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June 07, 2011


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Vicki K

Oh Benita! It looks so fresh and clean and pretty!! So nice! Someday I'd be interested in your best cleaning tips and strategies for the bathroom...


All shiny and sparkly and new and super white and I wish I could get a new bathroom...


It is lovely and white and shiny..
That Orla Kirly fabric you used over the stairs would look good as a shower curtain.. or are you thinking MORE colour. There's always a first time ;o)
Jo xx


Oh to have a beautiful, spotless new bathroom. What a wonderful treat this will be for you! Hooray. Well done.


I love the new tiles!

judith b

Just gorgeous, Benita! Already loved yesterday's view with the built-in niche!


Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see if you put in colour or texture or both with the curtain.


Oh, it is shiny and I love it too!

Melissa of craftgasm

It looks like the previous owner just stood on the floor for the shower -- is that the case? Or was there some semblance of a shower floor before that was removed before the photo was taken?


That's a great idea actually. Will have to hunt some down!


They did but there was a stick on thing on the floor to prevent the water from running all over. You can see the glue residue in the photo...


So fresh and shiny! Everyone should have a brand new bathroom at least once!
Are the tiles very close together, it looks almost like there's no grouting?
I think a natural linen with or without a print on it would look great for the shower curtain.


There's a 3 mm groutline which is actually quite wide but you can't tell in the photos.


Åh, badkaret blev superdupersnyggt!!!
Har varit i Småland några dagar så jag fick läsa ikapp nu på morgonen (på jobbet... hm). Knäpp på örat till Bonus för att oroa sin matte och husse så! Hoppas han fattar adressen snart. Kram!


I think you had in it grey over the stairs? How about the same one in colour?


I have remnats of both grey and color but not enough for a shower curtain. The remnants came frpm a duvet cover so they're not available by the meter or the yard...


Lovely. White subway tile is on my dream list.


Igår kväll hittade jag honom utanför nätet på balkongen balanserandes på räcket... Lyckades få in honom men får ytterligare förstärka vår barrikad mot omvärlden ikväll efter jobbet. Suck!


Love it - but then I have a soft spot for white and shiny! :-)


What about a white curtain with a border of the colored remnant? Could be fun but not overpowering.

Either way, I'm loving what you're doing with the new place! Awesome!


Watching your new home unfold through your photographs is better than television. I eagerly await each new installment. The bathroom looks so inviting now.


Dear Benita,
I love it! Could you tell me ore about that curtain rod. Is it custom or store bought? I habe the same vaulted ceiling over my bathtub and this is just genius!

elin har ordet

Oh it looks great! If I owned my own apartment I would love to have a shiny bathroom as well. To bad I´m moving to a small room in a corridor while I´m studying. Some daaay!


It's store bought and the shortest one I could find. I asked my contractor to screw a triangular piece of wood to the slope and the rod is suspended between that and the wall. Stay tuned for a nifty trick on wednesday concering sloping ceilings and shower curtains! :)


I'm confused about the shower--is this what I've heard on tv called a "Stockholm shower" where there's no actual shower stall, just a drain? I'm so curious since you never see something like that in the States. In any case, it looks great!


Amazing remodeling! Especially since I know how standard swedish bathroom looks like. ;-))
Clean, fresh and with bath tube :-)))


I love that the bathroom started out very white and you made it even whiter. Looks great!


Do you mean the old shower? It's quite common in rental apartments and in small shower rooms. There is a version where you have glass doors but they fold away completely to make room for other "activities" and maybe that's the Stockholm shower? I've never heard of that term before. Must google it!




That looks fantastic!
What is the silver grate on the side of the bath? I'm imagining it's to access the pipes etc.
The sink and the unit under it look interesting too. Do we get to see that soon??


I so want metro tiles in my bathroom now. I was not convinced but seeing your fabulous new bathroom I am. Love it!!!


It is! And yup, tomorrow :)


Beautiful! I love the shiny tiles!


Looks great, fresh and clean. What a great new start to a new home.


Absolutely beautiful! You never fail to amaze and inspire...thanks so much for sharing. I love watching you transform your living spaces.


Oh wow what a transformation! Beautiful!!


Called Italian shower in France


I love it!!! I always get such inspiration from you. I want my bathroom to look like this too. Since I can't redo it, any tips on how I can make an ugly light blue tile actually look pretty? The entire bathroom is light blue, including toilet and sink!


It's beautiful and I want it LOL I am going to save the photo to Pinterest for future reference. We are going to have a new bathroom within one to two years.

elisa rathje

wow, it's the difference between them that is the most astonishing! great the you have a skylight in there, i love ours for that. very smart to make a place where you can hide away and get clean, both at the same time, when working on the rest of it becomes overwhelming!

Anna Maria


Ellen W.

Oh, that is definitely the bathroom of my dreams... I feel clean just by looking at it! I love the no-fuss, simple, unpretentious feel of it. Grattis!

Could you do a post later on with more photos from different angles? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

(Btw, I tried to translate "ögongodis", but I´m to knackered to be able to come up with anything atm.)

Tina Slocum

You have made a stunning bathroom! I also love a shiny white tiled bathroom~because you can either add texture or a bit of color, but yet the room is timeless and clean. Perfection!
Tina xox


Väldigt snyggt och stilrent! Är det ett fullängdsbadkar eller ett kortare?
Jag älskar inkaklade badkar och kommer säkerligen att återvända med frågor om ditt när vi gör ett badrum i vårt nya hus! :)


Wow wow wow! It looks so clean and shiny and sparkling clean and so YOU!


Wow, I'm so happy for you! You have designed the most perfect bathroom! So fresh, clean, simple and I find myself wishing for the funds to do something similar in my old 1950's bathrooms! I love how quickly you knocked that bathroom remodel out! I bet you love your new beautiful bathroom!

~ Ali


Awesome, it looks so tidy. Love it! =)



such a transformation!!! you are a genius. I would have looked at the old bathroom and said "no way!" You made it what every bathroom should look like, in my opinion. Clean and white is the way to go!

Camille @ The Vintique Object

Gorgeous! So modern and classic at the same time. Yeah, I'd kill to have a bathroom that looks like this.


Benita - Love your blog, and love the bathroom! There are many beautiful tiles to choose from, but subway tiles are the only tiles I can think of that will never go out of style (I'm partial to penny tiles on floors also...) A question: That's a towel warmer in the shower, right? Won't the towel get damp in the shower, or is it far enough from the water that it doesn't? I've seen similar in other homes, and always wonder about that.


I had just that before, all pale blue (but with white toilet and sink) and I hated it. I added more white in towels, shower curtain etc to make it feel fresher...


That would be eye candy :)

Check out today's post!


Bara 150 cm tyvärr, vilket var vad som fick plats.


It is a towel warmer and it does hang far enough away from the shower head. I was worried about that too but my towel remains dry :).

Noga from Israel

Hi Benita! As allways, I love the wise way you plan the space!
Is it a place for laundry under the sink? I love to hear more details about a clever solution for laundry, I'm searching for one and I also have just a little space..
Wish you well!


Hi Jen,

A "Stockholm shower" is usually only found in the very tiniest apartments where the bathroom is so small that you can't really fit a shower in there. People install one anyway and when they take a shower so do the toilet and basin...


There isn't, there are two drawers there for toiletries.


Thanks everyone! And now I have an interesting blog to read about Sweden from an American perspective. Thanks, Benita!

Ellen W.

Haha, of course, thanks for the reminder! Goes to show exactly how tired I was yesterday.

Thank you for today´s post! :D
(And sorry for not getting that you had already promised us more details... :S)


Ah, det där har jag varit med om med Jerry. Körde till slut med buntband precis överallt. Det funkade. En gång blåste ett fönster upp och jag hittade båda katterna längst ut på det smala fönsterbrädet utanför August fönster. Snacka om nervöst innan man fick in dem...


Love this series on your new home.


Thanks Benita,
it's the triangular piece of wood that I need
- and a, elastic pony tail holder ;-)


Beautiful!!........love looking at what you are doing with your new home.....you do like your white!.....I am a "lots of color" person but I also love what you are doing.......


What a great looking bathroom. One can never go wrong with white.

Palm Tree Decor Oasis


Hej Benita!

Ett så trevligt"grundhus" och så fantastiskt du du gjort det! Det är inte klokt så duktig är!



Love the bathroom (as the rest of the house)! What's the name/brand of the tiles?


They are caled Biselado http://www.tiles-direct.com/items-1887-Biselado or simply Metro tiles.

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