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January 26, 2011


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A wonderful job Benita, and... I'm inspired now.

milla - andante

Wow, bara så snyggt!!!


Supersnyggt! Perfekt mängd trä tillsammans med satsborden.
(Däremot skulle jag vilja stadga trycken med lite kraftigare kartong på baksidan så att de inte saggar.*ler*)


Very nice! I, too, love the yellowed edges of the prints. Look splendid in contrast with the pure white of the wall.

erin lang norris

Oh it looks so good!!! I love free projects that do so much for your space.

And this seems so much more YOU (and so much cozier, might i add) than the blue wall with the white frames! Although, I only know YOU from the blog & I could be way off. ;) But either way, I like this a ton.


De står där bara tillfälligt men jag har en lösning planerad för dem om jag gillar dem så mycket så de får stå kvar ett tag.


The colour looks great, both with the floor and the tops of your nest of tables..
I wasn't sure when you first said you were going to leave it 'nude' as it were but you were right.
Good job..
and Mini seems to like it ;o) or is that Bonus ? I can never tell.
Jo xx


It's Bonus. He really enjoys the new sofa. He used to never sleep on the old one but this one is nice and soft :).


I really shouldn't be amazed, I always am though, by the way a can of paint and some minor changes can totally change the look of the room. Love it!


That's gorgeous and a great idea which solves from now on the issue with holes and art. I can see a con though, the prints need a frame to avoid bending and get deformed. Apart from this I love it!


Very, very pretty. I love the oak!


The prints were just a temporary thing when I put them up. I just wanted something up quickly and they were on hand. I have a solution for them now though since I like them there. I'll show you as soon as I get the parts from my supplier.


Tjockt nice! Fett snyggt! Och en bunt andra uttryck på sexig nusvenska.


Very nice! And the yellowed edges of the prints goes very nicely with the colour of the oak.


Now you have more green! I'm amazed that you had so many of those botanical prints, that you could choose to display only the ferns.


Good choice of artwork, they go well together; the ledge and the prints :)


I'd love to see a picture showing the whole room.


A perfect picture ledge! It looks great with the nesting tables.

It always make me smile to see a cat snoozing.
Ahh.. the comforts of home :)


Hi, great job :) how you attach it to the wall?


Find the instructions in this post http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/01/building-a-picture-ledge.html

elisa rathje

it turned out beautifully, exactly, great with the nesting tables. i like just a bit of wood! my children love their tiny shelves and ledges for endless variations on pictures and objects. me too. x


Won't cats knock down the prints? Or just draught?


The cats don't touch them at all. As for draught that may be a problem in summer when the door is open but by then I'll probably have added frames to whatever is displayed there. The prints on their own is just a temporary (but actually quite lovely) solution.

stina ~maräng~

Så snyggt! Passar väldigt bra ihop med både satsborden och golvet, och bryter av snyggt mot allt det vita.
Gillar din blogg!


Bonus sighting!

Add me to the ledge love! I'm already thinking about ways to hack this! :)


Ser väldigt trevligt ut - och det är ju bara ett plus när det kostar noll och ingenting. :-)


It gives the eye a nice place to rest; a lifeboat in the White Sea.



Lauren M

Love, love, love it all!
Great choice of wood and prints.
I now have an appreciation of the white walls given the Swedish winters. Here in New Jersey USA we got hit again with tons of snow. White walls bring in all the good light.

Might we see a view of your ledge from the dining room sometime?


Honestly, I didn't think I was going to like the oak shelf (I'm a little bit obsessed with white), but it really coordinates nicely with the nesting tables!


You did a great job and I am seriously digging those botanical prints. When I was a kid my mom had picture rails and now I really wish I could have some (but, I rent). Maybe someday!

Sherry from Alabama

What a lovely idea! I just wanted to let you know that your beautiful white room and slipcovers inspired me so much that I tried my hand at making a slipcover for my freebie wing chair. It was a lot of work but I'm pleased with the results. I posted pics on my blog yesterday. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


Love the look! Both the ledge and the botanical prints. It looks so cozy and warm which must be really nice in the middle of winter.

Lisa Flaherty

Yes, I was going to mention the great tie in to the nested tables, too!


Gorgeous, especially with the prints. A lovely breath of spring!


Yes, I love the way the oak ledge coordinates with the nesting tables. Nothing warms up a room with white walls like wood. Just lovely.

And Bonus is obviously thrilled with the change, too. ;)




First of all, the prints and the ledge look great, I'll definitely need to look through our garage for some wood planks and make one :) Second, how do you keep ahead of the dark cat hair on all your white furniture? I have 2 cats and thought that getting 1 in white and the other in dark gray would cancel out each other's hair on the furniture, but I was wrong. Seems like every time I clean the hair off, I turn around and it's back with a vengeance!


I LU...LU...LUV this!! The whole room look is what I call perfect, I could move right in!! Love the white, the natural oak, and the botanical prints with accents of green. I love the "patina" around the botanical prints!! Cant wait to see your more permanent solution for them. Thanks for the great tutorial on the oak shelf as well. As always, keep up the good work!


So today I began painting the pine plank floor of my laundry room white. It looks amazing. I'm stunned by the difference and so far only patches are done, as it's a high traffic area so can only be done bit by bit.

I'm already concerned about how I will keep it! But the brightness it has added to the room more than compensates.


Check out this post; http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/11/keeping-a-white-sofa-white.html


Great job! Love it!

~ Ali


Det är så fint med botaniska tryck, av olika slag! Ett enkelt men effektfullt sätt att få in lite grönska inomhus. Även om ljuset är på väg tillbaka så stannar nog vintern kvar ett tag till... När jag skriver det här så har temperaturen sjunkit ner till -10 grader igen och jag bor inte ens speciellt långt norrut... en bit ifrån Göteborg.:) Jag gillar som sagt dina blad, här hemma har vi en gammal skolplansch med närbilder på lövträd, ger lite samma effekt.


Jättefint och harmonsikt.:-)
Kram Stina


You know, when you painted the wall white I didn't love it. I refrained from commenting because (1) not my house and (2) I knew that the room wasn't finished, and that once artwork was on the wall I would probably love it.

I'm so glad I've learned to keep my yapper shut. It looks WONDERFUL. I really love it. Very warm and comforting. :)

Camille @ the vintique object

I meant to comment on the last post that I really like how you hung your picture ledge with hardware attached to the wood. I made some like these recently and screwed them directly into the wall where the studs are located. Wish I hadn't because now it will be much more difficult to take them down. Brilliant idea!


Simply perfect!


This is great. I love the idea of doing rows and rows and using them for little free standing dioramas that could change as my party theme changed. How cool. Thanks. Beth


Hi, I have been looking for botanical prints such as yours. Where may I find them?


There are quite a few being sold on ebay.com. Do a search for "antique botanical prints" there and you'll find some!

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