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June 30, 2011


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Debbie k

I love it! I like the light too!


Very nice.




Ingenious washer-woman!


Oh, that looks so good! I love class ohlson too. The lamp goes so well with the numbers.


Your new house is being transformed before our eyes. You're a human whirlwind of completed projects - your efficiency makes me feel quite inadequate! But it does usually galvanise me to get going and emulate your successes.


Oh - I adore your old enamel sign with rust and all! We are collectors so we have several enamel signs in our house, and I have a veneration for the weathered ones. But your new number are gorgeous and I can easily see how they are more you.


Hey that's just like my number 4 - i really like the simple style and the way it sits out from the wall. I searched and searched to find one when I was doing my door - I did manage to find one which already had little posts attached to the back at a little hardware shop nearby. I agree with you it's not easy to find a door number that looks good - I'm really liking this one.


What a cool look! And I also love Clas Ohlson :)


remembering my time in Sweden: Clas Ohlson = gubben dagis! ;)


I like the numbers and I really love that outdoor lighting! =)
Did you finally take a look at the post I thought you would like? =)



I did :). Great job! Sorry for not commenting but I was in a rush.


Haha, exactly!


Thanks for the great idea! I have wanted Neutra house numbers for a long time but I like yours just as much. They look lovely with the new light.


Benita, those new numbers look beautiful! And using washers was a great idea.


Now it really looks like you are home!


If I remember correctly, your house number before was 7. So 27 seems so appropriate: 2nd house with number 7 :-).
Great and simple idea with the washers.


So funny, I saw "Door 27" as I scrolled through my reader, in the usual position of your posts, & thought Wow, that's odd that Anna is posting but there's nothing from Benita. Even though Anna's house number is different & she spells out the word...but that was my first thought. :-)

Anyway, what a clever solution! And my address is also 27, so woo-hoo to the Transatlantic 27 Club.


27 is my lucky number, and so is my husband's (our birthdays and wedding day are in 27, blahblahblah). Five years ago, browsing old stuff in San Telmo's flea market in Buenos Aires we came across a door number like your old one (27 but less weathered and more stylish) and almost, ALMOST bought it.

We didn't because we couldn't think of where we'd use it. Stupid, stupid us. It'd go so well in our new place.

By the way, as other readers have stated, you have a way to make things look Benita's style that I forget whether I'd do the same or not. I'm just amazed and inspired by how you imprint your style, and especially, how you do it with your own hands!


what're you going to do with the old enamel one?? love it.


No problem! Thanks for visiting! =)


It look so modern. Like it.

Azalea Michel-Whitley

your attention to detail amazes me time after time.


Great update- the light fixture really completes the look.


Brilliant idea & execution, Benita!!


Ooops! I tossed it immediately...

Anna @ D16

This made me giggle, Benita. ;)


LOVE the house numbers. just stumbled onto your site! i'm still looking around at your projects but can you tell me where did you find that awesome outdoor light? i love the minimalism of it!


oops! sorry, i just re-read & see the light is also from Chas Olson. my bad!

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