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March 29, 2011


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Benita, how fantastic that you are so positive about your new house even before making the changes you want, i'm so happy for you, have really enjoyed following your house tour and can't wait to see what you do along the way... made me smile when i read a few days ago that there was a charity shop down the roadtoo - icing on the cake!


I am really enjoying your new house too and all the exciting things in your future! Your positivity is catching. :)


Oh, how nice it must have been to spend some quiet quality time at the new place. It looks so warm and relaxing there in that spot of sunlight.


Det gjorde du rätt i! Håller tummarna för att någon slår till nu!

Hörde att du hade tittat förbi, typiskt att jag inte var hemma. Peter vågade inte bjuda in dig, för han trodde att jag skulle tycka att det var för stökigt hemme - hahaha!

Kram Sarah


I know you'll make your new place fantastic. It has a great vibe which I always think is the most important thing about a house!,


Benita, I so look forward to following you in your new decorating venture!

Ness at Drovers Run

It's exciting isn't it? Our current house is a rental, but even so, we were given an extra week (free) to move in as it was standing empty. I used to come and hang out here too, for an hour before fetching my eldest from his school which is just around the corner. It just goes to show, that it's the right space for you. You're already at home.


It's great that you can start getting a "feel" for your new home before you move in. Will this be your go-to place each time you have viewings?

Now that you have the keys, are you allowed to start work on it before you move in? Even if not I'd take full advantage of getting in there and giving the whole place a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.


It has been my go-to place :).

I'm not allowed to do any work inside but I have a post coming up on what I am doing over there...

The whole place was cleaned by a professional cleaning company before the open house but there are some areas that could do with a better scrub (such as the old stone floor in the WC) so I'll definitely be doing that when I go there.


So excited for you!


It is a real pleasure to hear you talking about the new house in such a positive way.
You obviously can't wait to move in and that's reflected in the tone and content of your posts about the place.
I'm so excited for you and this whole fresh start you're making. :o)
Jo xx


I love the photograph-it shows that when it comes down to it, we really only need basic things in life to make us happy!


Hahaha :). Vi ses snart ändå!


This in between time is the hardest... There is not much you can do besides enjoying the quietness while it lasts. :)


Your words and the peacefulness of the image transmit the feeling of joy!!! This kind of posts is so wonderful and positive about life and new beginings in general...Thanks!


Love the pic of that sunny spot in your new home!

What a treat...a good book to read in a sunny spot!

Sounds like home!

I could take a lesson from you. To want what you get is such a rarity in life! I'm working on that in my life!

~ Ali

Lisa Flaherty

I agree with Kim! Love that you are able to commune with your new space in a simple and relaxed way.


How great--there is something about getting "in touch"" with new space that is so exciting.


So lovely. Did you just sit on the floor? I hope you at least took along a blanket or something!


I'm so happy for you, Benita! Love the floor. I am looking forward to seeing you perform your magic on your new home.


I sat on the warm sunny floor and it was perfect :).


Hej Benita,
Det ser skönt och rofyllt ut. Ett fulständigt tomt rum som badar i sol.
Jag undrar vad du läser? Själv skulle jag nog inte ha läst så många sidor - jag skulle ha tappat "tråden" många gånger och bara njutit värmen och stillheten.

Och från det ena till det andra. Det där med att gjuta cement till små inredningsdetaljer som bokstöd och duktynger, dom du visade en annan dag. Det blev jag intresserad av. Vet du om det finns några bra linkar där man kan hitta mer tips på hur man gör?

Tack för din fina blogg!


Sorry Benita, but I love reading so I can't help myself...
What's the title of the book?


It's "The Crossing Places" by Elly Griffiths.


Jag läser "Flickan Under Jorden" av Elly Griffiths.

I den här bloggen finns mer betonginspiration!: http://ellasinspiration.blogg.se/category/betong-pyssel.html


How can an empty room look so inviting!!?

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Hope you sell yours and get to move in soon!


Tack Benita!


Don't you just love moments like this? Being able to sit in a warm puddle of sunshine for a couple of hours like a cat. There is much to enjoy in this time of renewal and reawakening in Spring.

Have you had many second viewings, and did your competition sell their house yet?


enjoying a space while it's empty is such a great way to make friends with the spirit of the place. so happy for you!


I love your new house too. It's so light and bright. It looks like you.


I'll tell you all about it next week :).

la marmotte

congratulations (i'm late...) for the new house
just a house.. but soon a home with your talent


Awhhh! You're making us wait!

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