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December 21, 2010


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They look great.. but I would fret in case I wanted clear NEXT year. That's typical me though. I struggle to commit to anything ;o)
Jo xx


Neat! I first thought you had painted them from outside, but what you did is much more clever.

Happy birthday Benita!


Happy birthday Benita!

Could you please write how you recycle trash at home.


Ooohhh...I love them white, so much more than clear. So simple and clean and classic...just like your style :)


Happy Birthday Benita! Hope you have a wonderful day.
Love the glossy white cones. I would have probably tried to find a glossy glass paint and the result would have never been this nice.


Yay got internet back 30 minutes ago (after 2.5 weeks without!), just in time to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

The white pine cones look great and it was really clever to paint them from inside. And next year you can paint green dots on them if you don't want them all white anymore ;)

erin lang norris

love them!!! and i really like the way they look against the pale blue bowl.

so according to the comments above, it must be your birthday! happy happy birthday!


love them, have a great bday!


Happy Birthday, Benita! I hope you have a great day!


Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! :)


Here's a post on that topic; http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/06/recyclorama-dra.html


Happy Birthday, Miracle Girl!!


They look lovely. I'd leave them out all year.


Happy Birthday! I really love how they look in the white...very clever. I may do the same with metallic paint!


The white pinecones look great! And I like them just sitting in the tray, rather than hanging somewhere. Nicely done!


Gorgeous! I would be afraid to paint them, too, but your risk-taking pays off!


I love these pinecones. What a fabulous idea. I love them on the aqua plate. That is my favorite color and the white really looks beautiful there. You really make less look like more in such a lovely way.

Happy Birthday and best wishes for a new year of promise. Take care.


Happy Birthday Benita! (Today's my sister's birthday too!) And add me to the deep love for all things pinecone as well as milk glass, which these remind me of! Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday!


Love the pine cones! And impromptu really works the best sometimes. It looks like it must be your B-day, so Happy Birthday!


Sherry from Alabama

What a wonderful idea! I wonder if I could do the same thing with a clear flower vase? I've been wanting a milk glass one so bad. If I knew it wouldn't harm the flowers that I fill it with, I would go for it!

I have enjoyed my first visit to your beautiful and uncluttered blog. I am going to become a subscriber and I'll be back soon!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Eunice in PEI, Canada

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BeNita :D :D

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday and are treating yourself to something nice !!


Det ska tydligen vara en kotte i år..:) De är populära i alla möjliga versioner just nu. Jag har några med lite ålder på, om jag hittar dem, så kanske jag gör som du, låter dem ligga framme på ett fint fat. Det är så sant som det är sagt; det enkla ÄR ofta det vackraste.
mvh helena


Happy Birthday Benita! Sorry I missed it yesterday, I only see your postings a day late because of the huge time difference.

Your cones look fantastic and was a very clever way of doing them.

I have a question for you. Have you ever done something (like the cones) and then regretted the decision at a later stage?

Isabella Golightly

Happy Birthday to a fellow Sagg. Love the cones. I got the panduro catalog because of you & now I think I'm addicted!!!


what do you dilute the paint with? just water? or turps? or a specific product?


It's emulsion wall paint so I just used water.


It's just a craft so no regrets :). If it doesn't turn out well I just toss it and do another project.


Love love love!


They look awesome, what a great idea. A nice piece of art to have year round or for sure at Christmas time. Enjoy the holidays - as always I continue to love your blog.


ahh! thanks!
Merry Christmas from Australia!


your tree looks so simple and beautiful. i love it. (also as usual, the photography is awesome)

Have a very great Christmas and may the coming year be filled with more colour, more laughter and more joy for you and your family.

Vanessa MacLeod

I just want to tell you how much I *love* your blog. I too am a fan of "all things white" in terms of decor and furniture. I have been trying to convince my husband for a year - that we need to start heading in this direction in terms of our decor. He always had a million reasons why not. We have boys. They mess. It's not easy to clean. etc etc etc. Through your photographs and blog I have been able to show him just how beautiful and "restful for the mind" having a predominantly white space is. How versatile this actually makes a living space. Slowly, he has been coming around to the point now where he has agreed we can buy our first white leather sofa. A bit of a compromise - since leather is easy to keep clean, and since we live in Africa - it's a bit cooler than a fabric sofa. Thank you for all the beautiful inspiration that your blog provides! I will email you a picture when our makeover is finally complete!

Penny in Virginia

What a wonderful idea! They are so gorgeous.

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