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May 20, 2011


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Good luck with the chairs!


Oh Benita, your kitchen is going to be fantastic! Can´t wait to see the photos!


Oooohhhhh, kitchen! Looks great. Can't wait to see more!


Loving the tile! Can't wait to see the official photos. :)


How exciting! Good luck with everything. It will all come together very nicely. I am sure of that. And good luck with the armchairs!


Wiiie! Indeed. I cannot wait to see your newly renovated rooms.
I too love the subway tile in the kitchen.


Subway-tiles ! My dream :-))

Can't wait to see more updates from your new house, this is so exciting ( and inspiring as well ) !
Have a lovely weekend and some sleep / relaxation.


The words "Things I need for the house", followed by a photo of two men!! Interesting! ;-)

Seriously, things are moving along very quickly. The kitchen is looking fantastic already!
Is there anyway you could call the charity shop and ask them to hold the chairs for you?
Hope you have a lovely weekend in your new house!

ps - did the guys pose for this photo or was it a candid shot?


Haha :)

It's candid shot!

I'll try to call the charity shop as soon as it opens but they have a sign saying they onky hold items for an hour so I'm not sure if they will hold them until I get off work today.


Hey, the glimpse of your new kitchen is terrific and the two guys in the shot are nothing to sneeze at! They look like the Coke Light ad back in the nineties. Or was it Pepsi? Hmmm! Anyway I can't wait to see the rest of the house! So you didn't keep the back yard table?


I didn't, it's too big for the new place unfortunately.



Kan tänka mig att du vill vara hemma och mysa! Som läsare av din blogg är det spännande att följa vägen till det färdiga (!) huset. Snyggt sm bara den!

Ha en finfin helg!


all happening so quickly! your list is astonishingly short. i have one the same length after 6 months in my old cottage. good charity shop luck x


I am so looking forward seeing the completed kitchen...so enoying that the weekend will come between. Good luck with the chairs, if they are not there you will find something better!!


hehe they look kind of cute ;)


Du kunde ju sågat av benen och använt som altan... ;)
(to tired today to translate my witty, witty self)

Längta redan ut till Sorselevägen igen!


Hej Benita! It's just WOW every time I check your blogg. I thought you would do it by yourself....
We need to renovate kitchen,too. But Renovatis is bit too far, we live in Väesterås.


enjoy the weekend. Can't wait to see the kitchen when it's finished.


Keeping my fingers crossed for the armchairs still being in the shop when you get there. The glimpse of the white tile in the kitchen - I am liking it already. Have a great weekend shopping and tinkering about!


good luck with the chairs! I am just like you: liking the ideas to get the new stuff I need, but hating to have to leave the house to get it...


I would love all that shopping! :-)

"Living room furniture. "

Don't you have some almost new one from ikea already?

Have a nice weekend :-)


Haha :)


They are!


I did but then I came to my senses. We do need to eat this year and a shower once in a while will also be welcomed. By all.


We still have it but the sofa is upstairs in the den and Wille has the armchair in his room :)


Those guys are hot!


Agree w/Rebecca about the contractors' hotness. Here in Southern California, you'd NEVER EVER find contractors who are so clean, well-groomed, trim and covered up with clothing. Believe me - these guys look like movie stars compared to what we're used to. ;)


Same here in Spain :-( Duh!

Claudia Martins Dietrich

Oh, Benita, I'm really happy for your family and the new house. It feels sooo good to plan the decoration of a new home.


WOW! I can't believe how fast your kitchen was done. I always hear about people in the states waiting weeks and weeks...Can't wait to see!

Dee in Bc

Good luck with your arm chairs . Your house will soon be beautiful I'm sure - Have a super weekend - Dee


Tell me about the ikea bed in your living room. We desperately need a new mattress but are afraid to dive in.

Vicki K

Ohhhh! The kitchen is looking so great!!! So did you not bring the white coffee table (complete with kitty cubbies) with you? I always liked it. And I hope the chairs are there!

Lisa Flaherty

Ooo! I hope the chairs are there, and that they need something "done" to them! I have been looking for armchairs at charity shops for YEARS. Can't seem to find any that aren't GIANT and PUFFY, but am willing to take ugly if they have good lines...GOOD LUCK!!

blue china studio

Oh boy! Your kitchen must have turned out beautiful from what I can tell here.
Can't wait to see more.


The kichen looks fabulous! I hope the chairs will be waiting for you.Can't wait till next week and more pics.

christine e-e

looking forward to more pics... how exciting...


I'm with the others - those guys look amazing. Um, I mean your kitchen looks amazing. Ha ha.


* only


That's one of the things I like about my contractors. Always neat and tidy, both in appearance but also the way they've left the house at the end of every day. Everything neatly cleared away and all junk removed. Amazing! La-la-love them!


I got the same IKEA bed as last time (Sultan Salhus + Tafjord overlay mattress) but I needed a different size for my bedroom nook. Love it! The "old" one now serves as a temporary day bed in the living room.


I did, but it's in the upstairs den :)


Ha ha, indeed :)


I can't wait to see the pictures of your kitchen finished! =D


Your kitchen looks amazing,and those contractors do too! ;D


I'm crossing my fingers for you that those chairs are still available!

MD Interior Design

Your kitchen is looking super stylish already... even with plastic still on!
You must be so excited!


VERY nice subway tiles - just what I've been looking for. Where did you find them/what are they called? (I'm hoping to find them or similar ones in Norway).


They are called BISELADO but I don't know the brand I'm afraid. I got them at Höganäs here in Sweden and they can also be found here http://www.kakelspecialisten.se/sortiment/visa_bild.asp?ID=77.

Trisha Gurley

I think I need those two guys working in the kitchen. My half-Swedish husband would understand! :)

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