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April 22, 2011


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Hi Benita!
I wish you a very happy and super productive weekend! I think your positive upbeat nature is amazing! One question on my mind is whether or not you are the least bit sad about leaving the old house, Martin moving out, the end of the "old life" - or whether you are just excited about the new start? You must have your sad moments too - are they just not "blog-able"? What do you do when you get down? What advice to you have for others who face life that is not exactly going as planned?
Greetings from Germany!


Have fun this weekend with those crowbars! I'm living vicariously through your new house adventures!

Kim B.

Happy Easter! Have a great weekend.


I know you'll be SO busy packing this long weekend, but remember to take some time out to just sit and chill for a while and enjoy Easter Sunday with lots of chocs!

Wishing you, Wille, Mini and Bonus a very Happy Easter!


Glad Påsk
to you and Wille and Mini and Bonus!

MacLeod House

Have a super relaxing (hah - yeah right) weekend! Who can give up an opportunity to get stuff done around the house on the holidays right?


I'm not sad at all, just super excited and I have to say I don't have sad moments. Honestly! I guess I'm just someone who always look forward, never back. Life is what you make it and mine's fun :).


have a wonderful long weekend, i can just imagine how busy it will be. i have fond memories of crowbars and renovations.


Happy Happy Easter, and Happy Happy House Renovation :) I know you're going to have a lot of fun this weekend!


Happy Easter to you, Wille, Mini and Bonus too. Sending you lots of energy for all the projects that you have planned for this week.
P.S. I was thinking about your wonderful egg shell creations from last year, the little race car driver chick and the sailor chick and all the others and it put an Easter smile on my face. Thank you.


Enjoy ripping the flooring out of the new place; have a wonderful Easter and (not that I am religious or anything, but it seems like the perfect time of year) start setting up that new life you and Willie (and the fluff-balls) all deserve! Love & chocolate...


Happy Easter and good luck with everything. I think we are all nearly as excited as you are!


Buona Pasqua !!


Lisa Johnson

Many blessings on this Easter weekend to you, Wille, the kitties, and the new house! I'm so excited about your posts over the next few weeks and months as you make it yours.

I'll be thinking of you on this stormy day in Oklahoma. I'm busy also getting ready to host tons of teenagers tonight for my daughter's 16th birthday party. Enjoy your day!


Have a fun demo weekend! Hope the Easter Bunny finds you!

Angelica Carballo

I love your post!! =) so cute


Happy Easter! Loved your fake list! Hope you gets lots done this weekend on your new house! :) So excited for you and your family!

~ Ali


If I had just gotten the keys to a new house, I wouldn't be blogging either. Have fun! :)

Vicki K

Happy Easter to you, Benita, and your family!! Your enthusiasm is contagious - I just hung three more items on the wall that suddenly hit me as "just right". Love to watch your Can Do attitude!

Lisa Flaherty

Easter, Spring, New Birth, New Beginnings...the perfect time for your move! Cheers!


Happy Easter for you and your sweet little family, Benita!
Feliz Páscoa, in portuguese. have a great weekend. I love moving, too.
Kisses from Brazil

Susan from B.C Canada

Happy Easter to you and yours.Hope you have a fun and productive weekend.I am looking forward to summer we are going to paint our living area I just have to find that perfect shade of white!As well planning a kitchen reno for next year.... :)We are starting to have spring weather so time to get out into the garden,clean and plant then sit back with a glass of wine.... Can't wait to read about your weekend. Please take time to enjoy some wine, chocolate and a good book!


I am so enjoying your blogs. Yours is the first one I go to everyday to see what wonderful thing you are doing next. I really enjoy your "moving saga". Seeing each change as they happen, and knowing how much pleasure you take in each change you make.
Happy Easter to you and yours from hot, dry Texas.


Ha, ha, that's exactly how tired I feel just reading your Easter-to-do-list... Hope you all will have time to get some Holiday rest to! :)

Robyn :)

Oh my gosh, that is too cute!!!

Happy Easter :)


and what does the bunny say?


The bunny is just so sweet! I wish you all the best and enjoy this looong weekend in the best possible way!


happy easter and have fun while moving! all the best to you and wille and the furry ones!


The bunny is just so cute! I wish you all the best.


Awww, your bunny looks so much like my youngest's stuffie named...Bunny. Bunny is the chosen one; he goes on all of our family vacations and he often gets tucked into bed too.

I can just imagine what your list looks like. What an exciting weekend. All of the planning and dreaming finally becomes reality. Have a great Easter weekend.


Happy Easter to you too! I wish you a most wonderful weekend and can't wait to hear all about it!


A very happy Easter to you too! Have fun!

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