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April 26, 2011


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machen und tun

wow, you did a great job in your kitchen already!! do you have sore muscles?? hope not! anyways, this will be a wonderful room once you´re done, can´t wait to see it!!
take care,


You've done a lot of work! It looks better already.


Wow Benita! That is a LOT of work being done in just a couple of days! You should be proud of yourself! Most women leave work like that for a strong man to handle, but you, no you do it all on your own. Chipping away tiles is a nightmare! I can’t wait to see the after shots! BTW, call a muscle therapist!!!

Petra from NL

Great work you two! I can't believe how much it has opened up the space... the first shot didn't look that bad but seeing it now with the wall gone definitely makes it so much better. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures in between all the hard work.


No wonder you were worn out yesterday and I guess your son was so tired too! Great post, I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see how it becomes one of the best Ikea made kitchens ever =)!


Well done to you and your helper! I'm very impressed with your 'destructo' ways! xx

christine e-e

new kitchen is emerging! looking great --- I hope a nice long bath took care of the sore muscles...
I don't know much about wall construction --- I'm sure you know more than me... but will you have to replace any wall supports to hold up the wood across the top of the wall that is left? the long board (floor to ceiling) seen in pictures 4 & 5 is gone!! I can't remember what your new kitchen arrangement looks like, so don't know if something will be taking the place of that missing board... just want your new place to be safe.


Well done! You are a the terminator! I was so proud of my two pillow cases that I made Thursday afternoon... doesn't seem so much to beam about now.


It's not a load bearing wall so it's ok :).


Hi! That sure was a big job you have accomplished over the Easter long weekend. Well done. I almost feel the itch to start something like this myself... :-) Looking forward to see the new kitchen.
Cheers Anette


Nice job, destruct then reconstruct. It's looking better already


Wow! You got so much accomplished. I hardly did anything from my to do list. The weather here was so fantastic that I pretty much spent my entire weekend in the garden. Will have to add all the work I did there to my do list so that I can put a line through it. :)
Looking forward to seeing you finished kitchen.


Final documents signed - so it's officially yours.

You two have done alot of work. Great progress!
It's going to look so much better opened up like that.


Fröken Prickig

You are a superwoman Benita! And a role model! Great work you've done and Wille seems to be a nice boy, helping his mother out:)


WOW- powerwoman and son rocking the new house! With the first pics I had a hard time to imagine how a new kitchen would look like but now I can really see a beautyfull, neat all-white "oh-so-Benita" kitchen in there. Can't wait to see what will happen further with the house. All the best from Zurich, N


Wow, removing that cupboard makes such a difference, really opening up the kitchen! cant wait to see the next chapter!

Did you inherit a refrigerator with the house?


I did, but I'm only keeping it until I get my Smeg :).


You must be so chuffed with yourselves that you got so much done already! The open look looks much better and already the kitchen seems so much bigger. Looking forward to it's progress.


You are doing such a great job!
I am amazed how much you are getting done in just 2 days!


Wow, I'm impressed!

lisa h.

Incredible work, you two! Your new kitchen is going to be a zillion times better than the old one.

I'm always so impressed by your work ethic, Benita. You just roll up your sleeves and make things happen!


Miracle Girl Strikes Again! So excited to follow along with all that you're doing. Only wish I could help... I loves me some demolition!

MacLeod House

I have distinct memories of my mom remodeling our kitchen when I was about 5. Myself and my 10yr old brother were handed chisels and hammers and had to 'help' to remove the ugly avocado colour tiles (it was the 70's!). I can actually remember thinking to myself, "I don't think I'm ever going to do this job again" because it was SO hard! So hats off to you and Wille for getting so much hard work done!!


Wow! That is impressive! Even though you said you'd be demoing it, I somehow thought you'd end up leaving some the work for the contractors. Congrats on all your hard work!!

Mango Furniture

Kitchen is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing how it turns out (and what you do with that 1950s cabinet). Bet you were happy when the last of those tiles came off the wall.

Sandy Shirley

What did you do with all the construction materials to be trashed? Here in Alabama, we rent a large dumpster that gets hauled off when full.


Well done! I bet it feels great to have this much accomplished already. Did the Easter Bunny find your new place?


BRAVI TUTTI!! What a great job the two of you did.. thank goodness you have a strong back! The fact that you can do this type of work yourself means a much faster completion date, and money in the bank. Well done, you!!


Where do you get the energy, not only the physical strenght to do all this? I'm amazed by the work you do. In Brazil, we use contractors for everything like this. Is this kind of service too expensive where you live?


Great job! Love the light! The kitchen feels already better! X


Heja! Mastodontjobb.


Am I the only one who kind of likes the stove? It looks like something WALL-E and Eve would have in their kitchen. And I've always wanted to fly at an appliance with high-heat black spray paint. But the phantom squeakiness would no doubt stay my hand!

Looks great so far - can't wait to see the cabinets ...

Lisa Flaherty

Good Lord! No wonder you were so tired! How awesomely liberating for you, though! So fun to watch you and Wille make this house your home. Now I am looking around here wondering what walls I can bust down! ;)

Melissa @ HOUSEography

Demo is so much fun. Dirty. But fun. Can't wait to see the results!!


et bien quelle aventure !! :) but I'm realler eager to see what you and Willie will make out of this house. I'm pretty confident, i will love it !
Courage !!

christine e-e

just the news I wanted to hear!
you are a woman-of-all-trades... will be watching the next weeks as the place begins to reveal it's personality...
{{hugs to you & Willie}}



That is so awesome and I am so excited for you to get your new kitchen! I can't wait to see what choices you made. I know they will be beautiful and classic. I am so proud to see all that you and Wille accomplished in such a short amount of time. You guys are the Dream Team!


wow! that was a huge transformation. i'm happy just watching. it must be so satisfying, well done! it really is taking me back to my renovation childhood, probably the age of the house too. i hope you have time to recover before the next bit. x


Fantastic job, Benita and Willie! It's easy to beg off taking photos as you go along (too tired!), but you'll be so glad you took them later on.

You're gonna LOVE your new kitchen after it's complete. :)


Benita, my admiration for you has grown to new highs! There is nothing you can't do. And koodos to Wille for helping. Have some well deserved rest.


It is expensive but the reason why I did it is lack of time. The contractors can't start until noon tomorrow and need to finish A LOT on two or so weeks so I wanted to give them a head start.


He decided he wanted to visit the old house one more time after all :).


Normally that's what we do to but this street is so narrow there's no room for one. I've asked my contractors to remove everything by truck.


Wow the demo process looks great and now you have a fresh start for your new kitchen!


Men Benita och Wille, vad ni har jobbat!!! Stor klapp på axeln!!!

karen the californian

My husband, a strong man, leaves work like that for a contractor to handle!

Benita, you rock!! And I see you got your FRIDGE!!! :-)

karen the californian

Oh... I thought that was your Smeg! *sheepish grin*

Tina Slocum

You and Willie amaze me!
You did so much work and the kitchen looks so much bigger and brighter now.
It's so great to follow you in this adventure and learn how capable we can all be too, if we think like you.


WOW you two got so much accomplished!! Can't wait to see this room transform. :)


Good grief! That looks like a lot of work. I'm sure your new kitchen will be beautiful.


wow! girl when you start something, you really GO FOR IT! great work!


I have to say that I kind of like the design and color of the wallpaper. But maybe that's because i live in a 1956 house!


Yout both are so hard working guys! Respect.

Monique Aislabie

Wow! I knew you were in for a hard Easter weekend, but...wow! The amount you achieved is inspiring. You probably won't be very happy with this comment right now, what with being exhausted from pulling a *whole* kitchen to pieces - along with a *wall*! - but I love that the new house will give all us nosy parkers an opportunity to watch you tackle each task as you put your nest together in a way that makes you happy. Your determination and sense of purpose are such motivators and it's marvellous to be blessed to share in your projects vicariously. Especially the before and after pictures - I do so love before/after piccys!

Thank you.

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