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May 11, 2011


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Good luck with the big move!

lisa h.

Good luck with the rest of the big move!
Can't wait to see the new place take shape :)


Oh it only seems such a short while since you put your home up for sale!
I hope everything goes smoothly, and that you, Willie and the fluff-balls all get moved and settled as easily as possible.

We will all be saying a fond farewell to the old house too - what a fantastic record you have created of your 3 last years there, and ery much looking forward to the next chapter.

You have gone through this whole difficult, emotional and physical roller-coaster with such strength and dignity - you are an inspiration!

Take care and see you soon x


Wishing you a smooth move and good weather! Best of luck.

Petra from NL

Good luck with everything! All your followers look forward to the new posts from the new house. As others said, big inspiration! Good luck!


SO exciting!! Hope it all goes smoothly!

CONGRATS on turning 3! We'll celebrate once you've moved.Have enjoyed each and every post and look forward to reading them for the next 3 years.


I wish a smooth move and am looking very, very much forward to see and read more about your new house taking shape !


Good luck with the move and congratulations on your three year blog anniversary!


I was just wondering the other day how you've had the energy to keep blogging in the midst of all the commotion. Looking forward to your next post from the new digs :)

And Happy (almost) Birthday to Chez Larsson!


Hope the move goes smoothly. Congratulations on the three years of blogging - have a glass of wine to celebrate and another one to celebrate the move.
Looking forward to the new posts from the new house in the new blogging year.


Yay! Let's get this show on the road!


I second everything that's been said above! Congrats and good luck with the move. See you in the new house posts ;-)!


Good luck with the move Benita. And do take a rest so now and then and enjoy the sunshine. xox Yvonne


Good luck while moving!


Hope the move goes really well.

Happy blogaversary too!

See you soon from the new house.



Good luck, hope it all goes according to plan.


good luck! I hope everything goes smooth! :)

Petit Filoux

Good luck with the move, look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Good luck, Benita.
It's so exiting to follow your project with the new house :-)


Good luck with it all. I'm relieved your blog break is only for a few days, this is too exciting!

elisa rathje

best of luck! happy moving x

MacLeod House

Good luck with the move! Thinking of you !!


And me to the good luck wishes! Wille - keep an eye on the furry ones! Don't forget to tally those boxes *hee*

See you next week!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Hope it all goes well - exciting!


Good luck to you, Wille and the kitties! Will be dreadfully missing my daily dose of Chez Larsson ...


Hope it goes well and we all look forward to seeing you in the new home.


My first response was "OH NO!!" but of course this is sensible, how in the world you do it all is beyond me! Good luck with the move, I am cheering you on from the Big Apple!


Have fun!

Lisa Flaherty

Happy Anniversary! What a wonder that your fresh move coincides with a new year for your blog! Cheers!


Best of luck with the move!


Good luck with the move, Benita! Looking forward to seeing more posts once you've moved in. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us -- your posts have been a highlight of my day recently.


Good luck, Benita and Wille! I will be holding my breath for the next update :D Happy Blogiversary, too.


Good luck with it all Benita!
Looking forward to hearing from you again.


Good Luck with the move. Cant wait to see the new place!


All the best with the move - I thoroughly enjoy watching your transformations.


Wow, I started reading your blog when it was less than 1 year old! I can't believe it's been so long! Good luck with the move.


Lycka till!


Lycka till så himla mycket! I really really enjoy reading your blog posts and I think you have super good taste!! Thanks ever so much for sharing so much of your life with us!!

Sincerley, Johanna


we'll be visualizing peace and smooth pathways and transforming transitions and hot soup, a shower, and nice smooth clean sheets at the end of a long day, and living happily ever after. excited and proud!!!


Good luck with the move to you and your son!


Good for you for hitting the pause button on blogging while you get moved into your new house. But of course I'll be eager to hear more as soon as you're ready to start blogging again. :)


good luck with the move, i'm anxious to see all your improvements


Hope the move goes smoothly. I'm sure with all of the organizing that you have been doing, it will. Can't wait to hear all of the details of the move. Aaah, now for the next chapter of your life to truly begin!

p.s. Can't wait to also hear how many boxes you ended up using. ; )


Good luck with the move and congrats on Chez Larsson's anniversary!
I think I have been here from the beginning! :D


I miss you!!! Good luck with the move and HURRY BACK!!


May your transition be smooth and well!!! A fresh start from a new dwelling will worth the wait! Good luck with everything:)


Benita, I've been following you FOREVER, but this is the first time I have left a comment. When you said you were taking a pause, it suddenly dawned on me that I am completely addicted to your blog!? :) A break? She's busy? NOOOO. This is completely selfish, of course, but it has been such fun sharing this adventure with you. I love having coffee in the morning and reading about your projects and your fun and busy life. I am sending you a BIG congratulations from the other side of the world. Take a well deserved rest when you are settled, and know that your fans are sending you love (impatiently!).


Congrats on 3 years of blogging. And good luck with the move. It's completely normal that you'd take a break when you've got so much going on. Look forward to seeing the new house and all your progress.

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This is very good to know that you are moving I am happy for you and I hope you will come back soon.
Thank you for sharing with us.


Happy Bday!


I've been a follower of your blog for a while now and I LOVE it- your energy and fearless approach to getting things done both inspires and impresses me. You are the very best example of a woman doing it for herself.
Congratulations on the three years of awesome blogging and Happy New Home!


congratulations! I hope you are having a great move. Your absence is just making me realize how addicted I am to your posts; I really aspire to your cleanliness, clarity and style and enjoy the inspiration. Best to you, Benita


Okay, serious withdrawal here. Even when you went to the Far East you weren't gone this long! lol Just a picture or two would help. Seriously, I hope all is going well. Happy Birthday to this wonderful blog.

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