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April 28, 2011


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I'd love to read it, and it will be a perfect birthday present for my mom. If you can buy it already?


Sounds brilliant, and the fact they thought to send it to you is even funnier!


Looks cool! And those guys loke humorous. I could practise my Swedish with that.




A few weeks ago we saw their show, which the book is based on, and it was excellent. They're so good at putting their finger right on the mark, and so much of it was so funny and/or familiar that everybody was laughing their heads off. I highly recommend it!


Oh how I wish it was available in english! I love a little giggle - especially at the expense of the design craze we're all enjoying.

MacLeod House

I love the idea of that book - and yes - pity there is no English version :( but I'm sure if it really becomes popular - perhaps they will release an English version?


Even their dog is white! I am sure it would be very inspirational!


You can, there's a link to Adlibris webstore in the post :).


I'd love to go see it after having read the book!

Eunice from PEi

Sounds like an interesting book !

One question - how are Mini & Bonus coping with your upcoming move?

I also remembered today is their special day ... so
Happy Birthday Mini and Bonus :)


Awww, I can't believe you remember their birthday! :)

They are a bit curious about all the boxes and probably the fact that some things aren't in their usual places but so far they just seem to think its fun and exciting to climb into boxes etc.


Oh, do! I think they've even extended it into next year because so many people are interested in seeing it. But oh man - I wouldn't tell them you'll be in the audience because they might just pick on you ;)


Sounds like a great source for inspiration...will have to look for this...


Oh good thing I’m Scandinavian then and can read it, all though Swedish can be a bit confusing sometimes- but maybe they have it in Norwegian as well??! It sounds like a funny book. I love the idea of items you can turn into a minibar!! Only lack of creativity can stop you from making the coolest minibar. It definitely got me thinking!!!

You lucky woman! People send you all sorts of things don’t they?! BTW Happy birthday Mini and Bonus!!


So I guess that aesthetic isn't unique to you in Sweden. :) That must be fun to see a whole book full of light and airy spaces!


It was easy to remember their birthday today ... because it's my birthday too :)


Oh my god! That is so frekin funny. I wish it was in English. I think the cover is perfect.


Happy Birthday! :)

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