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April 21, 2011


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Kim B.

Congratulations Benita on your new adventure!


Congrats, finally yours!!! Happy Easter weekend :-)!

Lilla huset på prärien

Nä men vad roligt! Ska ni flytta? Stort grattis till det. Det ska bli roligt att följa din framfart (den är alltid spännande). Önskar dig en riktigt härlig renoveringspåsk!

Kram Jenny


Wohoo and congrats - but what is a black crow bar..?!


Happy Demo! Enjoy!

Your house already stands out from the others!! It's white!
It's also the only one without a raised window thingy on the roof. I guess that would be the room that's going to be Willie's bedroom. Is that also an option for you or is way out of budget?



Have fun!! :))


Nothing says "the new home owner" like a black crow bar. Go for it! Enjoy the first days in your house.


Have the most fantastic Easter Weekend ever!! Make sure we have lots of before and after pictures! Enjoy yourselves x


Ooh, exciting! Be careful not to clobber the Easter Bunny when you're swinging that crowbar!


Benita I have a question, here in Germany you are forbidden to make any excessive noise on Sundays and Bank holidays. Things such as mowing the grass, drilling, washing the car, hammering etc are just not allowed and you can be sure if you do, a neigbour will come over and tell you to stop and report you if you do not comply. In some places even doing laundry on a Sunday is frowned upon, and for the most part Germans adhere to this ordnance rule. I take it, it is not the same in Sweden? I am originally from London and holiday weekends and Sundays are full of the noise of lawnmowers, and drills as that's the only time anyone has to do a spot of DIY

Good luck with the renovation, can't wait to see results!


This is a black crowbar: http://fendersen.com/crowbar2.jpg


It's also the only one without a raised window thingy on the roof.

I notice that, too.


Since it's going to be Easter, I thought the nice black crow bars you were talking about were these: http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRAJ_Qb11UMtnyvJ_93si7oBcS13drHpYSpm26qb-DLE3DreRkGiQ


Congratulations! so exciting for you (and so exciting for us that you bring us along :). I can't wait to see the transformation.


Hooray! And how nice that you get access just before a long weekend. Have fun!


Your enthusiasm is making me feel so guilty; got loads to do on my scruffy house. But the weather is glorious here in England, so yet again the temptation to bunk off is just too great.....


I think I missed this in photos before...are you connected to your neighbors on each side? I never noticed the shared walls before.

Oh, have tons of fun with tearing stuff up. It's such a great way to get rid of stress. :)


Oh, do you still have snow? =:o Sounds like a perfect Easter weekend for you. Have a great one!


Can't wait to see the after pics. of your demolition, so exciting. Thanks for letting us come along!!


Congratulations! Have a wonderful weekend tearing things up! :)


Congratulations to both of you! Have a great time! X


Congratulations! Yay! It must be very exciting. It sounds like a very busy and fun weekend. Take lots of pictures. Happy Easter!


I can't wait to see the demo/results. Happy hammering!


Wonderful! You must be so excited!


Ser att April redan svarat, men ja, det är varsin kofot :)


It's not in the budget right now but we can do it if we apply for planning permisson. We don't really need the extra space though. But it would be nice :).


I know Germany is pretty strict with keeping weekends quiet which is kind of odd because IT IS when pople actually have time to do stuff! I guess it has religious background. Over here the weekends are when everyone gets going and gets stuff done :). I've spoken to both my SUPER NICE next door neighbors and have told them that we'll be working through the weeekend and they are perfectly fine with it. I have to say, from what I can see I have THE BEST new neighbors.


Haha :)


We are, I just didn't want to give away too much until all the documents were signed :)


We don't, we have glorious 20 degree C weather right now, finally! The photo is from when I went to view the house the first time :)


Congratulations! (and Happy Easter)




Nothing to do with the post, but I wanted to know if you know/use pinterest? It is a fantastic way to organize your online inspiration pictures. It is basically the online version of ripping pictures out of magazines and organizing them in binders. I started a few days ago and love it! If you have/get an account I would love to follow you! Heres my account:www.pinterst.com/linlin


So exciting for you and Wille! and for the rest of the world to follow your progress? Just wondering, when do you have to vacate your previous home? Do you have time do rebuild the kitchen before you have to move everything?

I am spending Easter helping my daughter move into the barn where she is going to live for 6 months while the new house is being built! So I will think of you!


Congratulations on finalizing the new house and on your new crow bars. Can't wait to see what kind of a mess you can make over the weekend and what kind of transformation you will reveal in a couple of weeks when you actually move in for good.


It is so exciting! I can't wait to see the house after the Easter holiday!!
hope you guys have a wonderful week!!

Glad påsk!


The movers come on May 12 and the new owners move in May 16. Hopefully the floors upstairs, the kitchen and bathroom will be (almost) ready by then :)


For Germnay - Saturday is just as normal as rest of the week and only Sunday is noise free, what is perfect for me, I have to have one quiet day, living in an apartment I don't want to hear every sunday drilling from different apartments around me. I want to sleep long and quiet. And I don't want to sit with my guests eating dinner and hearing drilling the same wall we are sitting at. I spent one christmas in a place without those rules and we ate christmas dinner with noise from above from making new tile (braaking the old one first)floor. It was just frustrating.

Only white house in a row? It was ment to be yours!

lisa h.

Happy Easter! Have fun with your new crowbar ;)

judith b

Benita, you will never cease to amaze. The way you handled this whole "real estate" project from sale to purchase and "architecting" is sooo impressive. Bravo! And all the best for making your new nest a lovely, happy place for your family, as we know you will!

Happy Easter and happy crow bar (ouch)!


I have an account but haven't started using it yet. Will be checking it out in more detail soon I hope!

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