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February 24, 2011


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Beyond cool!


Arh sticky back plastic. Brings back such happy memories of 'Blue Peter'.
They could make a perfect recreation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon with the inside of some toilet rolls an old wire coat hanger and some sticky back plastic.
You would have fit right in Benita. ;o)
Jo xx


You can never have too much paper or too many lists! Nice idea.


SO funny!!


I LOVE this little project!


Really ugly to really classy!!
Love it!


Oh, that gift wrap is nice!

Petit Filoux

That is such a neat clever idea!


Looks awesome as usual! :-)


Du gör så fina saker!


Definitely, you're Genius! =)


Inspiring! As all your posts are! Will absolutely go through my house with different eyes...what can I change? Looking forward for more great posts!


Great idea!

Miss VanDroo

Much better! I never would have thought of that!


Wow, neat transformation!


That is EXACTLY what I did with one of those I got as a gift and did not like the outside! I love that I did something just like you! Now if only my home could be as organized and tidy...

Jennifer S.

This is another one of those simple but brilliant ideas of yours. Love it!


What a difference!!!! Subtle now and lovely.


Benita, you are a genius.


So creative! :)


you are soooo very clever!
how's the house hunting progressing?


Great idea! I'd hate to throw out something so useful as a stack of paper, but I'd also hate advertisements on my desk.

I'm surprised you didn't use white contact paper. ;)


Nice work! :)

Ness at Drovers Run

I love it. I'm always interested to see what colours/textures you go with, when they're not white. I love white things - but I never know what accents to bring in to it.

I did a post today about a revamp that I'm doing (a small one) on my home office - and it's all been inspired by your style and your blog. :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Will post about it soon!

Alison @ thistleandplum

Oh, and they were so hoping that you'd stare at their adverts every day! What a nice makeover.


Åh vad jag gillar dina tips och knep och beskrivninger!!!!



I love it! I will try this, this weekend. I hope it turns out as well as yours.

Camille @ the vintique object

Another edition of making the mundane beautiful. Very clever!


Nice! It looks so much more classy that way!


Ha! I did the very same thing only I was lazy/OCD and just flipped it inside out to the plain white - The inside (originally the outside) wasn't too ugly or visible as it had a little flip lid. Great minds ;)

lisa h.

A nice quick, clever fix! Neat wrapping paper too.

(Why is that woman dumping food all over herself? Silly, silly ad.)


Great project, looks so much better now. Wood grains can do wonders here's another project that uses it successfully http://www.aliceindesignland.com/blog/diy-wood-grain-magnet-board.html

Bathroom Mirrors

Very cute! Nicely done.

the constant hunger

I am new to your blog and I love it. I live in New York but am obsessed with Scandinavian design. This has been my favorite post so far (have been reading them all!)

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