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May 30, 2011


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Things are obviously coming together and it looks like you are starting to settle in nicely. Will be much better when everything is done though ;-)

Looking froward to seeing the rest!

Lisa Johnson

I am literally saying, "yippee!" way over here in Oklahoma, I have been anticipating for weeks the slow unveiling of your lovely new home and your ingenious solutions. It is going to be so much fun to watch. These shelves are awesome! I especially love your attention to detail (leaving cut-outs for the cords) and sharing the whole process with us.


Great! I love the idea of cut otus for cable.


Looks great - I like built in things! :-)


We have simply used thicker wood planks for bookshelves (ours are 2,5 cm thick) and they haven't bowed even though they are 1 m wide and stacked with heavy books end to end. Hope it helps


Lucky, stylish boy!


I considered that but couldn't find the material quickly enough. That's what happens when you do't think thins through properly. But I did think that 18 mm would be strong enough...


Hi Benita
You talk about a beam in your article about your sagging shelf. Did you think of putting sort of a pillar around the centre of the shelf to support it?
Otherwise for this sagging shelf there are different elegant solutions but one that will look nice and tidy is to fix a little "beam", lengthwise, to the underside of the shelf. Difficult to describe so look here : http://woodgears.ca/shelves/sag.html
As the article says, it's best to glue it rather than fix it with screws, unfortunately the laminate you used won't take glue. Don't nail that beam, but screw it from the top. If you would want to glue it to make it permamnent and solid, best would be to groove a shallow groove on the underside (so as to be ablet to glue to the particleboard and not the laminate) and insert your beam there. You'd need a router for that.
Increasing the thickness of the material (shelf) doesn't always help. With time it will most often sag a bit under the load.
Good luck!


Thank you for that! It's exactly what I had in mind but wasn't sure how to best do it.

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Snyggt och "enkelt". Klokt att komma ihåg att fixa kabelgenomföring.

Kan du inte helt enkelt sätta en konsol på mitten av den nedersta hylla - det lär ju inte synas.


Hi! I must admit that you have performed wonders in such a short time. Everything goes on like a dream! Wille´s room looks fine too. I am only wondering.. Wille is soon an adult, and don´t the young ones want to leave home and start a life of their own as soon as possible?
You have done already so much for him! Should this not be the time to place Your needs first? Please consider resting too. After all, there is no hurry, or is there? xoxo,m


Jag har funderat på det men förkastat idén eftersom jag då måste såga i bakregeln men det är ju egentligen lätt gjort så jag ska kika efter en konsoli rätt mått på lunchen. Kanske den enklaste lösningen! Tack!


Nice result, I love it! =) Good job!



I love kitting out his room and make it a place where he can spend time studying comfortably and bringing home friends. He still has two years of junior college and will stay with me during that time. After that he wants to travel a bit and then go to the university in Stockholm so he'll be around for a while longer which I'm happy about.
I do take time for my own needs too, don't worry, I'll be in this house for years so there's plenty of time to do things for myself.


Hi Benita,

I am so impressed by what you achieved in this short amount of time. ...and all of this working full time at the same time, right?
Each morning I can't wait to check out the latest developments chez Larssons. ;-)
I am totally addicted.
Best wishes from hot and sunny Berlin


Yes, I do work full time. This weekend will be a five-day one due to a public holiday on Thursday though so I can't wait!!!


That's such a handsome room!


Well, everything is becoming so handsome and inspiring....
Best of luck for your new life!


Hi Benita, the house is looking so fabulous, congratulations!
Love the kitchen by the way.
Have you considered putting a bracket in the middle of the shelf?
That would mean you though that you would have to saw the back supporting wood to make room for it, but I think it might work really well.
Good luck with the rest of the house.

Jennifer S.



What a cosy reading nook. I'd love to curl up in that chair with a good book myself :-).
P.S. I posted about Polish mid-century chairs today, if you are interested.


I did and someone else mentioned it too in Swedish further up. I bought two brackets (an extra one just in case) during my lunch hour today :)


Such a nice room you are putting together for Willie! I love the "I <3 NY" t-shirt pillow you made. After I saw it on your blog, I bought some on my trip to NYC last year to make one for my son. Still on my to do list... :{

Sandra Yeong

very nice room. the floor looks much lighter than the before pic....I am looking forward to get more idea from you.... Thanks Benita


In Germany as well! Enjoy the break!


This looks very nice. I like how the sugar cube building fits just right. :)


I measured :)

elisa rathje

what a great room. i can't recall any 17 year old boys in my acquaintance (long ago!) with rooms so great. i love building in custom shelving, based on what i have to store. i might have to look at that in our place when we get back after summer. that's the trouble with renting, you have to ask!! x

Meg Duerksen

this is so great!!!
your blog is so pretty and bright.


Love to see that NYC is a big part of the decor!

Fiona Potter

Harry Potter in pride of place! Respect.

I love how the books (all of them, not just Harry Potter) lend colour to the room. You don't need any decorative colour in that nook; the life comes literally from the books.


How many hours do you put in after a full day at work? You are amazing in your ideas and execution. Good golly you have endless energy and can do spirit. Beautiful room.


I, too, look forward to checking in with you daily! Wille's "pad" is a thoughtful gift from his mother.

Just a small curiousity: being a sloppy and unwilling painter, I would have
painted the braces outside or in the basement. What makes you decide to
bring the paint can to that great new floor?

And, long live Harry Potter & NYC.


I am so enjoying seeing all your projects coming up. Yay!

Noga from Israel

Very clever cut for the cabels! I will copy you, If you don't mind.. I've started learning a course of building basic wood items. What do you think about writing a post of your most usefull tools for working with wood?
This sofa looks so nice near the shelves! I love to watch your way of doing things, it is such a clever and beautiful way!

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Men, det finns ju konsoler som är vinklade i bakkant - dvs ser man från sidan så går stödet mot hyllan horisontellt, sedan 45 grader nedåt, och sedan rakt ned. Beroende på storleken på en sådan konsol kanske vinkeln är "lång" nog för att du inte ska behöva såga i regeln?

Typ såhär http://www.bygghemma.se/inomhus/inredning/garderober-och-forvaring/konsol/konsol-lundbergs-sigvard-vit/p-123700


Usually a couple of hours + regular household chores such as doing the laundry, cooking etc + blogging. On weekends I used to put in about 4-6 hours a day but after the move it's probably more like 8. But I enjoy it and don't consider it work. To me its play :)


I'm a very "clean" painter. I've painted so much in the past and rarely drip. When I do spill I have a moist rag and immediately wipe it up. When my paint projects are bigger I cover up surfaces though.


I wrote a post about it a long time ago. Will go search for it. Aha! Here it is: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/09/tools.html


Fiffiga! Har dock redan köpt konsoler, så jag kapar ut en bit ur listen baktill.

rent holiday apartment london

Pretty tricky I should say and the final result is fantastic.


you could also reinforce the bottom shelf by adding an apron board to the front edge of the shelf. It will give the shelf added strength and slightly hide the cords and outlet below. I usually just use a 1"x2" board (not sure what the equivalent is in a metric option) but you could use a wider board too if you like the way it looks.


Thanks, Ryan!


Besides being inspired by your energy and entertained by your comments, I LOVE seeing glimpses of your yard and neighborhood in photos that show the view out your windows (like the neighbor children's slide outside Willie's window). Livng in So. California, I have no idea what it looks like in your neck of the woods. Keep up the good work. And thank you for sharing.


What a cosy looking room. Love the shelves, so simple yet so effective.

That's one really lucky 17 year old.

Noga from Israel

Thank you! I didn't know you then... It looks like you have a nice verity of tools!! I have a few old tools. I have to buy clamps. I think I'll start making things and see what I'm missing.
Your post was very helpful.
Thank you very much!

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