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May 24, 2011


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You've become a rotten tease in your old age ;o)
Jo xx

Maureen@Notes on a Visual Life

Haha, I agree with Jo about the tease business! You can TOTALLY show some "progress" pics ;-) We'd eat 'em up shower curtain or no. I must say that I sometimes enjoy seeing progress pic just as much as the finished and glorious product. It helps us domestic mortals see that things happen gradually for you too. But enjoy your new bathroom! Congrats on all the hard work thus far.


Brilliant! Enjoy!


I have haven't I? :)


Those tiles again - love them!


Oh my goodness, Benita! Just that photo makes me want to go home and have a long bath. I hope you are enjoying your new house, you deserve it! Thank you for your great blog.


Ha, ha you are too funny!


Nice! Love that white wine too :)


A well deserved treat: you must ache from head to toe!! All looking amazing, though, can't wait to see! x


Jag vill se meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. ;)

elisa rathje

bliss. to which you are clearly entitled! i love writing in the tub. i think a bathe should last at least a couple of hours.


Jag tror jag smäller av så fint både kök och denna glimt av badrummet ser ut!! Det är dock inte bara detta, det är någonting annat med din blogg, din text och dina bilder som ALLTID får igång mig. Så nu ska jag fixa lite här hemma, även om grunden inte är nyrenoverad precis...! TACK för inspirationen som alltid Benita!!



I feel like the chosen one.. having seen the whole picture ;)

This bathe moment look amazing, I wish I could enjoy them. I get to restless in the tub. Strange because I sure can relax in other environments...


Looks good so far!


You are the chosen one :)


You really deserved that relaxing bath.


After all this packing and moving and renovating, I am glad you got to relax. Hope you can do it more often when things slow down a bit.


I woke up Waaaaay too early. about 6 hours too early. at midnight. I took a long soak and read with candles. :) Then I looked at this post. My bath was still good but dang, even the edge of my tub doesn't look that nice. Lately you've been an inspiration, so thank you. I get by on little sleep but take it as a chance to act like a moss covered sloth. Reading your blog is inspiring with everything you get done while maintaining larger life priorities. Overly effusive praise maybe following a pic of the edge of the bath tub. But dang. You don't seem to let a minute go to waste whether it's achieving something OR enjoying it. Cheers.

Tina Slocum

you so deserve this!


If anybody deserves it...enjoy!


LOVE this photo!!! :-)


Perfect! I think you deserved this.


Ahh... so relaxing. What kind of puzzle were you working on?


Hahaha, you deserve it! =)


A bubble bath, a nice glass of wine, candles and a crossed-words puzzle to keep the eyes opened! ;))
Benita you deserve all this and more. Be happy!


Just a fairly simple crossword :)


Oh! It looks different from crossword puzzles here in the States.



christine e-e

nice to see some balance in your life! it's amazing that you've accomplished so much in such a short time.... time to spend time outside in the nice weather & taking care of those sore muscles.


Skönt med nytt och fräscht kök! Här går inte köksrenoveringen lika fort, men vi envisas ju med att göra det som är kvar själva...
Det där badrummet ser jag fram emot att se mer av!


Not bad at all :-))

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Sounds like a lovely evening! Bathroom looks great so far - I know you will keep it clean anyway, but it's sparkling! Looking forward to seeing the whole room! Congratulations!

Noga from Israel

well, you deserve it, dear Benita! and the wine is in the right color too..

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