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May 17, 2011


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Åh vad spännande och roligt att få forma det nya boendet. Och vad spännande för katterna att få utforska ett nytt område!

Lustigt det där med hur katter beter sig ändå när man flyttar. Våra katter har anpassat sig bra, men den ena springer alltid in i en garderob om folk kommer genom bakdörren, ända sedan flyttkillarna ringde på och bullrade där.

Lycka till i nya hemmet!


Great that you are here! I'm glad you had a good move. And only some boxes left to unpack, amazing.


Oh Yay! Now the real fun can begin. All the best in your new home!


Happy to see that the move went well for all of you ! And excited to see how you will decorate you're new place :-)


I should say "to unpack UPSTAIRS"! The basement is still a big hot mess with boxes... I haven't had a chance to assemble the storage shelves yet.


Last time I moved, my own cat made the same protest as Bonus did! I am sure that with Mini to check things out first (to be the guinea pig) Bonus will soon be enjoying the new garden and seeking the best spots for keeping an eye on things. You have moved very efficiently, I am impressed!


it's great to hear that everything went ok and that you are well "landed" - and great to hear from you ((blogwise) so soon! All the best for your new home!


Congratulations, Benita & Wille! You can always rely on pets (and small children) to keep it real!! x

Petra from NL

Very efficient how all those stickers are facing outside. Or did you put 2 on each box? Can't remember if you talked about this or not...

Loved the story about Wille taking a taxi with the 2 furry ones. Very special treatment for all of them ;-).

Nice to hear from you, good luck with all the work!


I made sure the movers placed them facing out and if they on occasion didn't I quickly turned the box before they had a chance to put another one on top :).


As someone that was woken up at 4am in the morning by Luna puking a hairball I had to laugh @ Bonus' present to you ;)

congrats on the move and house!


Congratulations! All the clearing and packing is done. Now it's just the clearing and UNpacking to do ;-)

Waiting in impatient anticipation of the decorating process!


Härligt! Välkomna!

Sarah :)


how exciting! chez larsson, the sequel. at least it's just the cat who is protesting and not any complicated humans! can't wait to see things pulling together x elisa


Wow exciting! Take it easy! and good luck with a new start!


Good news! Glad everything went smooth while moving. You seem to have luck with the contractors and the moving company. When we moved to the new place, my cat Bommel also protested by peeing on the brandnew bathroom carpet...
All the best for unpacking from Zurich!


Vad skönt att ni äntligen ha flyttat in i det nya huset! Det är alltid lite limboläge när man är mitt emellan två boenden. Hoppas allt känns bra!


congrats. glad to see you are finaly there.we hope to see as many pictures of the unpacking and organizing as you can post.
love your blog and your attitude.
and yes, cats are the best :))


Congrats and glad you are finally moving in and on with your life! I'm looking forward to eh adventures in the new Chez Larsson.


I know its none of my business,but when our friends moved and couldn't take their cats(and so gave them to us)my vet told me to keep them inside for a month.So I did even though they were used to being inside/outside cats.


Phew! Soooo glad that you are in and doing well and back to the blog. I missed you! Congratulations!

Holyoke Home

I am exhausted just looking at those boxes. I think moving is like pregnancy - in that your body must produce some weird chemical (at the time) so when you look back on it, you think 'oh, it was bad. But it wasn't THAT bad.'


Oh, great news! Congrats again to Benita and Willie.

It sounds like Mini and Bonus are doing fine and will thrive in their new home.


Wishing you lots of fun in your new home!
And #2 is easier to clean than #1 on bedding:)


Congrats! Now you´re at home and have time enough! Wish you a lot of fun and success!

Lisa Flaherty

Congratulations!!! Welcome home!!! I'm sure it will be no time before Bonus gets out into that amazing garden and perhaps brings you a....present? :)


Congratulations and welcome home!

Ms M

I've been told basically the same thing by cat rescue folks-- 3 weeks is what they told me.


I've been enjoying this blog from the beginning and I'm moving myself next week! Thanks so much for sharing your renovations and move photos even while you are super busy.


Skönt att flytten gick så smidigt! Lycka är att få packa upp i ett nytt hem. Ni har allt det roliga framför er! Hoppas att ni båda (och katterna) snabbt känner er hemma. :)


Congratulations! and many happy years in your new home, decorating, organizing, cooking, gardening, crafting, sewing and time with friends.

[room] by sofie

Åhh, vad roligt med nytt hus!!!
Blir spännade att följa.

Må så gott!
Kram Sofie


Looking to that boxes pile, I'm already tired! ;)
Congratulations Benita and welcome to your new home and be happy!

Loving Living Marriage

Just started my own decluttering blog and was looking for others when I found you. Congrats on your new home!


Hej Benita, fine that everything went OK! Good luck with settling in your new home; looking forward to the stories of getting the house up & running...
Hope the furry ones will adjust quickly!


i had a cat, darling ricky was his name, every time i spent the night with my boyfriend, darling ricky would deposit exactly one square inch of poop on precisely the same brick in the fireplace hearth. i got the msg.

congratulations to all of you, i'm so happy for you.


Congrats to you and Willie!


So glad you're back, I didn't expect you back so soon but it's good to know that everything went smooth and fun for you all four and also Bonus managed to produce a first opinion on the matter! Poor little furry ones! For no special reason I had imagined that your first post in the new house would also reveal the new name for the blog. Are you finally leaving it like this?
Best wishes for you four in the new house :-)!

Tina Slocum

Isn't it wonderful to finally have everything under one roof again and be able to unpack redo and decorate! Congratulations Benita!!! Have a glass of champagne and enjoy! (sure hope Bonus has adjusted and your bed is...safe now!)


I am so looking forward to seeing more of the move and the redeco, especially the kitchen. Good luck Benita and Wille!
And arent cats funny in a new environment, the way they react differently too. Shame on Bonus, but I am sure all is forgiven!
Our own move is progressing well, we have all but moved in the barn next to where the house in being built. I had my first night in my caravan (trailer)...

Noga from Israel

Congratulations! I was moving with 3 cats. After they got to know thier new enviroment, they are OK! I wish you all the best, and a good vacation on a tropical island!


Welcome home! And let the fun begin!!

ps - As others have said, it's best to keep the cats indoors for a couple of weeks.




I honestly haven't had a chance to do anything about the name so I'll probably just leave it as is or do some minor change to the header :)


My own rule for moving with cats is one solid week inside, then I walk around the yard with them in my arms once or twice, then I escort them the first couple times on their own. I really think this helps them adjust and get oriented.

Congrats on your new house. Can't wait to see all your changes!


I bought a harness and leash for Bonus yesterday and we already have one for Mini so tonight we'll do a little test run outside carrying them like you say!


"Mini and Bonus are fine after the big move and as always Mini was the curious one who started nosing around immediately while Bonus stayed in a blanket inside a closet for the first day and didn’t make his appearance until late at night"

Poor guy! But my male cat would do the same. Female would be just like Mini ;-)

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