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June 28, 2011


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I would so love one of those, too bad our cats would chew it up though. :(


Genius! And perfect for your kitchen. Actually, companies must surely be lining up to photograph their products in that pristine kitchen (hopefully after the dishwasher door arrives) ! x


The grass is not rubber though, but fairly hard plastic. My cat's haven't shown any interest in it whatsoever.

Petra from NL

Nice! The dishtowel works fine for me though ;-).


So cute, thanks for sharing :-)!


That adds a nice pop of color to your kitchen. :)

Does the water puddle in the white tray part though? Wouldn't that get moldy?


It puddles but it's all dish washer safe so once a week or so I'll pop it in along with my dishes to make sure it's always squeeky clean :).

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Åh, vill ha!!! Men verkar inte finnas i Sverige? Något jag får lägga på inköpslistan till nästa USA-resa. Skulle passa perfekt för, som du säger, enstaka grejer som inte ska in i maskinen - kan direkt se t.ex. min flaska för boxvin stå där på tork :)


i would be interested, how the thing is cleanable? if you don't have a dishwasher and have to use it extensively (and have kind of hard water), it probably becomes dirty very quickly...
greetz from berlin


Jag köpte min här: http://www.barnparadiset.se/product.php?id_product=875


It comes in two parts, the grass separately from the white tray. I doubt that you would find it large enough for washing dishes by hand though... even the larger one seems to be on the small side for that purpose.


So cute and perfect in your kitchen. Love the names.


Nice shot of colour. I wonder how practical is it? Do things wobble on it?


So cute. When I opened up your blog window, there was an advertisement for bug killer that had ants "walking" all over your page, then they "walk" over to the ad. I thought that was pretty appropriate, and funny!


In that case i will have to pick one up!


The grass is a bit flexible but you have to push things in there, they don't slide down themselves.




Ha, I love that the write-up on the product page says it is like a "field full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer." How adorable! I think I need one of these for my counter, too, as I usually go the tea-towel route to dry things as well!


Very cute!

I understand about the dishwasher. We didn't have one for years, and didn't really miss it...we thought. Now that we have one, you'd have to tear it out of my cold dead hands!


3 cheers for the dishwasher... and that clever looking rack!


The tile work is impecable! Love all the kitchen pics; can't wait to hear the before and after shots.
Thanks for sharing!


What a fun dish drainer!

What kind of paper towel holder is that? It looks like it's perspex / acrylic. I currently have the roll just plonked on the counter and am looking for a nice simple holder.
Thanks, Peta.

Lisa Flaherty

That is adorable! Love the small size, and the names!


Hahaha great, so good design! =D

By the way, I have posted something on my blog that I think you would like... It is about organizing, hehe =)http://bloobreyplace.blogspot.com

The Vintique Object

I think I have to have one.


Hi, Benita!
I have just arrived from holidays and loved to see the things you have made in your new home, in the meanwhile.
This dish drainer is very cute and give a nice and fresh splash of colour to your lovely kitchen. By the way, I can´t live without my dish washer! :)


Looks good for glasses because it doesn't leave the rim flat against the counter or towel. Cute!


It is a perspex paper towel holder. It was on sale at Mjui (I think...) a few years ago. I love how it's there but it's very unobtrusive.


I have similar problem at home. I don´t use dishwasher for saucepans and pots in metal, so I have to dish quite everyday..but I am afraid this beautiful grass is a bit little for them...a pair of saucepans and some wooden goods...any ideas in your way to the grass that can help me....
Something quite big or for big things...


I did a "fun dish drainer" google search and came up with this result http://bit.ly/mFIXbK. Hope it helps!

Ett stenkast från Fyndet


Wall Mirrors

Can I have it in blue? :D Great item to have


Hej! Jag bara undrade om du tror att gräset klarar vanligt porslin? Tallrikar och sånt? Älskar ditt kök!


Det funkar men jag varnar för att "grass" är pyttelitet. Måtta ut först innan du beställer så du inte blir besvike över storleken. Detta är inte ett diskställ för en familj utan diskmaskin om man säger så :).


Ok ska måtta ordentligt ^^. Är bara jag här hemma så jag behöver inte så mycket diskställ. Hade varit kul att ha något roligare än den gamla saken man fått av brorsan :).

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