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July 07, 2011


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As usual I love your attention to detail


I totally get that you wanted the dishcloth and sponge where they don't catch your eye - but my husband would not understand this at all! He is not visual, but at least he very seldom complains about my attention to detail anymore.

It is a very attractive solution and also perfectly practical. Sometimes it is difficult to find a design where form follows function so neatly.


Love it Benita, when can we see the inside of your cabinets? Loved snooping at your old house can't wait to see the new & how you organized everything!

Lisa Johnson

Bravo! Brilliant Benita!


genius! love you!


I promise I'll show you but I'm not sure when yet :).


It is written:

You are so inspiring to me.
Thank you for the all of it!
It's very peaceful to came here.
Bless you


that's THE solution! Since hanging the dish towel over the faucet is no option to my husband and in the little tray on the side it will never become dry. I'll see where I can get this little tool here. Fantastic!!!


soooooo cool! you always surprise me, Benita. I love seeing how your "new" house is coming along, it gives me inspiration.

Nini Tjäder

Very cool and useful. A bit expensive though.


I know. That put me off initially but then I thought about how pleased I'd be to not see the rag averyday and paid up :).

Maja Pecelj

Benita, thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. I started reading your blog just a few monyhs ago and I am so inspired. Although all white interiors isn't my cup of tea I just adore the crisp and chic look of your house. Looking forward to seing more :).


Genius...I LOVE this. So clean and neat and totally agree on keeping it out of sight. Nicely done :-)


Can't even begin to tell you how much I loooooove this!!!! I usually hang mine over the faucet to dry, but always Hated the look. Hopefully I can find something similar in Germany.


Like the ketchup squeeze bottle for dish soap too. Martha-style glass bottles are too pretentious for me. This is just right.


It's very clever, but before I can appreciate this addition you'd better explain me what do you use the dish rag for!
I only use a sponge... ok now I feel strange


To wipe surfaces :).


Nice, Miracle Girl!!!!


That is such a brilliant idea!! I also hate it when my dishcloth shows - ha! I thought I was the only one!!

I live all the way in Canada and I love your blog!!! And I'm buying a small handle this weekend for my sink - thanks for the idea!!!!

Anette Ryan

Love it. That is such a clever solution. Need to have one in my new kitchen. Not sure where to find them here in Melbourne though. Maybe get my parents to buy me one for X-mas and send it here?
Thanks for sharing such a clever device.
Cheerio Anette

Ana V.


Anna H Pruitt

Great idea! My kids always manage to let the rag drown in the sink, full of dishes, so it gets smelly and nasty quickly. I hang it on my dishstand, but I hate to have it show.

I love your watercooker/teapot? you have next to the sink. Where can I get those? All I find is chilli red or black/steel versions.


Ha! one of those ingenious inventions like velcro....and you can change its position if you need to. Double ha!


I looked hard to find a replacement for my previous white Philips retro one. This one is by Dualit http://www.dualit.com/products/15-litre-jug-kettle but they don't make it in white any longer, just cream. I don't get the cream thing at all! Why? It's like a coffee stain (or tea stain for that matter)in a white kitchen! And red! Who buys red?


Soooo Clever! I've got the same problem...Love it!


ohhhhh che idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, now I got it.
And I have one too, maybe I was confused by the name DISH rag.
What a relief, I'm not a (so) bad housewife.. ;)

Melissa @ HOUSEography

Great idea! I think I've seen those at the Container Store - or something similar.

Barbi D.

ooooh, I am going to be looking for a handle! As always very inspiring and your new home is looking so amazing with your obvious talent.


tee-hee, I buy red. love red accents in a kitchen. but I am totally in love with your all white decor, too. Please please can I come live with you?


like this a lot. Wish my kitchen sink was this shiny (hangs head in shame).


I love that! Genius solution - and easy, too!


I have nothing new to say--I agree with everyone else that this is a brilliant solution! I have to figure out where I can get one of those in the US--off to start an Internet search now!

Vicki K

Yes, this is very clever! I wonder where we might have them in the US. Where do you hang the kitchen towel to wipe your hands on after using the sink? This is my challenge in my sink area - no natural place to hang and grab a towel.

elisa rathje

ah yes. i'm not fond of looking at this.
in our cottage i throw the cloths over the radiator to dry, but if i'm ever without a radiator i'll have to look into this one x

i've begun hanging my kitchen towel over the door to the cupboard below the sink, it manages to slip over and not prevent it closing, and sometimes that makes it very easy to wipe knives dry and such. I like to have beautiful linens there and change them frequently. xx



I have got to get me one of these!


Very clever!


Wow. Waves of Awe emanating from New England in your direction.


What a great idea! I will have to try this. I love the way your kitchen has turned out.


It is so cool! Thank you for this brilliant idea! Firstly I will look if we have such things here in Estonia and if we do not have here I have to order it from some other country. But thank you for the idea. This thing is so me :)


When I redid my kitchen I wanted a place to hang a hand towel and a dishcloth where you couldn't see them rather than over the edge of the sink or across the faucet as I had been doing. Then I remembered how my mother used to hang her dishcloth, etc. over towel bars installed on the inside/backside of the cabinet doors under the sink. Only I surely didn't want to drill holes through my new cabinets, so I went looking on the internet and found some that are adhesive. I bought 2 and put them on the back of each sink cabinet doors, one for a hand-drying towel and the other for a wet dishcloth to dry. I love them!



clever, clever girl.
i just love that every time you come up with a storage and space solution, it is always one i want to emulate. can't say that about every blog, and i read many.
can't wait to find that handle for my sink.
thanks so much for sharing, benita.


Haha, that was me auto translating disktrasa into English :).


I hang mine folded over the oven handle. To me that works fine because there's nowhere else for it but Wille asked the other day if "that's where it will always hang?" so I'm guessing it's not the perfect solution :).


That's great!

Alex in DC



I had something similiar:


but found it disturbing when washing really big pans or just leaving something in a hot water to soak. It loooks pritty nice through.

I have something like this now, but you can see it streight away when yopu enter the kitchen:

An idea for dish towels:



Jane McCaughan

I love love love it, where did you get it from?


very clever! such a pretty dish cloth too! funny how the tiniest details can make a huge difference!


There's a tiny link under the second photo :). Here, I'll paste it in: http://www.bosign.se/shop/product.lasso?cat=koket&id=261327&list=Diskattiraljer_kok&-session=login:53FA2FC11136f335E4SnU38C3197


I really like the top one!


I'm just surprised you haven't tracked down clear or white dish detergent yet. ;) Haha.


Hi Benita,
thanks for sharing - i just L.O.V.E this handle thing - I need to find it here in Germany!
If anybody has been successful around here, pleeease let me know!!

Thanks again for sharing, all best


Thanks for the suggestion on where to track one of those hand dandy dish rag hangers!

This seriously the very first time I have ever seen one and I love it!

Benita, how do you find these treasures!?!

~ Ali

Sandra Yeong

I love it.. but don't think can get in Malaysia. oh Yeah.. when saw this kitchen, it remind me of you...

Sandra Yeong

another post..

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Such a good idea! I have storage that holds my washing up liquid, hand soap and sponge, but the dish cloth is currently flopped over the side of the washing up bowl and doesn't look very good at all! Thanks for the inspiration - think I'll follow your lead!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

We're short on space in our kitchen, so I use these KOMPLEMENT hooks from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/30149844.

I think they're meant to hang from horizontal shelves in wardrobes, but I use two over the top of our kitchen cupboard doors to hold the towels for drying our hands and our dishes.


The one I use comes in clear too but it's unscented and I love the clean smell of the green one. And besides, I like green :).



Noga from Israel

Great state of mind! The best reason there is!

I love the handel, also love the idea of putting the soap in a ketchop bottle! As usual, you have wonderful ideas!!...
I wish I could find a handel like this in Israel..
Do you think that this store has a site in English?
Wish you all the best!


Your killing me Benita! I have never seen such a thing before but I want one now. Especially since I have a used ice-cream container to hold mine in :(

My Styleadvisor

This is a brilliant idea!


I have looked for something like this for five years! I ordered it this morning and am anticipating the arrival of a sleek, no-show-dishcloth new toy. Thank you for your blog!

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