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July 26, 2011


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It's all looking really great Benita! Can't wait to see the finish. You have really got stuck in with your house - there's no messing about with you is there? ;-)
And no stopping either by the looks of it. However I'm sure you're also looking forward to having most things done so you can sit and relax - especially before the cold weather comes!


What an improvement! The anemone is gorgeous.


I would have probably made the mistake of leaving the gravel area too small. The front looks so open and big now that the area is so clear. Do you have an American style post box, or what's the metal thing on the side of the entry? Near the bush?

elisa rathje

brilliant! how's your back? i redesigned our garden when we had a flat in london, and we had to carry a tonne of pebbles through the house. i can remember serious requirements for epsom salt baths. x


Brilliant work!! Your neighbour's garden looks sweet with the circular tree arrangement going on too.


Looks great!!


It is! A white one :)


My back is fine even after shoveling those two tons. I was surprised that I wasn't very sore!


Already looks neat and tidy.


Looking forward to seeing the result! =D



This looks so much better. I don't like when I go to visit someone and their front entrance is blocked by foliage that I have to maneuver around. I also don't like it brushing against me as I'm walking by. Neat is good. :)


That's so cool! I have one in the backyard holding some gardening stuff, it's black though.

Tina Slocm

what a complete difference already!


It looks great and the weed blocker was such a good idea (will really save so much time and energy for you in the future)

Dana from CT

How come you didn't post a photo of yourself dancing around on the gravel and stomping it down? :-) It looks great! HUGE improvement. Look forward to seeing the full finished look!


That's ONLY because I didn't have anyone around to take that photo.


Wow, that looks terrific already. Looking forward to the final product!

elisa rathje

2 tonnes and no backache? if you're ever in need of a career change! x

Vicki K

Wow- it looks so much more restful to the eye and pristine. The neighbors must enjoy watching your energy!!

Lisa Flaherty

That's a great idea! For gloves, a trowel, clippers...Love it!

Lisa Flaherty

You are amazing! Fantastic job! The area looks so inviting now!


I am so inspired by your endurance...I'm so tired when I get home from work it is really hard to get motivated (head hung in shame). You set a great example...I think I need to create my to do list for the rest of the summer. Can't wait to see your results.

blake @ salt teak & fog

oh hooray, it's going to be fabulous. We recently did the same thing to a large part of our backyard: lots of digging out, (hand-)tamping, weed cloth, literally tons of gravel (all carried through the basement by buckets!)... it was hard work but SO WORTH IT. Good luck with the final touches!


i'm with carolynn on the endurance. do tell.

and, i just wanted to say -- this theme keeps coming up for me when i look at your projects -- flooding an ugly old world with beauty. yay.



I'm flabbergasted nearly every day I come to you blog and see everything that you get done. Career, Willie, Pets, Friends, and you're either creating or perfecting pleasing design or working like a lumberjack. WoW.


Benita, you are one amazing woman! I am so impressed with all the (literally) hard work you are doing. Is Wille helping? Or any other male friend helping you out on the heavy stuff? You are doing so many great things to your house on a daily basis - it is a shame that I sometimes cannot even get myself to unload the dish-washer. You are a wonder woman!!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Wow! What a transformation! It looks great already - looking foward to seeing it completed too!

Noga from Israel

Looking goooooooood!!!!

christine e-e

what a "visual" - Benita doing a happy-dance to settle her front entrance. Your neighbors must love watching all the action after having an older person in the house before you, Willie & two cats arrived!
Good Luck with the next project on your list.

erin lang norris

love it! nice work. i love anything that decreases visual clutter. :)


I envy you, even with all that hard work you did (and still have to do). Here in Texas (USA), it has been over 100 degrees (F) for 25 consecutive days. It's just too miserable to go outside and work at all (other than watering to try to keep the plants (even the natives that like heat) alive. The situation in our backyard is getting really bad.


You are the Queen of Yay! Great work and definitely a great look too.


Wille does help when I need him. On this occasion he was spending time with Martin though which to me is much more important than two tons of sand :).


It's been "hot" over here too for weeks but nothing like 100. I wouldn't get anything done in those temperatures either. I remember going to the zoo in San Diego when it was 101 and it was too hot to even look at the animals.

Melissa @ LA Furniture

Great idea with the sheet... It had me thinkin

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