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March 28, 2011


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This is perfect because I was thinking of doing some sort of display shelf/box for my son's wind-up toy and pez collection. Will be popping over there today. Thanks.


Thanks for the cat spray link. I love your how tos I can't wait to see how your new place turns out. I've set myself the task of keeping up with you I am in the middle of repainting but appear to be having a mini break regarding finishing the wood trim running out of paint didn't help but still..


I bought mine! Thanks for sharing :)

Ness at Drovers Run

What a superb idea!

Lisa Flaherty

What a lovely organization. Thank you for spreading the word!


I forgot about those cube shelves, but this just gave me an idea for my home. Thanks!


It is downloaded and I have had a peek - great! Thanks for telling us about the organization, the e.book is woth a lot more than a dollar especially for this cause!


Hi Benita -
I downloaded the book - thanks again for the tip. Had a question for you. What did you use to subdivide the cubes? Thanks.


I as so lucky in that I had those perspex divided boxes with fit perfectly in them! It wasn't planned, it just happened :)


Hmm, I guess I will have to find some boxes and build around them or make my own dividers. Thanks!

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