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June 27, 2011


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Wille is a lucky guy to have a bedroom/study suite, along with the den for gaming and entertaining! Of course, it is all so beautifully designed, with his preferences taken into account, it is a pleasure to see. I am sure he will enjoy the rooms!

elisa rathje

i needn't accomplish anything myself today. vicarious achievement. great how it has come together. my little children have a skylight in their room and i'm quite envious! x


I hate to be one of those people - but I love Willie's clock, can I ask where it came from?

I'm loving watching you transform your new house. Wish I could transport you over to Canada to work some magic here!




The clock came from a local store but I can't find it online unfortunately.


Looks great! I love that bedside table!


It really looks nice. Love the alarms clock. Definitely wouldn't have a hard time reading that one in the morning.


Love the nightstand and ADORE the clock. I'm old and can't see teeny, tiny numbers on clocks. That one's great.

The room looks so much better now. I loathe wallpaper so I was anxious to see the "after" pic. :)

Sandy Shirley

Can Willie get cool air in here in the summer months? I don't see any air conditioning vents.


Air cond is very uncommon over here because we don't usually get super hot weather in Sweden. His bedroom faces north though and the skylight opens. He can get a nice breeze in there when opening the window in his other room too.


Great cozy space! Sorry I missed the previous post, what is the room next to Wille's bedroom? Does he have a space to hang out with friends?


You can see Wille's spaces here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/03/willes-room.html


Look really fresh and I love the map/globe theme that he has going on.
Is there a fire escape ladder for his sky light? That would be the only thing concerning if sleeping in a small room of another room.


wow, love the space


I would love a tiny sleeping room like that. I like "nests". Is Wille going to use the map of all your travels in his new room?

Lisa Flaherty

Wow! Incredible transformation! What a great little hideaway!


Hi Benita!!! The house is looking amazing! Can I ask why are you posting pcitures with only partial views? Are you saving the full views for a grand post or is it privacy related?
Love your work, I have been a fan since Oct 2010 and I am enjoying to see your new project coming along.
I wish you could post twice a day!!!!


It's got nothing to do with privacy. The rest of the rooms aren't ready yet :). I don't have a single room where everything is done so until then I'll show you the ready bits and later on I hope to do proper before and afters from the same angles as the realtor's photos.


Unfortunately we couldn't bring the map. It wouldn't come off so we had to leave it behind.


Not yet, but there will be with the new skylight installation.


Looks amazing! I love all of your lists, makes me instantly start adding to mine, ha ha!!


Hi there...

Willie's room is great so far! I'm changing my son's room (taking it from a kiddy room to something more suitable for an almost-thirteen-ager) and I have two questions:
1. I'd like to paint my son's room white also (our floors are old-ish pine). Do you have any white paint colour recommendations you love?
2. Please, can you tell me where that fabulous illuminated globe came from!?

Thanks, Benita.


Love the globe on the floor.


Amazing, so cool! I like the alarm clock a lot =D. I seriously NEED to see more pictures! =) Thanks!



I use pure white. There isn't any tint at all in it. Over here it's the most basic paint and you can get huge cans in all paint stores. More on white paint here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/10/about-paint.html

The globe is a vingage fleamarket find which I rewired.


It looks fantastic!
It's amazing what some white paint can do!! I just spent Saturday painting my boys' room too. Love it!
I also love the Componibile unit!


Thanks Benita, I read your link and neutral white is what I'll choose.
Nice one on the rewire... best globe ever!

Wall Mirrors

What a huge difference! Nice.


Would you mind mentioning the store name? I have friends in Stockholm that would be willing to help me get my hands on one if the store is nearby. (If you think they still have the clock.) I've been looking for a simple big-font clock for YEARS!


It's from Clas Ohlson http://www.clasohlson.se/Product/Product.aspx?id=161193716.

vila gosti bania

Awesome. That is great. It looks really fantastic!

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