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May 18, 2011


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Lisa Johnson

Brilliant! It is wonderful to have a classic Benita post- making something practical, beautiful, and ingenious. Love it!




Very quick, nice and practical :-)
I am curiouse. What do you store in the birdshouse? I do not expect it to be empty.



IKEA open on a Sunday? Were did you get the white baskets?

PS Happy birthday ChezLarsson!!! Sunday was it?


The Benita magic is starting to spread through the new place! We've missed 'you'!!


I was missing this type of posts :-) Thank you!


How sweet, looks great!


i've never used wallpaper, i love this idea, so simple. scanning the house for possibilities. x

Juliette R.

genius! Nice to have a little sprig of color in there!


Benita doing her magic... :)

Petra from NL

Voila, instant colour! Nice to see some of your golden oldies (both wallpaper AND tricks like this) back in the new place.


Great shelf AND you lived through Ikea on a Sunday?! You really are a Miracle Girl!!


Small changes can make such a difference!
It's looks great!


I love your simple yet stylish solutions! One of the many reasons I am a regular follower of your Blog :-)


Wow, looks fresh and lovely. What a nice green.
Couldn't agree more on IKEA on a rainy weekend, it's nuts and my husband refuses to go. The weekend before university starts is probably the worst though ;)


Benita stikes again- white, green, d.i.y. and amazing!



How everthing looks so neat by you :-)
Very nice and pleasant


Benita, great as usual. You are the best at thinking outside the box and using what you have. :)


I also love posts like this with quick easy ideas! So nice to see how quickly you're making the new place look like home.


It IS empty :)


I got them a few years ago at a local dept store "Åhléns".


In this instance I really deserve that title. After the first floor I was exhausted and by then I had only picked out a third of what I neeeded...


I went to Ikea on a Sunday....once.


Very cute. Nicely done!


Dear Benita, I'm writing on behalf of that adorable birdhouse. Please put up a pair of white brackets to support. The shelf when the air becomes cool, which could allow the wood to shrink, which could allow the shelf to slip, which could dump that adorable birdhouse to the floor. Better safe than sorry. &; )


I feel a little silly writing this, given that it is a bathroom, but these pics make me feel at peace just looking at them! I'm amazed that you can achieve this kind of simple calm in the middle of moving chaos. Fantastiskt.


Ja,ja! Ikea or any place like that is not a good option on a Saturday or Sunday, specially if it is raining!
Love your self and towel hooks!


A Benita look and make-over for sure!!! Love it~

Vicki K

I spent a month in Ikea one Saturday... That shelf looks so fresh and pretty - I love that you took the time to wallpaper it and make a bright happy spot amongst all your unpacking and settling in.


Just discovered your site. Nice projects.


This is super adorable. Just have to say that I admire your scrappy spirit: you want a quick fix, so you go for it, despite "wrong" wallpaper paste (or whatever). Too often at our house, we get bogged down in the 100% "right" way to do stuff... which just keeps the to-do list long.


Genius. And I second whoever said above these posts are the best. :-)
I would have been happy with the 'before' version, by the way! I thought it looked nice. ;-) But the green is perfect.


You manage to make toilet paper look nice. Seriously Benita, you're my hero.


Love it! A simple idea with your magic touch.


F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s, Benita! I'm so excited that you're sharing this new phase of your life with us. You're a DIY genious, you know that, right? When is your book coming out? ;)

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Love it when things come together like this! It looks great - you should be very proud of yourself! Just make sure you don't put anything heavy on it!!


Love it! Have you gotten any birds in the house yet? :)


Benita, your creativity never ceases to amaze me...


I second that. I know you've made sure it's really snug, and you're a very handy lady. But worrywart me thinks when you repetedly pick things off the shelf, it could shift a little forward or something, and the next time you're on the loo- BOOM, birdhouse in the head.

It looks to good to be risked...

christine e-e

love the splash of color!! cheery! simple! & clutter-free! can't wait for more posts.



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