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May 23, 2011


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You are perfect women, ı like read your page, look your picture,,, so so so very muchh


Wow! Your kitchen looks amazing. Lovely shiny white. That tray cabinet is super handy. I like the tile even more now that I see the whole kitchen.

I hope you get your internet connection fixed.


Mycket snyggt...och mycket vitt, men något annat var väl aldrig aktuellt!! ;) Blev lite förvånad häromdagen i inlägget då man kunde se hantverkarna jobba, då det(genom plasten) såg ut som om du skulle ha en rostfri front till din diskmaskin.... men antar nu att den kommer att vara vit?? Hursomhelst, grattis till ditt nya, fina kök!!


Anywho.... It looks fantastic!! I didn't even notice the missing dishwasher door the first round of staring at the pictures. LOVE the exhaust hood!


aaaaaarhghhh I want someone to show up and put ours together already. Doing it all yourself is a real pain in the rear. But at least now I can get a sense of how it will look like (at some point in the hopefully not so far future), thanks to You :) I love your exhaust hood, SO pretty!!


It looks fantastic! It is now officially my dream kitchen. :))


Vet du, jag önskar den kunde vara vit men 45 cm finns bara i rostfritt! Har dock planer på att antingen klä med självhäftande plast eller att spraymåla...


I'd say "MUCH MORE" better and nicer than your previous one!
BRAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go on this way!
Ciao, Antonella (Italy)
P.S.: What about Mini and Bonus?


It's beautiful.... so many things on my wish list are in your new kitchen.


Brilliant, absolutely perfectly you! It looks fab I hope you enjoy using it, and sitting back to admire it!


Kjempelekkert. Gratulerer med nytt og flott kjøkken.

Hilsen Sol


very beautiful, very much in keeping with your aesthetic. what a pleasure to cook in. how wonderful that you had such great people working for you! all those years of renovating, it was a rare thing to find someone excellent. the big contractors had usually snapped them up. internet issues are exhausting! out here in the countryside it drove us quite mad. a whole month for a telephone! get some rest! x


I have a post coming up on Wednesday about Mini and Bonus :)

Maureen@Notes on a Visual Life

STUNNING! I've been dying to see it. You'll get so much joy from this space. I can't wait to see you work your magic on the rest of the house! Well done. Get some rest and I hope the internet issues get resolved (I know exactly how obnoxious that can be....waited a month to get connected at my most recent place.).


LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 well done!


Ay, I feel a spark of jealousy! Your kitchen must be a pleasure to cook in and just be in! Get someone else to cook you some meals in there, so you have a bit more time to relax and just enjoy your new place.


Looks sooo you! Good job!!


So so lovely!
I love the hood and the tiles.


It's lovely, Benita, but do have at least a day off to relax, accept invitations to eat out! I'm so pleased that you have a house to suit you, after having to leave the other one. Best wishes, Mal


Beautiful, well planned and white! Just the way I like it :-). Congratulations! Must be a relief to have it done as it is so hard to live without a functioning kitchen. Enjoy.


=O Awesome result! I love it, a lot of light inside there. Congrats! =)


It's shiney !! ;o)
Love the bevelled subway tile backsplash.. what a great way to add texture without any colour.
Jo xx
p.s. welcome back.


So white and beautiful! Love it!

Fröken Prickig

Really nice:)


great! :-)

I would only choose smaller cooker hood ;-) (is not an obstacle during cooking?). And maybe kitchen with tip on system, without handles.

But tiles, stove and the hight of your upper cabinets - perfect!


Vad kan man säga?! Härligt kök med fantastiska hantverkare att tacka... Vi har samma historia. Jag är efter två år fortfarande lika tacksam över vilket lyft det blev med det nya. :) Hoppas att du och Wille verkligen kommer att kunna känna er hemma här! (Ja, och katterna så klart.)

Nini Tjäder

Beautiful! I am envious! Enjoy ;)


I love before and after pictures, and this is quite a transformation! It's beautiful, enjoy cooking in your new kitchen.


We had exactly the same IKEA kitchen when we renovated our previous flat, same doorhandles and metro wall tiles ;D It's so simple and clean lined and lovely. The dishwasher door not being on is a familiar story too! Well done it looks gorgeous.

For our current renovation (I can't wait to sell and not have to renovate anything for at least two years!) we are going more old style painted kitchen as the house is 1830s and suits that style. We will see how that goes!




I am officialy VERY VERY JEALOUS green in fact :(


Oh My Goodness that is awesome! What a difference and all nice and shiny and new. Nothing quite like a brand new kitchen is there?


Clean, white, tidy, beautiful.

We will get a new kitchen in July and I am looking forward to it a lot!


Wow - you don't mess around! Beautiful!

Hey, I guess those internet/phone companies are the same around the world....


A-MAZING! It turned out just Beautiful -- and fast!


Gorgeous! Some time in the future (get some rest now!!) I'd love a peek inside some of those drawers and cabinets.


GORGEOUS!! And, Benita, you're the only person in the entire universe who will be able to keep it looking that clean forever. ;)


Lots of cupboards and drawers! Can't wait to see what's inside!


Looks amazing! Can you post before and after pictures from the same angle, tho? I'd love to see that.
And don't worry about posting all the time. We'll be here... :-)


STUNNING!!! I am cheering you on from here! Love everything about it, and the current fridge looks pretty good too! I thought it was your new SMEG, can't wait to see it when it arrives. I have the same Ikea glass containers, so at least I have ONE thing in my kitchen that looks like yours! :-)


Oh wow! what a transformation! love the new kitchen!


What a gorgeous kitchen, I'm also loving the white subway tiles! Good luck with the internet/phone etc people. They can be a real pain to deal with even on the best of days! Looking forward to your upcoming post on Mini and Bonus as well!


It looks beautiful! I love the shiny white cupboards and the drawer pulls are perfection!


Absolutely stunning, you must be so pleased. Fantastic.


I am absolutely drooling! Gorgeous!

mama ring

beautiful! you made great choices.

France in France

What a beautiful kitchen!! May I ask which countertops you chose in the end? Thanks!

birdie blue

it's lovely. love all of the high gloss white.
so pleasing to the eye.

absolutely beautiful, benita.



Love it! SO much better than I ever managed to imagine it!


It's so beautiful. We are planning to renovate our kitchen. I hope ours turn out as wonderful as yours. What kind of material did you choose for the counter tops?

Petra from NL

It looks great, so fresh and bright! And I especially like that you have extra worktop space at both ends/sides. Well planned! Great job Bjorn!


Love it!!
You must be sooo pleased with the result, even though it's still not completely finished!
Are the handles also from Ikea? I'm looking for something similar for my tv unit.

Melissa @ HOUSEography

White, bright, gorgeous! Hope you can get your dishwasher panel soon! That stove hood is so cool!


So! Much! White! :)


Oh, Benita! You make me love modern. My style is much more fluffy, but I still drool over your homes. I'm excited to see the wide angle, including dining and living areas (no rush, though - I'm very patient).


How do you have drawers under the sink? Is this only offered in Ikea Sweden? Or did your contractors modify
? Looks awesome!

kristin jo

WOW, beautiful.

And, unrelated, it was so clever of you to make a move plan for M&B. I didn't do so, and it ended up being pretty stressful on moving day for the cats and me. It took them quite a while to adjust to my new home.


Pó de Arroz

Uauuuuuu! Ficou linda!

Juliette R.

Hooray! Way awesome!!


love it!! such an amazing change


Actually... I loved it before *_*
But I like your new kitchen as well.
Great work!
What can I say... tastes differ... ^^


Lovely,lovely and lovely what a wonderful bright and cheerful room.I would love to have that kitchen.....


Ikea has lovely kitchens! Your's is a beaut.


BRAVO!!!It looks amazing! Soooo shiny and white, love it. Congratulations, you have done an exceptional job. Remodeling is not an easy task, but now we se the product of your sacrifice ;) Go, go, go!


Oh la, la! Tres chic! Tres chez-Larsson! Someone said it's so pleasing to the eye and I guess that's what I like most about your kitchen. Absolutely perfect!


That was so fast for a kitchen remodel! You must have a great team working for you! I was in IKEA this past weekend and I thought of you as I walked through the kitchens! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen! So pleased to see the beautiful pics! :) Congrats on a job well done! Enjoy!

~ Ali


Beautiful! Amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time, I am impressed!


They are laminate with aluminum fronts. My first choice, the acrylic with integrated sinks wer on order and the delivery time was 8 weeks so I couldn't wait for them.


Wow, fantastic kitchen and the tray cabinet is so practical.


They are white laminate. Would have gone for all white but because they aren't pure white I prefered that the aluminum front is in between the pure white on the cabinet fronts and the slightly more yellow whilte on the counter top. This way you don't notice.


They are. They're called Klippig: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40153661


They are readily available at IKEA over here but can't fiind them on the US website...It's actually one huge drawer disguised into three by handles... I have my trash can in there and two recycling bins.

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Wow! That looks amazing! Not surprised you're so pleased - can't believe it's finished so quickly too! It must be so lovely to start from scratch with a kitchen - everything exactly where you need and want it! So relaxing in white too!


It looks great, I can't believe how hideous the colour is on the old kitchen!

Betty Walker

Your kitchen is beautiful. I love the gloss white, it makes it look so

clean and inviting with with an open air. Also, I love the beautiful

hardwood floors. I have hardwood floors and they are so easy to care keep

clean and shiny.

Robyn :)

LOVE IT, Benita!! I am partial to light kitchens, especially white :)

Were you able to get the chairs at the thrift store you wanted???


Vackert kök Benita, jag undrar har du funderat på att välja matt vit istället för blankt? Fanns det nån praktiskt synpunkt eller var det är ett rent estetiskt val?c


thats so a lovely kitchen.


The kitchen looks great, a very good choice!!


I second the request for a future (very far future?) post that shows the inside of the cabinets. I'm so curious as to where the microwave ended up!

Good work, Benita. It's tiring, I know, but in the end it will be all yours and beautiful.


I'm speechless, it looks so practical, elegant and simple, so you! Congrats!




Your kitchen looks so sleek. I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing how you organize inside the cabinets and drawers.


I love it!!! It's beautiful! We are planning to renovate our kitchen, and looking at IKEA catalogue. The cabinet you choose was not our choice,and I did not think it was so nice!!!


Väldigt snyggt och en ENORM ansiktslyftning för köket! Och vad snabbt du har marscherat när det gäller renoveringen! Vi lär inte vara riktigt lika snabba, men det är kul att läsa om folk som tar tag i saker och får saker ur händerna!

Rebecca Melander

Gleaming, pristine and simple. A job well done. Skol!


It's gorgeous! I am going to faint! Congratulations to you and Wille!

Angelica Carballo

WOWWWW!!! congrats beautiful kitchen


It's so "you"! You must be thrilled.


I really like the tiles and the flooring. A huge improvement! Now, go get some rest...


Stunning! love it all, the gloss cupboards, the appliances, the tiling (which reminds me of the Paris Metro, but much much cleaner!)
It is amazing how your house already has the gorgeous Benita-stamp!


WOW! It's such a change. And it's wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to looking at more of the transformations that you're making to your home. =)

Anna Cassia Passarelli

Three words about your kitchen..... oh, my God!
We need an Ikea store here in Brazil.... we realy need....(for sooooo many reasons). I loved the white finishing... I loved everything!


LOVE the shiny white...what type of finish is it?

Noga from Israel

Great! You really thought of every cm, didn't you?.. Lovely clean look, Usefull space, A lot of storage... you are going to enjoy it a lot! Wish you all the best!




Jag gillar blankt vitt för det reflerkterar ljuset så härligt, Hade ju helkaklade väggar i förra köket som glänste så härligt så det var det jag utgick från. Tror nog att blankt är mer svårskött än matt dock, pga att fingeravtryck syns mer, men what the heck :)


Will show you once I have it all somewhat organized. Things haven't really found their right places yet. Almost there but not quite.


It is, isn't it? :)


It's a high gloss foil.

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