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February 14, 2011


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Quilts are SUCH a lot of work Benita.. I think this is a great compromise.
I like the fact that it's not quite what one expects from a traditional quilt. Gives it a very modern twist, and that's VERY you !! ;o)
Jo xx


It's perfect!


Just perfect anyway ! i love the grey shades ;o)



Monica B



Is that blood on the pricking picture you showed us? Your poor fingers!

You know, they have this nifty invention called the thimble... ;) Just teasing you.


It's gorgeous! Very inspiring to those of us still harboring a little quiltophobia :)


A very inspiring post today, as always, Benita! Your very creative solution for the sandwich gets me started to give my own quilt another try -I was fearing that moment. AND your fabric choice is gorgeous. All in all, thank you again. Have a great week!


LOVE it!! Well done and thanks for sharing as always :)


so so so lovely. Do you have a picture of the whole quilt?


I did take a photo of it on the floor but it's not very interesting, the whole thing is just random squares.


Den är verkligen fin.:-)

Fröken Prickig

Nice, Benita!


Hey Benita, I just finished my first quilt last week and I also stumbeled over the quilting.. when I fed the whole 150x200cm monster trough my sewing machine it shifted very badly and I had to rip 300cm seams.. *buh*
I feel so much with you, it is so frustating "fighting" with it, but I love how you solved the problem, looks very very nice!!

Have a nice week with much snuggling under your quilt :)



Great job Benita!! It's looks very neat and comfy.


I forgot to mention I did that too! I only did the middle seam and had pinned the layers together with lots of safety pins but that one seam made the whole thing shift completely and I also had to rip it. Hence the small corner stitches...


Väldigt snyggt, det gillar jag! :-)

Miss VanDroo

Benita, It is beautiful!


It looks great! Good job!


I love the fabrics you have chosen, they look fantastic together. Simple and graphic :)



Ana V.



that quilt might even inspire me to quilt! so lovely!


Very simple and elegant as everything you make!

Petit Filoux

Things always turn out slightly differently to how you envisage them don't they?! Anyway, I think your quilt turned out rather brilliantly!! Well done!


I've been so excited to see how your quilt project turned out. Oh, it's beautiful! And it looks so cozy there on the bed. Lately, everyone I know has been stocking their guestrooms with these fleece-type blankets, but you know what? There's nothing better in the wintertime than a homemade cotton quilt!

erin lang norris

love this! i have never sewn before but i really want a quilt for our bed. i've been thinking that a patchwork blanket will do just fine. for a little while i was collecting pillowcases that i liked but i'm not sure why i ever stopped!

i think i will have to get back at it again. :)


It's beautiful!


So beautiful and calm. Great job!
Kisses from Brazil

Lauren McF

So snuggy Benita. Warm and lovely.
I wanted to know if you ironed the seams and if you did, did you iron them down to one side or split open.
As an aside, I wonder if you have a drawing of the floor plan of your home?
I think I can put it all together in my head but wondered if you could share a sketch of the two levels of your home.
Many thanks and stay warm.


I've been a fool for grey lately and your quilt is no exception! It looks great.


It's gorgeous, Benita. I especially love your little work-around with just sewing the corners. I would have never thought of that.


Very pretty! I love all the grays. I dream of doing something like that with suiting wool. Someday...


Beautiful. If you want to get rid of the blood stains you can rub it with a little contact lens multi-purpose solution and then wash. It's the best for getting out blood. It has stuff in it that breaks down protein. Hope I am not sounding too vampirish - I just know since I have eczema and scratch in my sleep when it is really bad. This was a tip from someone who worked at Bausch and Lomb!!!

lisa h.

Patchwork is the best. How cozy. Have you washed it yet? That's when quilts get really puckered and comfy. Yummmmmm.

I was thinking of doing a short cut "corner stitch" method like yours for a blanket for my dog, good to know it works so well!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

It's really lovely - wish I could do something like that! I may have to try and follow your tutorial. I also love your bedroom - so serene!


Benita, your quilt is lovely! It's so modern and yet so calm and serene. I love the fabric choices!


WOW! What a brilliant selection of fabrics, and the quilt looks beautiful on your bed.

If you aren't familiar, check out www.filminthefridge.com for the most gorgeous quilts and photos ever.


It's beautiful. I love the gray and white combo and all the fabrics you chose work so well together. My mom is a quilter and the 5 or so she's made for me are my very favorite things. =)


It looks perfect! I like the grey and white combination, beautiful!

Lisa Flaherty

Beautiful and a great accomplishment!


Lovely, calming and perfect for year round display.

One of the first tips I learned in a quilting class was that the enzymes in your OWN saliva will disolve your OWN blood from cotton cloth. So, spit on your finger and rub out your pin pricks. It may take a bit of effort - but it works!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

Benita - I LOVE it! You should be a quilt designer - a beautiful eye for fabrics.


the quilt really defines your room as a "go-to-place" to get cozy... I loved your choice of fabrics... in fact, I showed the cut squares to my mom (a quilter) & she was very curious about the final product. I will share your blog link with her...
love-ly work!

Siv Jane Aksdal

That was fast!! It looks beautiful, love the combination of fabrics.


Benita! This is fantastic! You have inspired me to get going on a few quilting projects I have had waiting. Thank you!!!


I did wash it to get he puckered effect :).


Love it and love your blog! You're such an inspiration! I've passed your blog onto many others. Keep being you!


hehe, I wish I would have thought of only stiching the corners.. but I cut 30x30cm squares so it wasn't that much quilting in the end because I quilted at the seams ;)
(you can see the "monster" here: http://embracethehedgehog.blogspot.com/2011/02/ich-habe-den-quilt-igel-umarmt-yay.html )


I did iron the seams split open.

You can find the downstairs foot print here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/07/downstairs-foot.html
and upstairs here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/06/post-1.html


Beautiful! I love your gray quilt! Wonderful work! Someday I hope to attempt the same! Thanks for the inspiration!

~ Ali

Another Nancy

I can vouch for the saliva trick. When I used to sew more, I used it all the time, even with a thimble!

You did a beautiful job. Are you inspired to create another one; perhaps for Wille?

H is for Home

It's so beautiful Benita! I'm usually a "brights" patchwork girl, but this one's knocked my socks off!

Adelle xx


Sobre élégant trés classe
que du bonheur


Benita, it is gorgeous!!! also very inspiring! Thank you!


I have to admit I have been waiting for you to show the finished quilt. I have to say I am nowhere NEAR disappointed. It looks really great! Well done.

Erin Kleider

Your new quilt is just yummy! I LOVE the simplicity of the colors. So clean and fresh!




I think I'm done for a little while now but if Wille ever wanted one I'd do it all again ofcourse :).

Oak Furniture Kent

The color combination is awesome. Thanks you so much for sharing that quick tips. It's indeed worth the read.


Hi Bettina,
Lovely quilt. Did you consider some machine top stitching?
Also... check out Lotta Jansdotter's quilt in her new book... nice randomness of the patches and similar good taste in colorway.


Gorgeous color and fabric choices! I love how you have a plan and get things done. I love to plan...but stumble on the execution. :)


Love it. It looks so sophisticated and gorgeous and comfy. I might try doing one soon. Quick question: do you remember where you bought the School Days Writing Practice fabric? I tried to find it on etsy and was unsuccessful. Thanks so much. Have a good one.


I got it from this shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/uberstitch and at the moment you can get it from here http://www.etsy.com/listing/68154119/school-days-alphabet-fabric-on-white-by?ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=school%2Bdays%2Bfabric&ga_search_type=all.


The quilt is gorgeous! I love the fabrics and colour scheme you chose. It's a gorgeous piece of handiwork, it's ok you cheated a little.


Beautiful quilt! I love how you made these subtle fabrics so striking and lovely.


I love how soft looking this charm 'quilt' is. Thanks for the inspiration.


it looks fabulous Benita. Saw this on Pinterest. Haven't been here for ages. I'd forgotten how beautiful your styling was.


Love this. Quiet and restful but neither dull nor mimsy. Just beautiful

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