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June 17, 2011


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elisa rathje

duly noted! x


I don't want to be smug and say "I told you so"... but I did, didn't I (she sad in an unpleasant smug way ;))


You did...


... sorry, I am such a petty person... :D

We will be home a LOT on our vacation (no money) so if you let me visit you I can make up for my pettiness bringing gifts (i.e Chardonnay).


I will be at home ALL THE TIME on my vacation so come on over!!! Jag har prel semester v.28-31...


Whoa. I think I guessed somewhere in the mid-60s so 103 is a big surprise! Congrats to the smart ones who guessed right!

Speaking of boxes, when we moved last summer I discovered a new source of utter joy: the feeling you get when you empty yet another box and get to fold it up and get rid of it (or store it, which we're doing for our on-the-move kids). It's just a little easier to breathe when you gain that extra space the box had been taking up :)


I know that feeling! I was lucky to be able to stash them all in the small pantry space below the stairs but they took up all that space so once the movers came back to pick them up I got a whole extra room!


Oh, heaven!!


Wow! I never expected 103!!! PS I love that chair you have there!! What type is it?


Me neither! The brown chair used to belong to Wille's great grandfather.


Will you do a room by room tour when you`re clompletely done decorating? I`m SO curious about what it looks like now!!! Can`t wait to see everything!!!


You will see everything, I promise! But I'm no where there yet so for now there will be little snippets as I go along. I don't have a single room that's completely done...


My sentiment exactly! I moved recently too and, oh those boxes! We even recovered some boxes that had been in storage for a few years, and getting back prized stuff (non essential but loved nontheless) feels like coming back home!


Benita, I have a suggestion for a list... my apologies for also blowing my horns here, but how about a list of things you recognize as typical swedish (in brand, design or use) in your kitchen or home? I made that list for an uruguayan kitchen last monday and thought it was an interesting exercise: http://crossingsofmymind.blogspot.com/2011/06/whats-cooking.html

(boo boo, posting a link to my own blog in Benita Larsson's... I've got no shame! ;-) )

Have a good weekend everyone!


VERY true! We've moved what feels like a hundred times over the past decade and have lost a couple boxes along the way, and when something pops into my mind that I figure must've been in those boxes it's very sad knowing I'll never see it again.


Oh Judith! When I can't find something I don't remember tossing I try to console myself thinking that I know I can live without it. I'm joyous to reunite myself again, finally, with my CD collection. Not so much of my VHS, which I really don't know what to do with.


I wish I could ever say any room in my home is done...


i play lotto 103 !!!!!!!


Boy was I off- I really thought under 70.
We just moved about 2 years ago, I guess I am blocking certain things from experience (ie packing) out.

Frida- trendenser.se

Congrats on your new house! And good luck with all the boxes :)


103 boxes is a lot!
My son, daughter-in-law and I moved from Southern California to Oregon almost 2 years ago. It was 2 households, mind you ~ and we had 279 boxes ~ plus lots of furniture! We packed them all with family and friends and movers moved us. We'd thought of trying to do it ourselves, but I'm really glad that we had those wonderful movers. Hope that I never have to move again (but I probably will, teehee).


Just wanted to say HI! I still read in here, but I don't say HI so often. :)

As usual I can't resist your cat pics! Lovely! And I'm one of them who actually likes "Ölandssten"...

Have a nice weekend!



Benita, did you know that you are in issue 2 of the new 'Mollie Makes' magazine here in the UK? There is a short piece about the way you used maps in Willes old room - on the wall, lamp shade, a book cover and pillow / cushion covers. Its great to see you on paper!
Aqeela xx


Would you please consider doing a how-to/organizing post about moving? I'm sure you have lots of good tips to share!


Fantastic - I'm a "never win anything" girl and delighted to win this one. We're having a mover come tomorrow morning to talk about our next move. It's a move back to our stuff, so fewer boxes this time!


Thanks for the suggestion!


I did know but I haven't seen it yet. They promised to send me a copy so hopefully it's on it's way :)


I just got rid of the boxes and at the moment I'm happy not thinking about the move but instead of all the fun stuff to do in the house. Maybe a little later when I have more time!


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