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April 13, 2011


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OK.. it's official.
I have suspected it for some time but now I can confirm that you are in fact barking.. ! ;o)
Jo xx
in the nicest possible way of course ;o)


Ok I've never heard of them before or maybe I did in a long forgotten post of yours( I can't tell for sure!) but you got me all interested and I run on their website through your link to find out their story. Btw, you were hilarious once more I was laughing at the laptop screen all by myself and enjoying it!


Hahaha, you crack me up. :-)
Congratulations on making your dream stuff materialise! And let me know if it also works on the ideal laptop bag. I'm still dreaming about that one.



I've been thinking of byuing those too and... I think I've seen them atleast 6 months ago in shops for the first time.

From the homecounty of Fiskars


The home-selling has taken it's toll! You are obviously forgiven, as we will read anything you post, honestly!! You are right though, even scissors need to be aesthetically pleasing - are you sure you only bought one pair?


I am a Fiskars fan too. They make the best gardening tools. Love those scissors in white. xx


Ha ha ha, certifiable, no doubt! Glad I'm in good company with my, ahem, visual hangups.


you're so funny, I need new scissors bad, I think I hacked at some wire and mine are shot


Oh, the Fiskars ROCK! I have my favorite pair in PINK and in red with Moomin Mamma! Hooray - I can totally see why you are in love :)

Happy Wednesday!



Gosh, I really need to stock up, don't I?


Maybe you should make a pilgrimage trip to Fiskars village? It is gorgeously beautiful, like travelling back in time a hundred years. There you can get scissors with Moomin images on them, too... :D

Alex from Germany

Thanks for that funny story :-))
btw: I love your blog !

elin har ordet

Haha! I love the feeling you get when you finally get what you´ve been searching for in your hand. And the search for someting new can begin. ;)

MacLeod House

Your white obsession, has become *my* white obsession. Suddenly I'm looking for everything in white. I need to replace my desk accessories (currently purple) - so if you find any white scissors (check), staplers, gel wrist rests, hole punches, calculators etc - do post a link! :) going to trawl amazon.co.uk now, to try and find some...


So I'm not the only one going crazy for such kind of things!
(what a relief!;-)


Wow! To me scissors were always just scissors, but after this post I remember my mom ALWAYS had a pair of these orange-handled Fiskars. And you know what? She still has the same original pair! Gets them sharpened once in a while, but it's all she's ever used. Gotta get me some of those white ones now ;-)


Fiskars are the best. I completely understand.


Fiskars are awesome. My mom always hid her good ones, leaving out a decoy pair for my dad and me.

So, if they come in white now do they also come in red? I need to clean out my desk (it's been ten years...seriously), and will reward myself with some new office supplies.

Off to do a web search!

P.S. You're not crazy, Benita. Or, if you are then a whole bunch of us are!


oooh cool!

hopefully there will be some for left hands too? :)


"In the end I honestly thought I'd dreamed up the idea of the white Fiskars!"

I seriously thought you are going to spray paint it white!!!!!


Hi Astrid

If you go to their website...under scissors...functional...there are some for left-handed users....but not sure if there is white color though. :)



Why everything looks better in white?


Truly it is the small things in life that make us happy!


You are so funny.

I have a tiny pair of Fiskars that are indeed awesome. I've had them forever.

Vicki K

Once I saw Martha dip some hand tool (scissors?) in some plasticized stuff to give them a "grip" - maybe they have the dip in white so the orange ones can feel part of the club.


I too love Fiskars! Found out about them when my oldest started Kindergarten! My son's teacher loved Fiskars too! I'd love to find them in WHITE instead of the orange! I'm on the hunt now thanks to you!

Have you seen to new brand 'Preserve' toothbrushes made out of recycled yogurt cup plastic?

Here is the link to the company! http://www.preserveproducts.com/products/personalcare/toothbrush-mail-back-pack.html

I'm not connected to the company in any way...I just LOVE this product!

These toothbrushes are AWESOME! I have white handled toothbrush and my husband a green and my daughter pink! They are great toothbrushes!

~ Ali




There are just some things that look cuter in white. I ran into lipbalm today that had me making the same "Aha" sound I imagine you making when you found your scissors.



Hej Benita,
de var väldans snygga i vitt (men de "ska" liksom vara orange, he he)

Jag tycker du har gjort så fina inramningar av dina florabilder, jag har lånat en bild från din blogg (och länkar hit till den från min så klart), jag såg att du tyckte det var OK :-)
Ha det så gott!


Isn't it great when you find something that you were looking for, for a long time, quite unexpectedly? It usually makes my day. The white scissors are very handsome, so I understand your excitement.


Benita, I thought you gave up you painted the orange ones to white:)


Hi, it's been a while... and what is the first thing that meets my eye Chez Larsson?! A white objekt! Surprise! :)
But Benita, the cool thing about Fiskars, besides the quality, is the orange colour. I think it's called; trademark... Ever heard of it? :)


Hooray for white! I'm sure your new scissors will cut a lot better than the old orange ones. ;)

Lori in OR

I love Fiskars! I have an orange pair right beside me. :-)

I have to share a funny story with you. I had the most vivid dream the other night that my 12-year-old daughter and I went to Sweden to see your new house! We ran into you in the driveway (moving boxes in) and you invited us in and showed us around. (Thanks, btw!) When my daughter woke up, I told her all about the dream. She said, "Cool! Did we watch Friends?" (Obviously I've mentioned a thing or two about you...)


Haha! And no, unfortunately we couldn't because I hadn't unpacked the DVD player yet.


Ooooh I like!!! + I love the combination of orange and white sissors! I only have one i brown.. so I think I`ll have to check with local stores if they have one in white! Oh and yes, they should sponsor you! Maybe you could have a giveaway also? Hope the Fiskars people read this!!!!


Oh, too funny! My mother did the same thing. Heaven help you if you were caught cutting paper with her good sewing Fiskars!


I've never seen them here in Sweden but they look great!

Heating Allentown PA

Hahaha! I love the story of it, so cute! Thanks for sharing it makes me laugh.

Mango Furniture

Fiskars scissors, much like the Vax vacuum cleaner, should always be orange. They were orange when I was a kid and any other colour is just heresy!

(they do look cool in white though :p )


Oh, how I agree! I've always thought scissors were so behind the times. I hope I can find a few pair of white Fiskars for my house!


I remember these scissors in New Zealand where I grew up and they are certainly worthy of a blog post.

It's hard just finding the original Orange Fiskars here in Australia! But white you say? Now, I must find them in both colors.

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