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June 08, 2011


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All very lovely ( sorry but am not liking the 'carry on poster, have just seen it far too much now that it's lost all it's orignal charm)

I am intrigued by the toilet though, how can a toilet be uncomfortable ? In all my 4* something years this is a first, is it too low ?

Can we see your bedroom next pleeeeeeeease :)

elisa rathje

you are hilarious. try before you buy! i will never forget this one. they should have a stack of magazines on the back of each model, just to give people enough time to be absolutely sure.

sounds like it was a tricky bathroom to fit. well done! x

Maureen@Notes on a Visual Life

That's too bad that it's uncomfortable. It looks really cool and gravity-defying. Haha, I don't think I've ever commented on a toilet before this.


Funnily enough I've seen this kind of toilet before.. they're really trendy over here.. and even before I'd read your comments I was going to say it was the one thing I wasn't a fan of. I can't speak to it's comfort level, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't go to the floor. I just wouldn't feel safe. Mind you I have a much larger baskside than you. Oh and yes it WAS way too much information ;o)
I still love the 'Keep Calm'.. I know you see it everywhere, but then that was the idea when it was designed.. during the war there was one on every lamp post for 6 years.
Jo xx


and of course that should read .. 'a much larger backside'.. ;o)

machen und tun

Benita, your bathroom is just wonderful!! i love those shiny white tiles.. will you "do" anything to them to keep them that way? i´ve heard that some people swear on car-wax to make the water drain off very easily and keep the tiles spotles.
but i never tried that so i thought you might know something about this?


Beauty. I love the colours of the hydrangea and the shampoo/conditioner with the white, who says different whites and ecrus don't mix? I, too expect to fall down when sitting on a wall hung toilet, weird I know, but true.

I wonder, how did you hang your poster? No banging nails in that pristine wall I expect?


The poster gives the reassurance that if you have a rather upset stomach, that it'll be OK soon!! Funny!!


I agree on the poster which is why it may not stay but I wasnted to put something there and that's what I had.

The seat of the toilet is really hard and the ring is an odd shape, not bum sized at all. At least not my bum...


I will get a special sealant for the grout. They were out when I went to get it but I'm hoping to find some soon. I'll use it in the kitchen too.


I plugged and screwed in the grout line adding silicone before the plug and before the screw. It was kind of nerve wracking I have to admit.


Which I have all the time and which does make it appropriate in there :).


Is Bonus back?

Again, great bathroom? The sink cabinet, is this wood? I would also not try toilet before buying. Hm, it looks so nice, I think I have almost the same. What makes it unconfortable?


Thanks for letting us know the brands, atleast in Finland swedberd and gustavsberg are available.

I love your nook, the extra shelf thing. I like the poster, cheery yellow, it brings colour to the bright white room, but I think any colour or poster would look nice to me.


He is!

The drawer front of the cabinet is some sort of treated MDF I would think. The seat is hard and an odd oval shape...


Looks great. Thank you for sharing. You left out one thing! The bunny rabbit - does it hold cotton balls? Where did that come from please? :)


Very nice, "light and fresh" ( as Lindström and Schyffert would say)!! Ypur post made me wanna go down to our basement and "TRY" the toilet we bought for our bathroom to be... For all of you who doubts the wallhung toilet, It´s GREAT, makes the cleaning of the bathroom so much easier!!


I absolutely love the bevelled subway tiles too.. both here and in the kitchen.
Jo xx


You did a really great job it is unrecognisable from the before shots! Well done and so quick too.

Fröken Prickig

It's all very nice! Good work:)


Dear Chez,

Great peace of mind even in the bathroom. Smile forover...



What can I say...? Everything is perfect, as usual! =)


Again; it looks very fresh and I love the yellow print to spice it up! :-)


Yes, my thoughts too... where oh where is the bunny from? Love it!


Pure, clean, white, you can add spots of any colour you want at any time - love it.


It'a flea market/charity shop find :)


Of course now I want to see the #2 bathroom... ;) I am really into letters and numbers signage and I was just thinking wouldn't it be funny if you put a "1" in this bathroom and a "2" in the other. But, like you and Hxx said the "Keep Calm" poster is appropriate. I still love those by the way and just got one not too long ago for my kitchen. A few years ago I got the Cole & Son "Woods" wallpaper that everyone has and I never regretted it.


With all the blah, blah that I did I forgot to say that I love your bathroom. I love it!


Så himlans fint det blev!!!


I so enjoy watching how you always get aesthetics and practicality pitch perfect. Can you tell us about the containers for the shampoo and conditioner (if this is what is in them?). Did you decant into these? Are they plastic?
Do you keep all the often used items (toothbrush,whatever..) in the cabinets?
Thanks for sharing so much!


All bathrooms should be white and yours is fantastic, Benita. Functional and beautiful. Love that shiny tile and the white soap and shampoo decanters. If I didn't have a weird need to switch shampoo/conditioner daily and keep about 75 different bottles in my shower, I'd do what you did.

The toilet looks cool but, since it's not anchored to the floor, I don't think I could relax enough to use it. That might be a U.S. thing, though.

I'm glad you'll be replacing that poster. You're too much of an individual to display something so common and overdone.

My mom had one of those bunny cotton-ball dispensers about 30 years ago. What an adorable blast from the past!


Oh WOW it looks absolutely perfect! So white, fresh and clean, and I like the pop of yellow from the poster. If you do change it, something yellow would work wonderfully.

Nan H.

I happen to love the Keep Calm and Carry On Poster. I have a vinyl stick on version that I hung my bathroom as well. Love love love the white.. you are such inspiration.. and have changed my decorating style over the past few years..


So glad to see more photos of your (#1!) bathroom...I had the same confusion as a few otheres from just the one photo yesterday...I could not tell that you had an actual tub...it looked like one flush wall to me...so I thought also that the shower just drained into the floor...I love your sense of style...thanks for sharing!


Sorry about the toilet. When we had to replace our toilet (it cracked as it was being removed during a remodel), my husband actually did go tot he store and try a bunch of different ones just to make sure. I teased him about it at the time, but he said it was remarkable how different different toilets are in terms of comfort.

Love the bathroom--it is very inspirational.


Hi Benita

How do you keep the white tiles so clean and shiny? I have those white tiles in my kitchen and somehow no matter how i wipe (with dish detergent), it still feels oily. Please help!


Oh, I love your bathroom....:)


oops...forgot to add...

the tub looks very high though....any problem stepping in and out??


I love the bathroom! But I am wondering, as someone who lives in the U.S.: how on earth did you get both the bathroom and the kitchen done so quickly? Could you do a post on how contractors work over there for us curious and jealous americans? It would take 3-6 months here with tons of problems, missing parts, and cost overruns, and probably still wouldn't be finished correctly.


Love every tiny detail! You are seriously gifted! You should design bathrooms! I love your toilet! I love that the tank doesn't show! That is so cool! It's so sleek and looks easier to clean! Are all toilets in your area similar! Wish we had toilets like that in my state. Maybe we do and I just haven't notice them before! Or maybe they are high end and not in my price?

I even love the toilet bowl cleaner from IKEA...can't wait to treat myself to one of those...nice design for something practical and useful! :)


~ Ali


I just read the previous poster Anna (she posted a question before me) and I totally wondered the same thing! The few times I have used contractors here in the USA there are HUGE issues with it taking double the time of the quote and the work just not being done well. Maybe I book more affordable contractors and I should book only the BEST! But, your bathroom was done so quickly and beautifully I'm very impressed with the work!

~ Ali


Love the white and particularly the nook for your bunny and a couple of towels. I love heated towel racks, great that you can hang it at the end of the bathtub, we can't do that in Canada as nothing with electricity can be installed in reach of you being in the tub full of water.

Lisa Flaherty

That made me giggle. You are funny!

Lisa Flaherty

It is beautiful! Love the heated towel bar and the built in niche! I have been rabbit hunting since you found that little guy in a charity shop and posted about it. Cute!


Very, very good looking, love the pop of yellow with the white.


I am so ordering those dispensers that you used for your soap. Are they plastic or glass? I looked and it doesn't tell me.


Oops .. never mind, I was totally blind and just got so excited by the price of it.


Love it!


A heated towel rack sounds quite luxurious. :)


We also have issues with one of our loos. It's just not that comfortable. Like yours it has the lid that covers the toilet seat completely. when we renovated the next bathroom I definitely tried before buying. I found the most comfortable ones were the ones where the lid rests on the seat. I hope that makes sense.
Anyway I think you did a great job choosing everything! The mirror, sink and unit underneath are a lovely combination.
l have the same Muji bottles, 4 of them- husband and kids use 2in1, l use separate shampoo and conditioner and we all use soap! It really makes the shower look neater!

Tina Slocum

Your bathroom is perfect Benita! Love everything~shiny,sparkling white with that one pop of color! Yummy!

Erin Kleider

It is a lovely bathroom. My worry over the toilet would be that you can't get to the mechanisms if it starts leaking or something. Is there a way to access the mechanics? I don't know about uncomfortable though....never thought of trying one out before buying. Would changing the seat help?

Erin :)


Everything looks so great! (wishing I had a towel warmer..and loving that cotton ball holder)



Question regarding the kind of toilet you have - if the tank is concealed in the wall (which looks fab!) how do you fix it/or open the tank if there is a malfunction? Every once and a while I must lift the tank lid and jiggle something to get everything back in working order (I know - I need a new toilet). I've ALWAYS wondered that when I went to Europe. Would you have to open the wall, or is there an access panel somewhere?

Debbie K

it's beautiful!

Jean S

What a great job; congrats!

I still love the "keep calm" poster, but I'm sure that whatever you pick to replace it will be just right.


But new toilet seats are easier to find than a whole toilet, and easy to replace :)


Beautiful bathroom.
If I had know. You should have checked out Japanese toilets. Built in bidet with adjustable water pressure and temperature, heated seats, automatic flushing, automatic seat "elevator" for cleaning those hard to reach places under the lid.
Really, it spoils you for anything else!


The bottles are plastic and I do decant into them. The rest of the toiletries are in the drawer under the sink.


I will be sealing the grout lines in the kitchen and bathroom and haven't yet had to deep clean the tiles so I'm not sure what I will use on them but in my last kitchen I used a product called Vim / Jif. It's a cream and you rinse/wipe after. It works really well on grease.


It is a little higher than a standard tub, but it's not a problem.


Actually I'm a bit surprised myself! I've heard horror stories over here too. I did write a contract with my contractors saying that if they weren't completely finished within a certain time there would be a fine of 5% of the total job.


There'a a 120 cm rule here from tap to electrics.


It might but I doubt a standard seat will fit (or look good...). Will look into it though!


The whole flush panel is removable and there's also a panel at the bottom behind the waste paper basket.


Not sure a standard seat would fit in that toilet though. It's an odd shape...




Yey for Bonus! :-))))
Bunny cotton dispenser is so adorable! And I would again and again buy wall attached toilet, it is the best thing ever. So easy to clean the bathroom flooe, so nice to see, so sleek.


Hi Benita! Sorry that your throne is not comfy! But it does look so good. I was sort of after something like that mainly because it's easy to clean under it but they were way out of my budget. But as I told you before I still ended up having to fork out more money for a "normal" toilet than I had thought, because the standard that was included in the house, was soooo uncomfortable. Thank god we did try it.
Cheers Anette :-)


thanks, i know what product you are referring to. i used that on my stove, but never occur to me to use it on the tiles...duh duh!! haha.

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Am I the only one who find the keep calm poster funny in the bathroom ? I think it´s great advice for anyone with problems on the toilet. lol.


Thank you for the additional information and the tips. As I wrote before, I really love your bath room.

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Looks great Benita! I like the poster there - it brings a great zing to the room! Keep it for a while at least!


Thanks Benita. :)


LOOOOOOVE your bathroom. I loove all the white. I love all the beautiful details - a very good mix. I loove the yellow picture - simple, wellsaid and just a perfect detail in all the white.
I think I will start to persuade my boyfriend to make bathroom with inspiration from yours....

White Bedroom Furniture

Love that bathroom. The subway tile is really beautiful. Proves that a small bathroom need not look dark and cramped. Nice job.

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