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April 27, 2011


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Kim B.

haha!! I love it!

I was stunned yesterday how each photo of the demolition was picture-perfect -- in terms of your having cleaned up every little thing at every step of the way! Wow. What fun this is for us all to watch!



Flying Blind

Extravagant!! ... and why not!


Ha! Chilled champagne and hand cream, what more does a girl need? :)


can't wait to see your new kitchen all nicely done up in benita larsson style ^^


BUT: The paper towels would never survive in my fridge... it is way too wet in there, which is not the best kind of advertisement for my fridge, I am afraid... Great Idea, as long as there are no kitchen cabinets, this is so you to think of! :-))

Eunice from PEi

I completely agree :)


Niiiice! Who would think of that but a Miracle Girl?


I thought that too... Let that be a lesson to me. :)


Are you going to keep the fridge? You could use it in the basement as an extra?


Seriously, what more do you need...champagne and cookies seems perfect to me!


I choked on my morning tea laughing. Tea is a good way to start the day. Laughing til I cry is even better. I've stored some things in my fridge out of forgetfulness,(hullo, TV remote) but never so intentionally or tidily. You are the best. and your demoig and renoing is inspiring. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life with all of us.


I wasn't going to but now you've got me thinking that maybe I should! I'll have to do some measuring downstairs, thanks!


Growing up, we had an extra icebox in the garage. My mom kept extra sodas and beers out there in the summer. It was also a back-up pantry for things that do eventually get old, like cake mixes. Mom would find cake mix on sale and buy, like, 20 of them and store them out there.

That's a lot of champagne...you must really like it. ;)


Amazing... how do you keep everything so tidy? Is that also a magazine on the shelf?


That's the fridge manual :)

Jo Carlton

totally awesome!! A very creative solution. Just love the way your mind works.. Can't wait to see what you come up with for tomorrow. Have a great day!!

Anne in PDX

Now that is my kind of fridge. . . .

Vicki K

Ok - this is creative thinking INSIDE the box!!

Lisa Flaherty

So clever! And I am going to put some hand cream in mine right now! :)

christine e-e

you are so resourceful... your mind must run a mile-a-minute!


Ditto! I always have champagne in my fridge and my favorite hand cream/lotion is Jergen's Original Scent (Cherry Almond). My dear departed mother always kept a bottle of Jergen's in the kitchen for use after washing dishes. Even though we had a dishwasher, with 6 kids and a husband my poor mother did a lot of dishes and needed a good moisturizer!


LOL. Those Ravioli must taste much better pre-chilled ;)


Just bear in mind if you'd actually use it. Having an extra fridge in your house that you don't use can be a big energy sucker...Here in Canada they call the garage beer fridge the most expensive beer storage there is...Usually it'a a big old fridge with a six pack in it chugging away at your electricity bill


This made me laugh! A very creative solution.

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