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May 27, 2011


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I like the chairs, they're very Jetsony. And I see your point about the paint... we need to do a bit of painting ourselves, actually. We moved in on monday and have been working all week so everything is still chaos.


Wow, those chairs are fantastic, no wonder you were worried they'd be gone - and the bureau is brilliant - the retro look is coming together but not in a twee way - you would never get such classics in charity shops here, they would be snaffled by antique dealers and quadrupled in price before you saw them.


Wow! I love these chairs, and they look hyper-comfortable. Great find !
Have a great weekend, and cheers


Love your new purchases! Cannot wait to see what you do to quick fix the chairs. I like the shelf/writing desk as is, but I'm quite certain you have some great plans for that too.


brilliant furniture, anticipating the transformations. if the mirror stretched reflections vertically i would be quite pleased with it myself! x


De fanns kvar! Hurra! Provsittning nästa. :)


Those chairs are awesome! Like a PP said, very Jetson-y!

Maybe you can move that mirror somewhere else where it's primary purpose is just to reflect light. What a bummer about the wonky reflections.


I LOVE the chairs! And the teak bookshelf in the back too! I`m actually looking for something similar as a sidetable or a storing unit from just that era. My plans are to paint it white. With the budjet I`m on it has to be a giveaway furniture! What did you pay for the bookshelf?


The bookshelf/writing desk cost 180 Swedish kronor (aproximately USD 25) which was a real bargin but the chairs were 1400 kronor each (USD 200 each) which wasn't a really a bargain but cheaper than if I were to get new armchairs elsewhere than at IKEA.


My goodness, those chairs were a steal at 200 each. and the desk? wow. just wow. This is so much fun watching your new place come together! So much work for you, but you sound like you are having fun, too! Have a great weekend, I can't wait to see what next week will bring!!


Those chairs are wonderful (minus the pink of course).

Hope you have a great weekend - productive and relaxing!


The Chairs are wonderful! So worth the money!! Have agreat weekend.


Benita concidering the chairs are Galaxy-chairs I think it'll pretty soon be considered a baragain since their sibling jetson is far more expensive and that might happen even to the galaxies.

And.. are you oing to paint the lovely desk white? I hope not but my guess is you will ;)


Hej! Välkommen till vår gata :-) De där stolarna såg jag i affären, de var redan sålda då, sååå läckra. Vilken fin blogg du har. En kompis tipsade om att hon sett "vårt" hus i en blogg. Kul att se hur ett likadant hus kan vara så ... olikt. Jag är djupt imponerad. Vi har fått ett paket adresserat till vår adress men med ditt namn, men jag vet inte på vilket nummer du bor på. Du kan komma och hämta det om du vill. Jag tror visst att din svarta katt redan hälsat på i trädgården. Hälsningar från Jenny i sjuan.


Dear Benita. It's so inspirering to follow your adventures and I have been wanting to leave you a thank you comment for like forever. So here it is - thank you for sharing all the things you do. I love it! And the chairs are amazing. What a beautiful shape!
Have a great and busy weekend - all the best from Kathrine in Copenhagen


Surprise, I'm not going to paint it! :)


Nej, men gud så kul! En till läsare på "vår gata". Sarah i nr.20 kikar också in här. Jag kommer förbi och hämtar paketet :) Vi får fika nån dag!

Eunice from PEi

Just remember to take some time for you this weekend ... and breathe :)
Have a great weekend.


Wow! These chairs are gorgeous! I can see them already with a cool 'Benita-style' fabric! ;-) Just wondering why Wille was surprised. He should know you better ;-)
A nice weekend to all of you!


I like the chairs. Looking forward to the cushions makeover.
On the topic of mid-century furniture, recently, there was an exhibit of mid-century Polish design in the National Museum of Warsaw. I just did couple of posts about it. If you have a minute and feel so inclined, please stop by to have a look. I know you have a busy weekend ahead, but enjoy the bath and the wine!

MacLeod House

No home office? *pout*


:) I want to try things differemtly in this house.


Great price! 1400 each wasn`t that expensive! After all you did get two super cool unique chairs!! Nobody can copy that! Hope they`re comfertable to sit in as well! I love IKEA, don`t get me wrong, but it is nice to have some unique furnitures that your neighbour won`t have as well!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Holyoke Home

Yes, fun mirrors are generally not good for the self esteem! Wish I could send you one of our extra mirrors. Somehow, when combining households, Mr. Man and I have a plethora of very large rectangular mirrors. What does this say about us? I probably don't want to know!


Love the new furniture! Good luck with all your weekend plans!


Hello Benita, I met your site last week and have spent days reading all the posts. Your previous home was wonderful and I love the changes in the new house. With your good taste will certainly be lovely. Continue your great ideas. Kisses from Portugal.


I must have missed something, but what did you do with all of the living room furniture from your other house? Is it all in the upstairs den?

Looks great! Glad to hear that Mini and Bonus are doing well. My parents just lost one of their cats last night. She was hit by a car. We are all still in shock - so keep a close watch on those kitties!


What a wonderful find- can't wait to see what you make out of them!


are you going to put wheels on that 2 chairs? ;)


Lovely chairs, Benita, and I am so glad for you that they were still available.

Smiles when you described the mirrors in the house... I think all mine are funfair mirrors that make me look short and wide!

Was there an Expedit in Wille's room at the old house? did you take it with you?


Tänk så fint det börjar bli! Som vanligt kul att följa dina inredningsäventyr. Lycka till med de (som det ser ut) bekväma fåtöljerna!

Claudia Martins

Loved, loved, loved the chairs, even in that odd pink fabric. What color will you use?

Tina Slocum

chair love!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

I love the comment about the mirror - I have been known to return "fat mirrors" and my husband thinks it's ridiculous. Now I have an awesome skinny mirror which I definitely need now for bathing suit season! The chairs are soooooo cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them which I'm sure will be awesome! Great progress in such a short period of time!!


Everything is looking warm and welcoming already......Have a great weekend and enjoy that wine. ( I love wine! :) ) So you think it is ok to have white walls and wood furniture?


Wow, the chairs are fantastic! Perfect for TV watching or reading. Curious to see what you will do with the cushions. I can see you and Willie sitting in them and watching TV Chandler and Joey style. These are way nicer than what they had though. :)


* differently




The sofa is in the den and the armchair is in Wille's room. He loves it there :)


I'm so, so sorry to hear about your parent's cat. Luckily the street is quite narrow here so one can't really drive fast and we try to keep the cats at the back of the house towards the park.


No, that would be too much action, swivel AND wheels. I'd get motion sickness :)


I did, it's the bookshelf I mentioned that I have in the living room. Will show you a bit later on!


I'm thinking something neutral but haven't quite decided yet.


I do but it depends on the furniture...


I love the chairs, I've never seen anything like that in charity shops in the UK! I love what you're doing with the house, and glad you're not painting the desk, I did think you might paint it white too lol


Love the chairs and the desk looks like it would make a cool mini-office!


Lucky you! The chirs are nice, and I'm glad that you could get them.

Hope you have fun thins weekend, and I am looking forwart to seeing more improvement in you house.

Ha en bra helg!

Heidi B

Holy moly those chairs are freaking awesome! I just tripped over this awesome tutorial on Curbly for some lamps - might be just what you need!



mini has perfect taste. now we know where you get it from.

Robyn :)

I LOVE the chairs!!! I want some like that now, too :)

Noga from Israel

Dear Benita, I saw this bookshelf in an antique shop in Israel for 3000 Israeli Shekels (about 750 USD) so you can allow yourself the chairs... Which, by the way, are fantastic! They will look great with green and white fabrics..what did you have in mind?

Noga from Israel

Great!Teak is a good looking wood!

Susan from B.C Canada

Thank-you for the quick reply.We are painting our living and dining room within the next 6 months and I want to go with white paint I like the peaceful and relaxed look.
However most of our furniture is wood and crafted by my husband so no way I am going to be allowed to paint it.So I have been torn I love your decorating style so I really respect your opinion.


Thank-you for the quick reply .I am planning to paint our living/dining room in the next few months. I want to go with white walls ..... :) White rooms seem so relaxed and peaceful .However much of our furniture is wood and hand crafted by my husband so I will not be allowed to paint the wood :P . I love your decorating style so really respect your opinions....


The chairs are breathtaking in a good way! Love love love.


Wow, that's so cool! I may just steal that idea :)




I've considered green and I considered white. Still unsure :)

Jennifer S.

You must have the best charity shops there in Sweden!


Those chairs are gorgeous and I have to admit (rather shamefully) that I kinda like the pink...!

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