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February 28, 2011


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Congratulations Benita.. you should get this sort of recognition.
And as an English blogger who obviously benefits from you blogging in English I would just like to say thank you.
Your detractors should recognise that you are bringing Swedish design to a much wider and very appreciative audience, than you would if you blogged in your native tongue. I seem to remember a rather successful Swedish retailer doing the very same thing a few years ago, and it hasn't done them any harm.. ;o)
Btw how did your weekend's house hunting go.. any joy ??
Jo xx


Woohoo! Congratulations! You were the first blog I started following a few years ago, and have enjoyed every single post. Writing your blog in English rather than Swedish certainly allows you to attract a much wider audience, which you obviously have, and I think it's great that you have been recognised - again!


Will tell all tomorrow!

Susanne [Snusans inredningsblogg]

Kul att läsa om dig i Plaza! :)
Ha en bra dag!


Congratulations! Your fame is well deserved ;) Speaking of which, I hope you have decided against taking down the "Larsson" sign on you door: some fans buying your house may want to keep the proof of owning a celebrity house... Looking forward to what you will be telling us tomorrow. Kram (the only word I have been able to figure out from Swedish blogs not written in English).


Fantastic! You deserve this recognition and more for being such a generous and unflagging inspiration!

Cheryl Martin

Congratulations Benita. This recognition is well deserved. I can't wait to hear about the house hunting!


Oh my God, you're famous! I'm so proud. Will brag.


Yay!! Congratulations - it's much deserved attention, to say the least.

Ana B.

Congrats once again! From all the other blogs I still prefer yours... It is about how REAL houses can be stylish and not about UNREAL stylish houses. I look at your house and tips and think "Hey... I could do this too, great idea!"

Monica B

Stort grattis!

Ness at Drovers Run

This is fantastic for you! I know I'm totally inspired by your style (you should see my last 3 or 4 posts), and I am systematically changing our little houses style (it didn't have any) to a more Swedish look (like yours) ;)


Great Benita - and I hope the BIG bucks will come too! :-)


Congratulations, Benita! I think this is a well deserved acknowledgment to your generosity and expertise. I also think that writing in English not only broadens communication but also helps spread Swedish traditions, style and way of life; not to speak of Swedish shops, webs and blogs you divulge internationally and otherwise would have remained unknown!
Oh, BTW, today I'm especially looking forward to your tomorrow's post :-)!!!


Congratulation! Crank up the Krona on your starting price, any potential buyers will be flocking - if they haven't heard of you now, they don't deserve your beautiful home, oh, unless they have the most money!

Roll on tomorrow - you have us all on tenterhooks!


you belong to the world! thanks for writting in english, if you would have chosen sweden i wouldnt have met you! congratulations!


You deserve mention to a far wider audience, in my opinion. Hope the recognition continues. I read several blogs but you are the most consistent and by far the most inspiring. I agree with Hxx that you should reconsider your asking price. Your home is a showcase of your talents. And you have rare talent!


Kudos to Benita, with talent as yours you deserve it! Can't wait till tomorrow for the tell all!


Benita, CONGRATS! So fun that you are finally getting the praise you deserve! Your blog is one my favorite blogs! It's the best!

Thanks for the other Swedish blog links! :) It will be fun to check them out!

This blogging thing really makes the world seem smaller! :) For me to be able to read your blog daily it makes it seem like our worlds and interests are not that far apart!

~ Ali


aw that's exciting, congrats! :)


I'm glad you write in English, because otherwise I wouldn't read your blog. :)

Also, I don't know if you write differently when you write in your native language, but your writing in English is adorable. I think that's half of the reason I like your blog!


Congratulations! I thought it was a very good article and you all brought different things to the table.. As a newcommer in the blogworld you are good rolemodels.

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