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June 16, 2011


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I don't have an Expedite, but I like them. BTW in Polish the word for the shop assistant is "ekspedient" (male) and "ekspedientka" (female).


Hi, I don't have an Expedit but it looks as I need one ;-)
"it houses what few books I have (yes, that’s all of them)"
But Benita have you forgotten your Lotta books!!!

Anyway some books in my "library" must go! I will never read them again!
But my two Lotta books will stay :-)


But they're there! In one of the baskets :).


I would love one - we have 3 tall white Billy units instead as they fit our spaces better - but you can't beat a white cube!


Don´t have a photo but I do have an Expedit: http://vitamargarita.blogspot.com/2010/09/en-av-tva-pa-plats.html

I agree, a good product. :-)


Do the shelves of the expedit sag with all the books in? I have always been tempted to get one, but after my Billy bookcase sagged after 6 mths.. I'm kinda hesitant to get any Ikea shelving...


The shelves are so short so they don't.


I do like expedit. WE used to have it when we lived in the UK, but our house is just too tiny now...
Btw, I really like how you have arranged your books by colour!


Wow your Expedit looks so tidy! This is the reason I can not show mine! ;-)))
Or maybe after i worked on it for couple of hours...

But you indeed have only a few books.

"Do the shelves of the expedit sag with all the books in?"

No. And my Expedit contains tons of them. Even some on the top of the first row.


If I had the wall space I would buy a Expedit. I bought one one row and one two-row wide (both five row high) Bonde bokhyll in white using some of the same baskets as you have and love it.


I'm afraid I've never understood why people like the Expedit, I know it can look good, if you arrange the stuff in a nice way. But I don't like the depth of the shelves, too deep and the vertical supports are too limiting.

Nevertheless your expedit looks amazing.

What will you do when you get more Marthas? They are not organized by month anymore?


I have one, I will send you...it quite different way as usually can be used...you will see.


Loooove my Expedit!! I cant' remember how I lived without it. Love yours too, and if mine looked half as nice, I'd really send a photo. :)


They are still organized by month from January to the left to December to the right. I can still squeeze in a couple more but then I'll have to think of something :).


This is what mine used to look like: 4x4 Expedit with 8 black drawers, rest of shelves full of yarn and books but that was in our last place but one. Now it has all our clothes in! Love how versatile these shelves are.


Your Martha collection is impressive and I love that you have them organized by month. You have so many cool things displayed in your EXPEDIT. The units are fab and I love that they have so many different sizes now. Here is a link to the one in our home: http://3at12.blogspot.com/2011/06/glimpse-of-sams-room.html


Just curious, what room is your Expedit in?


Love how it looks like a yarn shop :).

And how did you do that, potting a photo in the comments? I don't think anyone has ever done that before and I didn't know it was even possible...


I tried to comment on your blog but got into a looop so I'm not sure anything showed up there.

I wanted to say I love the look of the expedit there and the whole room looks adorable and cool at the same time :).


It's in the living room.


* poSting, not potting...

Anette Ryan

Hi! I don't have an Expedit but I'm sure I will pretty soon. I plan on getting one or maybe two, for when our new house has been built. Got Billy now and I'm a bit over them. They will be ok for the girls room though with a coat of paint.
Cheers Anette :-)

Jennifer S.

I'm curious as to how you moved the Expedit. We moved one and tried to keep it in one piece, but it was so heavy and cumbersome that it would have been better if we had taken it apart to move it.


My friend Anne who used to have one tipped me off that movers don't like to move them intact (she had to take hers apart mid move...) so I disassembled it and placed the shelves and srews in large bags.


Sorry that you got in a looop. :( Blogger has been really weird lately. Thanks so much!


Your Expedit looks so neat and white, and well, so Benita!
Thanks for telling us what "Expedit" means, I often wonder what the Ikea names mean...
Here is a little view of mine:
I have a 4x4, flanked on each side by 5-cube "towers", which lets me display some of my dolls in the middle section. But my "shop assistant" is far too messy at the moment for an all-over pic!


Love the way it looks very organized, even though you try to tell us that you're only half way there :). I think the thing is that you corall the not so finished parts, like the little stack of frames. Instead of sprawling them all over the floor, you neatly put them in a little heap of their own.


oh, I have one, tho it's the smaller one, but it's a mess right now. I really like it for all you can put in it. I have mostly my crafty things in it with a few books on the top.
yours looks so organized and lovely.


Once we finish our basement I'm getting one for next to my worktable. I want a place to organize all my craft and sewing things, but also a place that allows for display. Love yours.


I think you could do a whole post on Billy vs. Expedit! I like the shallower shelves of Billy, but agree that your Expedit looks fab!

Erin Kleider

I love the rainbow nature of your book collection.


* screws

Man I can't type comments!


I love how the Expedit swallows all those boxes :)


Oh, my heart goes pitter-patter when I see a picture like yours--I love the shelves & how you've arranged them (although I couldn't do the color-coding on the books, even though it looks great! :-) ).

I love the Expedit but cannot figure out a place in my house to put one. It's too deep for any possible spots at the moment (& too tall--I really want the size you have). Someday, maybe.


Love the order and the color-coding. I did that once and it looked great, but let us just say it was not understood nor appreciated. Sigh.


Ahh, I don't have one but I want one! I love the way they look. But knowing my husband, he'll want to try to build one instead of taking the drive (Ikea is 3 hours away).

And because I can be a word nerd sometimes--Expedit is similar to our English word expedite which means make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly. It sounds like an Expedit would be perfect to expedite my productivity! :)


this is my expedit when i first got it. Yesterday I rearranged it as I got two new boxes so the bottom two rows are all uniform. I also have large white skubb boxes storing my fabric as I couldnt get them all neat and folded.

I then rearranged some of my art items. Keeping my inspiration and items I use most I must take another photo!


LOVE your shop assistant! :) Love the storage and the meaning of the name!

~ Ali


I love the Expedit. It is so great for keeping you organized and they are also great for nurseries.


I have the smaller one:


It's in the closet now and I moved our Effektiv filing cabinet to where it was.


I am a scrapper and of course I have got an Expedit! In the second picture you can see my dream in white:



That looks so creative!


Don't you just love it for larger books? I do!!!


Is it the pefect size for that square scrap card stock? It looks like it could be!


Yes! Thats why scrappers love IKEA and Expedit :)


Your Expedit is so serene and lovely. Mine tries to tame the kid clutter in our den. You inspired my post today on my blog Benita!

elisa rathje

you do so well with it! i'm afraid that when i had one it was too big for the room, and so many of our books and belongings didn't fit in a cube space, so eventually i gave it up. i still love how the white one looks when arranged well. i also love them as dividers! x


We have a 2x4 Expedit in our daughter's bedroom (http://nannyshanny.blogspot.com/2011/03/ikea-solutions.html). Shes loves it, we love it, the baskets are great and we're going to get another one. I have a plan for a white 5x5 in our living room with some inserts (also white) and I'm very excited about it! We have some Billy bookcases in our bedroom and they are also great, but I really like the look of the Expedit.


I wish I had the white one! But this is what mine looks like these days!


i have two in my sons nursery... look at my blog and you`ll see it on the first page ;)

have a nice day


When I got divorced, I did a massive purge of my stuff and got rid of my Martha's. My only regret of all the stuff I got rid of was my Martha's.

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Looks great! I always wish we had enough wall space for an Expedit unit - perhaps one day!


<3 Expedit! Clean, simple, versatile. Yours looks very nice.
Here's mine: http://inthemakingdesign.blogspot.com/2011/04/house-love-continues.html


Wow, that makes so much more sense when translated! I wish there were translations of all of Ikeas items. This is a link to my Expedit, although it is in my former house. Now it is kind of sitting around un-used because we bought a new entertainment center that is a console. http://www.flickr.com/photos/strzelecki1/3395825549/in/set-72157614876943762


It's perfect for all my large textbooks, but it swallows the little paperback novels up! I feel like I need to find something else to put there instead.


What a great post and comment thread. Thanks to everyone for sharing. I live eight hours from an IKEA, but would love an Expedit or six. Are they pretty sturdy? And how hard are they to assemble?

Benita, I have a couple of other questions for you. Maybe you could answer them here or in a blog post sometime.

-Have you always been into white?
-Do you ever get tired of all the white or dream of different color schemes?

I ask because I really envy your style but I tend to bounce around between black, white and other colors. I'm not sure I could stick with the white long-term.



Hi Benita!
Here's what ours used to look like in our old apartment. Not to different to now in our new place. My husband took both of them totally apart to transport them...my hero! :D


Hi Benita!
Here's what ours used to look like in our old apartment. Not too different to now in our new place. My husband took both of them totally apart to transport them...my hero! :D


What a cool house you have!


I haven't seen those inserts in action before, they look great and I love how you organized the Expedit!


It looks so neat and tidy :).


Love how white and bright your home is!


Oh no! But you can always start a new collecetion via ebay :)


So smart to add the Capita legs!


Perfect size for that nook!


Expedit is pretty sturdy. There are only eight screws holding it together + a number of wood plugs and you need a helper to assemble the larger size. I had my friend Anne and Wille help me and it was still a bit tricky because of the width. You can't hold, piush and screw at the same time as one person unfortunately. Also you need help to raise it after it''s been assembled. But after all that hard work it's so worth it because it's such great storage.

When I set up my first home at the age of 20 it was grey, yellow and white. When Martin and I moved in together we had a "junkier" style with earthier colors, chesterfiels arm chair, kelim floor pillows etc which went really well with the poky apartment we lived in but when we moved into a spacious 30's apartment our stuff just didn't go with the new place so I think that's when everything went more white. I don't miss color because I still have it as I can add any color I want to my white base (and then get rid of it easily by switching pillows or throws).


Very neat and tidy :). And boy, those colors are bright! :)

procrastination mama

Mine looks so messy compared to yours! I'm totally cleaning my out today!

Nini Tjäder


This is my small EXPEDIT which I've had since 2006. I use it laying down in the bedroom (in my previous flat it lived in the living room). On top I have flowerpots and a lamp and some small decorative things. The shelves server various candles, sketching- and aquarellematerials, some books, water for the plants. The basket hides an assortment of things, like a collection of stones from all over the world, an under the shelf lamp that I presently don't use and some other stuff I don't want to see. I love EXPEDIT. Wish I had the space for the bigger one.


Love the candle basket :)


We have three of them! Little expedit everywhere, in the bathroom and in the livingroom. Not so cool and 'design' as yours, but tiny useful!
I'll send you pics!

Nini Tjäder

Bought at Åhléns,Stockholm, years ago. 3-pack in different sizes. This is the largest one. The two smaller ones have most of my pens and pencils.


Hahaha! Thank you! I swear I could live in all white too. Doesn't look like it, but I could! ;)


I love the turquoise dish on the top of the Expedit. Is it old? As I get older I am loving shiny or glass things.


Thank you! Good to know about assembling the Expedit. And I do love how white shows off accent colors so beautifully and allows you to change your color scheme with the seasons and your mood.


It's from the 50's. My parents bought in Murano, so it's an original piece which is pretty cool.


We have 6 Expedits in our house. A small one as a bedside table/book storage, a medium one on its side in the kitchen for putting the microwave, mixing bowls and our shopping bags on, 3 mediums and tall one in our dining area. The photo below is when we moved into our new house and were trying to arrange our books.


Looks like you had a bit of a Japanese them in there :)


I adore how the Expedit comes in so many shapes and sizes! I recently redid my mine and tried to channel you while doing it. Sorry, no pic! But did you know that there is a group on Flickr dedicated solely to Expedit (and Ikea Shelves!)? And if you put expedit in the search field you can browse to your shop assistant heart's content!

BTW, I don't like billy because I don't think they're constructed as well as expedit and as for the shelf depth, I just pull the books forward like in a library.

ps...whenever I feel discouraged about the state of my house, I always come look at your blog for inspiration and always feel better! you're my homekeeping super-hero!


Aww, thank you!

I remember the Flickr group now that you mention it. I think some of my early days photos are in it if I'm not mistaken :)


love the books sorted by color. i never really have a good way to sort them so I might do that. I have to move soon too and no better time like now to reorganize.

Denise Leavens


I realize this post is about the IKEA Expedit, but it got me to looking at the Billy bookcases on other blogs and I found this Canadian named Karen of theartofdoingstuff.com. This link is to her post about the many ways to stack books in a bookcase - http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/how-to-stack-7-books-7-different-ways.

But if you then go to her other posts you find this woman is so FUNNY, smart, clever and generally likes a place for everything and everything it its place - unless the chickens get out. Anyway, if you two don't already know each other I'd like to introduce you.

And I am so grateful for your blog. It really gives me incentive to get my hoee in order and how to DIY and I really need that. I also love your Mini and Bonus.


I have the large and 4x4, both with desks attached. Someday I'd love to get 2 more large ones and maybe use those flanking a 2x4 laid lengthwise as a full wall entertainment and shelving unit in the living room.

My daughter has the large one in her room and it's great for all her stuff in a smallish bedroom (see http://muffeeeeeeee.blogspot.com/2009/02/room-progress.html for a few photos, but not the actual finished room and also at http://muffeeeeeeee.blogspot.com/2009/02/details.html), while the smaller one is 'my' desk in the main house where I can be on the computer and still have an eye on the kids if needed. That one has chairs on both sides and two laptops, so both my older kids can be on the computer without arguing about whose turn it is. :)

Your rainbow of books is pretty. :)


Such an improvement to the before! That's what I love about Expedit, it corrals stuff and the squares immediately tidy everything up as opposed to longer shelves where everythinmg spreads out.


Thanks for the tip, I'll add her to my reader!


You have to get HTML code from flickr and then just put the whole thing in the comments box :0)


Aha! Thank you! :)


Hi Benita - I just discovered your blog on Friday and have spent every waking hour either reading it or lamenting over the sad state of affairs at my house. All of the sudden everything seems so fussy and cluttered at my home.

Anyway I have to say my best purchase in the last two years has been my 5x5 Expedit in my office/craft space. I actually just moved the taupe colored baskets into my bathroom and I'm going to get some of the baskets from Ikea that fit the Expedit so the space in each cube is better utilized.

Thank you for such a fabulous blog and all the organizing inspiration (since Friday I have reorganized my pantry and my bathroom. My husband thinks I am possessed....)

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