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May 25, 2011


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Kim B.

Benita I so understand your worry for Mini and Bonus! We moved about a month and a half ago, and while our new apartment is SO much better for us, from our kitty Mr. Gogo's perspective, it's lost everything he liked: a window ledge he could sit out on, a mezzanine bed from which to watch everything or get away to rest, and a fun ladder up to that bed. He's definitely been stressed but seems to be better now. Glad that Mini and Bonus's transition seems to be going better and happy that you're able to start letting them out!


I always worry about my kitties in a move, too. I'm glad you have great neighbors and that the cats like the new place. I've loved seeing you new place take shape (as I did seeing your old), and that kitchen! I don't always comment, but yours is the first blog I read in the morning (or if I'm up too late like tonight!).


So glad the fluffies have settled in too x


they look very pleased. sounds like a good routine to help them adjust x


Moves are always nerve wracking where pets are concerned.
Fingers crossed that they're settled in OK now.
Jo xx


Very good choise to keep them inside! When I moved out of Milan, 21 years ago, the first bad thing that happend was to lose my siamese (we found her hours later at night).
They look very curious, GREAT!
Ciao, Antonella


Your yard looks so lush and inviting. I hope you kitties find great joy in exploring their new home.


I never had a cat, but I understand it takes animals some time to adjust to change of place where they live. They both look happy in the photos and the yard is looking good as well from the glimpses we got in some photos.


Yay for your cats! I am sure that they will be totally adjusted in no time. Your garden looks to fresh and green. Anxious to see more photos.


Mini and Bonus look so healthy and beautiful. Cats always need some time to adjust to a relocation.

It's great that you have neighbors who like cats. I couldn't like neighbors who hate animals.

What a pretty, sunny day!


Nicely managed. It looks like everyone is settling in just fine. They are so cute!


Ha ha, the cats are looking around like, "Where am I?" Those kitty harnesses are the best!


What a relief for all of us :-))) It made my evening to read this posting!
I always worry about my cats in a move, too.


Mysigt, som kalvar på grönbete, fast lite mer försiktigt :-)


Cute story, they are the luckiest cats around! Our cat was supposed to be indoors but he just kept begging to go outside so we let him out. Two years later he never ventures more than two yards away and comes when you call him immediately, like a dog!


animals are so sensitive. bonus hiding in the basement just about killed me. nice to see him absorbing some sun and scoping out the grass which looks just luscious enough for fretful kitties to eat. actually it looks good enough for me to eat.
xxx to all.


Hi, Benita. It's my first comment ever, although I am quietly following your great blog for maybe 2 years already :) I was waiting for this post about kitty move, because I was curious how Mini and Bonus will take it. Glad that so far they manage it quite smoothly! I have a female cat myself and we moved few months ago too, but I still feel that she is not completely ok with the move. I have observed that when playing, my feline sometimes got confused in space, or could not "measure" how sharp she should turn on the corner when running, etc. It is true that cat's are attached to places more that humans. It takes time to them to re-orientate again. Good luck for you four and I am so looking forward to your posts!


ahh, they are too cute. One of my cats is 17 years old and has moved 3 countries with me and 10 different houses. I give him time and he adapts very well. As long as we are there he is happy and will take up the same habits. At the beginning we put some butter on their paws, they lick them and supposedly they'll always return to the place where they clean butter off their paws.

Noga from Israel

these are good news! you have treated them very wisely and gently. I think that being together is very important for them to feel secure.
I love the grey stone in your yard with the grass in between! It has the time passing charm.. and you have placed two lovely white chairs in your garden.. you are ready to enjoy! I wish you a great joy inside and out!


Glad to see they're adapting and that they didn't try to run away.

I always worry when we take our 2 kitties away with us for the summer months more than 700kms from our house! I don't like to thing what would happen if they did try to find the way back home!!



*think (not thing)


I was wondering how they were behaving... glad to know they are getting fine!
I moved with my cat:


when he was about 6 years (now he is 14!) and it was kind of a schock for him.. He stayed 2/3 weeks under my bed. Then slowly he adapted to the new place and finally became happy again :-)


Cats... ya gotta love em! They are worse than children, but less demanding... um, I mean, MORE demanding. Glad to hear they are settling in.



So happy that Mini and Bonus are adapting well!

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