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April 05, 2011


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Yippee! Congrats, Benita! And now you can really start some serious shopping for your new home :)

Happy spring greetings from Finland!



Fabulous news... ;o) Must be a load off your mind eh ?
Out of curiosity, were they one of the 4 original couples who came back for a second look ???
Jo xx

Swedish House

Hej Benita & Wille

Let the fun begin...
Wishing you health wealth & happiness in your new home


Wooooohooooo!!! Wow! Fantastic! Brilliant!

Need I say more?


Yes, I do.

And now lots of packing to do as well. Or is that nearly all done already?


Wow - 5 million, that sounds like so much money!! Congratulations.

I am so happy for you - and happy for the new folks; do they realise what a loved home they have purchased? Not only by you but by so many people around the world who haven't even been there in person!


Yay! Congratulations!


Congratulations! It's good to know that a nice family will be living in the place where you put so much heart and work making it a great place to live.
Wishing you all the best in your new place and lots of energy and stamina to tackle all your projects in the new house.


Congratulations, what a load off your shoulders. They will love it for sure!


So very pleased for you, Benita! Do you think the new owners ever read your blog? And that their new home is famous?!! x


Congratulations, Benita! All the best for you, Wille, Mini & Bonus! I'll be glad to follow your new house renos and how you 'redesign' your life from now on.
BTW, I know now is not the best time for it but I'd be delighted to hear how you're doing in the kitchen, I mean what you cook, your meals, how you plan your weekend menus or when you're having friends for dinner... Maybe sometime in future :-)?

Petra from NL

Wonderful news! They acquired a great house with lots of clever solutions! Watch out for Wille and Benita, bright future, here they come!



I'm so jealous... :))


Yippee! That's great news.


Yay! Congrats!


YAY!! You are rich!! Congrats and have fun shopping and ordering stuff for your new home.


Congratulations! Excellent news!


Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you work your magic with the new house.




So, is possible to buy not only the fridge but whole list :))


elisa rathje

amazing news. x

MacLeod House

That's fantastic news! Congratulations! How wonderful to get your asking price - now you must be getting very excited about moving into the new place? It must all be happening soon!


Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the new house. I need some inspiration for my own house in The Netherlands. I've been overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done for years. You make it all look so simple!


Well done! Never imagined you would have problems selling it. But still a wonderful news!


I don't know, but I know they did come twice :)


They do know I blog :)


Congrats! I love your house (via your blog) it is beautiful! I was positive it would sell quickly and easily! Way to go! :) That young family is going to love living there!

~ Ali


Great news!


Congrats!!! This was fast :-).

I have to state that to bua a house in Schweden is so expensive! In my big german city it would cost the half, it at all! Half of a mill. euro is much for houese of that size and if it is not in downtown.


Yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to see how all your plans for the new house turn out!


Wishing you sunny days ahead... Congratulations!


Congratulations! I have recently started following your blog and can't wait to see what miracles you perform on your new house. You are amazing!


Very cool! I'm glad that weight is off your shoulders and you can move on to this new chapter in your life. I can't wait to read all about it, thanks for sharing your adventures with us!


Congrats. I am so excited for you all and am looking forward to "moving vicariously" as you move on to this new phase of your life.


Congratulations!!! It is such a wonderful house and I am happy for the new owners...I hope they don't change anything!!!! 8-(
Moving on in the spring...how perfect for you! Very exciting!


That is really fast, at last to Dutch standards. At the moment the housing market is not that great over here. Congratulations to you and Wille (and Martin of cause as he gets his share)
Now you can look ahead and start decorating the new house.


Oh, Happy Day!! Many, MANY congratulations, Benita!

You're another step closer to peace, which is the real key to happiness. :)

Lisa Flaherty

Hooray! Hope you saved some of those fancy-schmancy chocolates to celebrate with--I'm sure Wille is ready for another go by now!! Haha! Congratulations to you all!:)


Congratulations on the sale! That was pretty fast but fair, you had a super nice and super cool house!!! Hmmmm, now I can wait for all the fun projects that will come along!!! YoooHooo!


And now for the official congratulations! I am happy that the most stressful part of the process is over for you and now you can celebrate with the purchase of your new smeg fridge among other things. Happy packing!!!


Great, great news indeed! Congratulations Benita! :)


I will be so excited to see what you do with your new house! We have our house listed and hope we see an offer soon too! Maybe you could send some selling vibes my way for good luck!


CONGRATULATIONS! Selling your place at a fair price can really take a load off.




... transmitting.... sending them now..... :) :) :) :) :)


Congratulations. Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing all your organised packing in future posts :)


Congratulations!! The people who bought your house are lucky. I'm a little bit jealous of them. :)


Congrats Benita, and all the best to you as you move forward, I admire your positiveness!
And I hope your news brings good luck to all the blog readers who have homes listed for sale! (our buyer is still waiting for their finance approval, nervous times, australian banks have learnt from th mistakes of others and are being veeeerrrryyy careful!)


congratulations! you deserve all the best!


i am so happy that it went so well. smooth sailing.
we would like video of you doing the happy dance.

Pistachio aka Meredith Ekstedt

All the best to you and your new life in your new home!!

Alex in DC

I am so happy you sold your house. I am even more excited about all the fun things you are going to do in the coming years that will inspire us all!

christine e-e

what fabulous news! now - we get to watch you remodel, paint, decorate & settle into your new place.... can't wait.
wondering... do you use semi-gloss paint? (i think i noticed a bit of shine - i always use semi-gloss because my daughter is visually impaired and the light reflects off the walls more - making it easier for her to see in various kinds of light) also, do you use water based paint?
i'm looking forward to painting some rooms in our condo this summer break... (if--- a big IF, i don't have surgery on my foot). would be pretty difficult to paint with an aircast on my foot. not a pretty picture, eh??!


I've had a lot of questions on paint so I wrote a post on it a while back; http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/10/about-paint.html

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Congratulations! Brilliant news! Full steam ahead for the new house!


Congratulations!!!! And you got the amount you wanted! Great and can't wait to see your new house transformation... :)


Wonderful news - congratulations!


Congratulations! You so deserve this fresh start in a bigger house and fine budget to make it a home! I wish you all the best!


Congratulations! The family moving in is a very lucky family!

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