, just like his Mama!


Hej! Spana gärna in min blogg på http://wordsbyme.se Där hittar du mina senaste shoppingfynd, lite låttips osv.. Ha en trevlig kväll!


Hehe, då kan man skaffa en hög av de kopparna och så en av de som ser tillknycklade ut och ställa fram vid nästa fika, med oskyldig min.... :D


Those are beautiful cups! I recently found your blog and I think it is fantastic!

Robyn @ Out of Ours

You really do have a wonderful son who knows his mom VERY well! Those cups are great and if you can't find a use for those trays, I can certainly use them ;-)


Yes. He is the best. You are blessed!


De där muggarna är inte dumma alls! Jag har ett par liknande, köpta på Designtorget, för många år sedan. Dina är finare, men mina är knasigare; keramikmuggarna är, lite lagom, "ihopskrynklade", precis så där som plastmuggarna blir efter lite användning. :) Nu blev jag sugen på att leta fram dem! Hälsa Wille; bra jobbat!
mvh helena


It's funny, Wille has called us Martin and Benita since he was a toddler. We didn't ask him to, he did it on his own. I guess it has to do with us never calling each other mom and dad around him. My parents talked about each other as mom and dad around me and I subsequently called them mom and dad and can't remember ever saying Gerda to my mom and Kaj to my dad :).


I got him the following; a navy J.Lindeberg hooded sweatshirt, a navy/green check shirt, How I Met Your Mother seaon 5, 30 Rock season 1, Angels and Deamons on DVD, The Green Zone on DVD, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a Starbucks cup and a head set. He also got some XBOX games I can't remember the names of and a bunch of other stuff :).


Those are really cool cups and trays; way to go, Wille!


That's funny! My kids used to call us Mama Lisa and Daddy Mike, I think to distinguish us from all the other moms and dads at parks and playgrounds. When a kid says, "Mom!" and ten women yank their heads around to answer, it really is more direct to call parents by their names! Cute!


aww what perfect gifts for you!

btw, where is that gray/white polka-dot fabric from? Is it a napkin? I love it!

Oh, and be sure to enter my CSN stores giveaway:


Happy New Year!! :)


It's Michael Miller's Ta Dots yardage in Stone. I got it on Etsy.


Wille is an amazing shopper and knows is mom very well! I live in Mobile, AL, USA and have been searching forever for porcelain or ceramic cups just like that… you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find them. I need to just give up and move to Sweden!

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