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June 01, 2011


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Do you like any of the Normann Copenhagen lamps? (They are similar.) The 03 might be a good lamp for that spot. I don't think it's open on the bottom.


I do like Random light lamp, it's round and the smallest size would look good : ) Have a good long weekend!



Absolutely any light fitting from here: http://www.lightingmatters-export.co.uk/index.php

I love the storm lamps or the Original BTC Titan.

Don't envy you all that painting!


I agree with Agnes, the Random light. It is beautiful both on and off.


Normann CPH lamp or Norm 03. Also check out: http://www.black-blum.com/product_super-seed_20_0.html

Kolla den här bloggen: http://kattenpejst.blogg.se/191106095631_lampa_lyx_eller_budget.html
De har bla "Aloe Blossom" lampan av Jeremy Cole.

Kul och fin blogg du har! Lycka till i nya hemmet.

Werdenhoffs på Sveavägen 98, Rådmansgatans T-Bana uppg Handelshögskolan har stor rea för tillfället, tror 50 %.

Vänligen Liz




I saw this light on a blog recently:


I love Klint. But as you wrote, many people have one.

My suggestions:

PH Snowball, Jorn Utzon Opera P, Enigma 425, Artemide Logico or Artemide Mercury. Or Leonardo Suspended Lamp (mooi) or same brand


Or Norm 69 from Normann Copenhagen.

Non Random from Moooi


My favorite Discoco from Marset



Ikeas PS Maskros och Maskros (finns i två storlekar) kanske skulle tilltala dig?

Jag har tittat på dem *live* men de passar inte storleksmässigt i mitt hem.
De ger ett speciellt sken och jag kan tänka mig att de skulle passa i ett trapphus/hall.


I am one of the people who wouldnt want a Klint, the dust and possible spiderwebs would scare me, especially over a stairwell!
Good luck with your search, Benita, I am sure whatever you get will be very stylish!


Love love love the Random light!
Otherwise Mercury (Artemide), Snowflake, Floral or Coral (Moaroom), Atomium (Kundalini), Supernova (Foscarini), Coral (Lumen Center Italia). The Norman Copenhagen lamps are also great, but a bit annoying to put together (according to some reviews).

I can't wait to see what you choose! :)


I know you'll pick a lovely light fixture for that spot, Benita. Personally, I don't care for the Klint or the Random but, if I had to choose, the Random is the more attractive of the two. More sensible too, IMO.

That whole stairway area is going to look so awesome painted a nice, clean white. It looks nice now, but I'm not really a beige person either. :)


Totally agree on the Klint factor.

The Random light was kind of cool. Having no money I'm thinking I could do one myself. Wallpaper paste, yarn and a gigant balloon? No? Hm, we'll see.


Dear Benita,

I have painted over that kind of wallpaper too and it looks great. I would suggest a midsized bubble lamp by George Nelson. I just love them and they come in many shapes and sizes. They are a bit on the expensive side though.


Have a great loooong and sunny weekend.

Best wishes


i can recommend "dioscuri" (ceiling fixture) or "castore" (suspension lamp) from artemide. both come in different sizes, have white blown glass diffusors and are very simple & beautiful plus easy to clean.


Well, I can't top the great lamp suggestions everybody else has already made, but I do want to say WOW! You're full speed ahead as always and it looks fantastic so far. I've been on vacation in the States and have followed your progress on my little iPhone - couldn't get the comment function to work, but it was nice to be able to check in!


This one ? http://www.habitat.fr/aperture-small-pendant-shade/abat-jours//fcp-product/994233


Benita, try Y Lighting online for pendant ideas. They will have the Le Klint (Sorry, there is no escaping it)but they will also have many other choices that, I believe, suit your style.

Ramona K

Hi Benita
Do you ever check out the Ikea-hackers site at http://www.ikeahackers.net/
I love it. This week one of the hacks is about a larger model lamp suitable for over a staircase. If you like the idea I am sure with your design flair you could create a great version - and unique too.
Love following your redecoration projets.

Will the texture of your sea grass wallpaper show through the paint or not? I have something similar in one room. Love the texture but not the beige colour so haven´t done anything about it yet.


It might be fun to consider a splash of color the Bau would provide?


So much of a difference just seeing it without the blue floor. It's going to be great all white! I can't remember what you said about the railings - are they staying as is or ar they being painted too?
Wow, alot of lovely suggestions for the light!


Dear Benita,

Go ahead with Le Klint if you like it, and don't mind it's been seen before.

OK, you've made up your mind already. I'll throw a suggestion just for the fun of the imagination exercise, not for you to consider it seriously... How about a Tiffany?

Or one of those papercut lamps, like Tjord Boontje's?

Just tossing my bean in a boiling pot. Cheers!

Lisa Flaherty

I was thinking the same! :)


i thought you might like these more streamlined ones:


What about a Moravian Star hanging light... here's an example... there are many other versions...http://www.shadesoflight.com/superior-moravian-star-hanging-light-damp-location.html


I absolutely love this LZF Agatha lamp: http://www.designverkkokauppa.com/PublishedService?file=page&pageID=9&itemcode=RT3069VATASPCHW29 . But I'm not sure, if it's a little bit big in that space.


I ihaven't checked it out for a while but now I will!

The texture of the sea grass will definitely show through but it will be "harder" than unpainted. Also be sure to paint up and down with the grain and not sideways so much because the fibers will be muddled up.


What about this hack of an Ikea Maskros (keep it white though)?



I just came across this link: http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/diy/turn-doilies-into-luxurious-pendant-lighting-dos-family-148064 and remembered your blog from this morning. I've noticed you've gotten lots of interesting suggestions since this morning...


Thank you all so much for the great lamp sugestions! There are definitely some that I'll look at more closely. Will show you the final choice when it's up :)

Account Deleted

Maybe in a few weeks their instincts will change and make them feel that the new place is home territory? I know ours took a few months to really feel like the new house was their "home" even though they do not go outside.

David Hooper

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Hejsan Benita,
I think the 50's Saturnus lamp is really nice (an image here: http://letaretro.se/2008/06/16/saturnuslampa/), I'm not sure you agree.
Have a really good weekend!


This would be my choice, although I switch between the other Nelson Bubble lamps regularly!




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