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April 29, 2011


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Vicki K

No wonder you were exhausted last weekend!! That is a lot accomplished. Are you actually living there now? How different is your commute to work from the new house? What constitutes a cute vacuum? You are amazing, Benita!

Lisa Johnson

Your industriousness inspires me! I can't wait to start seeing the results of your labors!


I'm not living there yet. There's no kitche or bathroom at the moment :). We're moving our stuff May 12th. Yay!

This is a cute vacuum cleaner: http://bit.ly/llCxfv :)


It's only four more stops on the same subway line so it's only a 6 minute longer ride :).


I think I actually, seriously, am going to print out this list of what you got done over a long weekend and compare it to what I've gotten done here since we moved in in August. We'll see if it serves as inspiration or makes me hang my head in shame :)


I'm with Judith, we seem very slack! But I am going to blame the children - they get the blame for everything else!

Very impressed! Nothing getting done here today either, we have a wedding to watch!


Wow, you and Wille are a great team! Hope you have another great weekend (and a nice soak in a hot bath!) Are you feeling tired yet, or is all the excitment at what you're achieving giving you more energy? I have my study to clear out and organise next week: will keep checking this list for inspiration x


This is so exiting, a lot has allready happend....
Have a good weekend!


I'm a little tired physically but mentally I'm so ready to go! The excitement is definitely giving me energy :)


Very cute!


B R A V O !!! you are really brave but I'm sure even with so much work, it's a pleasure to work on its own house ! I'll support you as much as I can from Geneva :)
Ciao !


You are amazing.
I don't know how you do it all and still have time to play with Kenzo the puppy!

Elizabeth de Sousa Pinto

Oh you spray paint, can you tell me what system you're using? I don't know anybody who spraypaints and I'm just unsure if I should give it a try? Can you recommend it?
I am so impressed with the workload you tackled last weekend and am looking forward to next weekend...


Well, you certainly won´t have to work out for a while..! :-D


I haven't tried it yet... first attempt this weekend :) I bought this paint sprayer http://www.tooled-up.com/Product.asp?PID=152634 but I have to say it takes forever to tape everything off so I'm not sure if I'm saving time in the end. I look forwatd to trying though!

Fröken Prickig

Have a nice weekend too and lots of energy!


When do you get any rest? ;-) Have a good weekend!




Good grief. You did all of that in one weekend?!


It was a long weekend so I had four and a half days :)


Awesome! I'm so impressed that you've already accomplished so much! If we ever sell our house, you've inspired me to hit the ground running on the new one!


Hi Benita,
we are remodeling the kitchen of our tiny condo ...my hands are covered with Hello Kitty band-aids. My 22 month old granddaughter loves them! You are right, demolition is kind of fun!


Do you have more hours in the day than everyone else, or do you never go to bed? I don't know how you manage to get so much done, I would like half your energy! Good luck with the rest of it - can't wait to see how it all turns out.
all best Karina


I need your energy and enthusiasm to finish what we have started in our yard. I love reading your blog.


You just inspired me. We are having the first decent weather weekend in months here and there is a ton of stuff to do in the garden. I am now heading out with the thought, "If Benita couldl do all that, I can do this." Thanks for the inspiration! And have a productive and fun weekend.

Vicki K

It IS cute!! Looks a bit like a Smart Car ;)


I'm impressed!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Holyoke Home

Glad I read the detail about it being a long weekend. I was about to feel inferior :)


Haha, I have 24 like everyone else but I tend to skip breaks and just go from a to z until I'm done :)


A smart car in a Burberry coat. Did you notice the checks? :)



Jo Carlton

Amazing!!! You are just a regular little energizer bunny.. you just keep going and going and going. You do bottle that and sell it right,?? please!!
Can't wait to see the results. I know it will be impressive.
in texas


I, too, am impressed with all you accomplished last weekend. Such a great job, Benita. :)


Hi Benita,

Just wondered if you considered painting those wooden floor boards white instead of covering them up? I just wondered because if it was my kitchen I'd be considering that...:-)


I didn't. I'd like to try and match the floor in the living room as much as possible as I don't like a pathwork of finishes. Also the gaps between the floor boards are huge and I've lived with a similar floor for a long time and don't like the way stuff gets caught in there, especially in a kitchen :).


I know what you mean about gaps in floor boards! Benita, I've been clicking through your blog for over a year now + I rarely have time to comment on anyone's blog. But yours is such an inspiration! I remember being in a house with a similar floorplan + it was such an adventure as a child. I can't wait to see the results of your new adventure. Goodluck :)


Wow, you have done soooo much alreday!!!
I can't wait to see more pictures!!



Since I can't comment on your answer to my comment on yesterdays post, I'll say it here instead: I noticed the AdLibris link right after writing my comment. I read the post in my phone so some things aren't as easy as in a regular browser. But I bought the book for my mum and she loved it.


That's a lot of work! How did you manage to do all this without any professional help? Inspiring! :-)

christine e-e

the description "scratched up salami" made me laugh out loud!!! and gosh with all the calories you are burning, I think you can't ever eat enough cookies. Now, a taste of champagne is another story! You must work that into your plan in the near future....
loving all your updates...

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